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Legal Requirements for Fire Extinguishers in the Workplace

Many types of fire extinguishers are available. It’s vital you buy the correct type for the risks in your workplace. Our guide looks at legal requirements for fire extinguishers in the workplace. Exploring what type of equipment your premises should have. Different Types of Extinguishers – What Do You Need? There are five main types […]

Mechanical Lifting Equipment – Shifting Heavy Loads Safely

Mechanical lifting equipment is used in many different industries. Fork lift trucks, lifting trolleys, mobile and fixed cranes, and all the associated lifting chains and slings are classed as lifting equipment. Our guide looks at the safety standards that equipment needs to meet. We will also give an overview on ensuring the adoption of safe […]

Maximum & Minimum Working Temperatures – UK Law

Safe working temperatures are important in any workplace. Many workers are unaware of what the legal maximum & minimum working temperatures might be in their workplace. Very low temperatures or very high temperatures at work can both cause discomfort and reduced productivity. Safe Working Temperatures It’s important to understand what safe working temperatures should be […]

How Should Pesticides be Stored & Transported?

Many pesticides are hazardous. Whether they’re fungicides, herbicides, insecticides or rodenticides, their purpose is to kill and discourage insects and animals from destroying crops. Anyone involved in agriculture must know how to store pesticides and transport them properly. COSHH Law & Pesticides One of the laws that govern the transport of pesticides is COSHH –- […]

Safety Signs in the Catering Industry: Quiz

The catering industry relies on safety procedures. Kitchens, whether in a works canteen or a prestigious restaurant, can be hazardous places. Our quiz looks at safety signs in the catering industry. This quiz covers many of the basic workplace health & safety signs you’’d expect to see in a commercial kitchen. Use it to test […]

Laboratory Health & Safety – Hazards & Risk Management

Laboratory health and safety hazards can be significant. There are many risks present in this type of working environment that need to be considered. Some lab hazards are minor but others can threaten lives. Laboratory Design & Health & Safety A lab should give priority to health and safety issues. Lab design, for instance, must […]

General Workplace Safety – What a Workplace Must Provide To Staff

You must provide a safe and healthy environment for your employees, including people with disabilities. As well as being safe, you must also take into account their welfare needs. Certain industries such as mining or working with Hazardous Materials, for example, are covered by separate health and safety legislation but most of the advice below […]

Catering Health & Safety – How to Manage Risks

Paying keen attention to catering health and safety is vitally important in a commercial kitchen. The fast paced environment has many hazards that should be indentifed via a risk assessment. Putting measures in place to ensure you are catering safely is a key part of the duty of care that all employers must fulfil. Our […]

Workplace First Aid Requirements – Laws on Equipment & Training

People at work can suffer injuries or fall ill at any time. It is important they receive immediate attention. First aid covers the arrangements that should be made to ensure that happens. It can prevent minor injuries becoming major ones and can even save lives. Workplace First Aid – Health & Safety Law Health and […]