Mobile Coffee Van Business – Setting Up Guide

Does a world without coffee even turn? If this is something you’ve sometimes pondered then the likelihood is that you love your coffee fix. Perhaps you love it enough to set up a mobile coffee van business so everyone else can enjoy that cup of awesomeness. If you’re passionate about coffee already, then becoming a […]

Cleaning Business Names Ideas to Create a Unique Brand for Your Company!

You’ve decided to take that exciting step and start that brand new business making things sparkle and gleam. But the right cleaning business name idea shouldn’t be an afterthought. A unique  brand name will get your marketing off to a great start, and reel in those all important first clients. Don’t worry, we have asked […]

Sole Trader vs Self Employed – What’s the Difference?

If you’re self employed or looking to start a business, you might be confused about some of the terms used to describe running your own enterprise. We explore what a sole trader is, explain self employed business structures, and discuss the responsibilities you have as an entrepreneur. Sole trader is the most commonly used business […]

How to Conduct Cleaning Risk Assessments

Conducting thorough cleaning risk assessments is vital to ensure the safety of employees and members of the public. An effective risk assessment involves taking a systematic approach to identify and evaluate potential cleaning hazards, then taking steps to remove or reduce the risk of accidents. Those responsible for running a cleaning business need to consider […]

How to Start a Sweet Business – Names, Ideas & Legal Requirements

Most high streets boast a few sweet shops. These range from traditional and retro confectionery to modern candy delights. There are many different types of sweets out there, meaning setting up a sweet business can attract a broad customer base. Our sweet business ideas guide will cover what you need to do to get started, […]

Self Employed Carer Insurance – What Policies Do Private Carers Need?

Being a carer is a rewarding career. However, operating on a freelance basis means it’s important to get the right self employed carer insurance policy in place. Like any other business run as a sole trader, any dispute, allegation, or legal claim made against you is your responsibility to defend. As a carer, you may […]

Craft Stall Public Liability Insurance – What Policy to Cover Fairs?

Craft stalls are a great and cost effective way for crafters to increase their customer base. There is also the chance to meet other crafters and enjoy time with like minded people. It isn’t always as simple as booking a table and turning up, however. It’s a good idea to consider whether you need craft […]

UK Legal Requirements to Start a Business – Set Up Rules

The prospect of setting up and running your own business is more than a little scary. There are so many things to understand so you can meet your legal obligations. The reality is, however, that in most cases the legal requirements to start a business are quite straightforward. The legal requirements to start a business […]

Starting a Cake Making Business from Home – Making Money from Baking Guide

Combining a love of baking with running a business makes perfect sense if you love creating sweet treats. Running a cake making business from home is a flexible, family friendly way to make money. You have the additional bonus of being self employed and being your own boss. Many people set up their businesses from […]