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What Are The Average Sick Days in the UK Per Year 2023?

The UK has one of the lowest employee absence rates in Europe, with figures released by the ONS in 2023 reporting workers took an average of 5.7 work days off sick per year in 2022. Figures released by the CIPD in September 2023 suggest a dramatic increase in the previous 12 months. The study found […]

Best Gifts for Employees – 10 Ideas for Staff Appreciation Presents!

Keeping up staff morale can be a little tricky at times. Getting the right gifts for employees around Christmas and other key times for the business is a great way to improve morale. Employers want their staff to feel valued and appreciated as this in turn boosts productivity. Employees like to feel recognised for their […]

Funny Office Secret Santa Ideas – Inspiration for Fun Presents

Secret Santa is the perfect time to unwind and have a giggle with your colleagues. It kicks off the festive fun and lightens the office atmosphere. Finding genuinely funny office Secret Santa inspiration can be hard – especially when it is an annual tradition. Choosing a Funny Office Secret Santa Gift Sometimes a themed Secret […]

Believable Sick Day Excuses – 11 Reasons to Call in Sick

We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off and you lie there thinking of a good excuse to call in sick to get out of work. You’re just not feeling it quite frankly. But what believable sick day excuses will get you off without the manager suspecting? Perhaps you’ve had a stressful few days at […]

Best Birthday Gift Ideas for Colleagues – Pick the Perfect Present!

Birthdays are important and should be celebrated whenever possible. It is that one day when it is all about you and no one else. Getting a thoughtful birthday gift for a work colleague or employee can be a great boost to their wellbeing at work. The simple act of making a fuss and handing over […]

Excuses to Work From Home – 15 Good Reasons to Stay Put

In recent years, an element of remote working has become an accepted part of many jobs. Most employees don’t need excuses to work from home. Many companies have hybrid working policies in place, or offer some roles in a fully remote capacity. However, if your workplace is inflexible or you are looking to negotiate a […]

Funny Office Gifts – Ideas for Fun Presents for Work Colleagues

We all get caught up in the daily monotony of work. Office work can sometimes seem mundane and stressful. Exchanging or giving funny office gifts can help restore fun and laughter to your team. We all benefit from some light relief from time to time. At the same time, gifts mustn’t become offensive or unprofessional. […]

Staff Christmas Gifts – Best Ideas for Presents in the Workplace

Purchasing the perfect gift for staff at Christmas can be a bit of a minefield. There is so much to consider and, of course, different cultures to respect. Our curated staff Christmas gifts guide is here to guide you through the shopping process. We cover creativity, and practicality, and recognise that everyone has unique tastes. […]

Best Leaving Gifts for Colleagues – Ideas for the Perfect Work Present!

It can be an emotional and even stressful time when a co-worker moves on to the next challenge. It can seem a tricky task to convey just how grateful you are to them. Saying it with a thoughtful gift can help with this. Nothing says thank you quite like a gift from everyone they are […]