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Lawn Mower Risk Assessments & Safety Hazards

Over a recent ten-year period, there were 30 serious reported accidents involving lawn mowers in the workplace. Two of the accidents were fatal. Conducting proper lawn mower risk assessments to make sure you’re aware of all safety hazards is essential. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) also believes there were many more than 30 lawn […]

Night Shift Workers – UK Laws & Regulations For Night Workers

There are laws and regulations that apply to employees who work night shift. These apply to all employees whether they are permanent members of staff or casual workers on zero hour contracts. Laws on Night Shift Hours in the UK UK night working hours are between 11pm (23.00) and 6am (06.00), although this agreement can […]

Health Inspectors’ Rights and Powers – A Guide to Visits

A health inspector has the right to enter your work premises at any time. Usually, they will be coming to carry out a health and safety inspection. However they can also be called upon to investigate an accident or other health and safety related incident that may have happened. In the these instances, they will […]