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Injured at Work – Will My Partner Get Full Pay?, Should He Be Allowed…

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Employer Has Changed My Shifts: What Are My Rights?

Q. I have been asked to work nights, I have no one to look after my son on some of the nights I am wanted to work. There is still a day shift running on the section that I am currently working on. What are my rights to stay on the day shift if my […]

Should Employer Pay for Ongoing Treatment for Injury?

Q.After returning to work after a major injury at work, does my employer have to pay me when I attend physiotherapy twice a week or can they deduct my wages? (G.C, 11 February 2009) A. Legal Right The first point to make is that you have no legal right to attend your physiotherapy appointments and […]

Should He Be Allowed to Work Alone at Night?

Q.My husband works for big water company on shift work where he works night shift 10pm-7am. He works alone in charge of a water treatment site. Is this allowed or should they be working in pairs? Ms Sarah Crowle, 24 September 2008 A.Establishing safe working conditions for people who work alone is no different to […]

Right to Waiter Tips When the Till is Down?

Q.My son works in a pub restaurant and last night the till was down by £16 and so the manager took their tips to put the till right. Is this lawful? I would have thought that this was stealing from the employees and that she had no right to take their tips without their consent. […]

Should the Employee Return to Normal Duties?

Q.Recently one of our employees fell over and struck his head while working as a machinist and was unconscious for a few minutes. An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. It was reported under RIDDOR 95 and the appropriate accident report form filled out and signed. The employee has returned to work […]

Injured at Work – Will My Partner Get Full Pay?

Q.My partner works for a wine warehouse and as part of his job he drives the forklift. On Monday he was getting out of the forklift and slipped on the step, fell and dislocated his shoulder. He has been working there 18 years. He will be off work for 3-6 weeks, is there any forms […]

Where do I Stand in regards to Workplace Law?

Q.My work has taken the chairs away from the computer area so we have to stand while working on the touch screens all day. They are saying the chairs are luxuries, is there anything I can do? (Miss Kat Hastings, 8 October 2008) A.Based solely upon the information you have given here, this would appear […]