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Can an Employer Dictate When You Take Holidays?

All UK workers are entitled to paid holidays. But can your employer dictate when you take holidays? It doesn’t seem right that you should be forced to take annual leave on someone else’s timetable. However, despite holidays being a statutory right you don’t have the right to choose when they are. Your employer can tell […]

How Many Breaks in a 12 hour Shift? What is my Entitlement?

Wondering how many breaks you are entitled to during a 12 hour shift? We’ll look at your rights to breaks during 12 hour stints at work, as well as other shift lengths. The law on breaks during work shifts is governed by the Working Time Directive. The Working Time Directive Law & Breaks This law […]

My Employer Has Taken My Chair Away – What is the Law on Chairs in the Workplace?

Q.My work has taken the chairs away from the computer area. This means we have to stand while working on the touch screens all day. They are saying the chairs are luxuries, is there anything I can do? (Ms K. Hastings, 8 October 2020) A. Based solely upon the information you have given here, this […]

Can My Employer Make me Take Holiday Instead of Sick Leave?

Q.Can my employer make me take some of my holiday entitlement without my consent to cover a sickness period? (Mrs T. Tonner, 7 October 2021) A. The simple answer is that your employer can’t make you use holiday allowance for sick days. That said, there are situations where an employer can require you to take […]

Time off for Hospital Appointments – What are My Rights?

Q. My daughter works full-time and has to take a day off work for a hospital appointment. Her employer says it must be taken as a holiday. Is this correct? (Ms Annabel MacDonald, 16 September 2021) A. The short answer to this question is, unfortunately, yes. Employers are not required by law to allow workers […]

Do I Need a Hygiene Certificate to Make Sandwiches?

Q.I work at a newsagents in a train station. Up until recently they have bought in pre-packed sandwiches for public sale. But they have now started to make their own instead. The manager has handed out a booklet about an introduction to food hygiene, with a questionnaire to complete at the end. As I understood […]

Unpaid Breaks – Can I leave the Premises at my Workplace?

Q.I work with children anything up to nine and half hours a day. I get given one half hour break unpaid whilst the children are sleeping. I know the children still need looking after. But if my employer does not pay me for my breaks, can they prevent me from leaving the premises on my […]