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Injured at Work – Will My Partner Get Full Pay?, Should He Be Allowed…

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How Many Breaks in a 12 hour Shift? What is my Entitlement?

Q.How many breaks should be given in a twelve hour shift and how long should the breaks be? (P.F, 6 October 2021) A.The law on breaks is governed by the Working Time Directive. This law applies to most adult workers, including those who work part time, are employed by an agency. You are entitled to […]

Do I Need a Hygiene Certificate to Make Sandwiches?

Q.I work at a newsagents in a train station. Up until recently they have bought in pre-packed sandwiches for public sale. But they have now started to make their own instead. The manager has handed out a booklet about an introduction to food hygiene, with a questionnaire to complete at the end. As I understood […]

Unpaid Breaks – Can I leave the Premises at my Workplace?

Q.I work with children anything up to nine and half hours a day. I get given one half hour break unpaid whilst the children are sleeping. I know the children still need looking after. But if my employer does not pay me for my breaks, can they prevent me from leaving the premises on my […]

Can My Employer Force Me to Change My Shift?

Can an employer force a radical change to your shifts such as a switch from days to night shifts? Our guide will advise on the laws surrounding shift changes, and how to speak with your employer to navigate this delicate situation. Being Asked to Change From Day Shift to Night Shift Reader A.D has been […]

Should the Employee Return to Normal Duties?

Q.Recently one of our employees fell over and struck his head while working as a machinist and was unconscious for a few minutes. An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital. It was reported under RIDDOR 95 and the appropriate accident report form filled out and signed. The employee has returned to work […]

Injured at Work – Will My Partner Get Full Pay?

Q.My partner works for a wine warehouse and as part of his job he drives the forklift. On Monday he was getting out of the forklift and slipped on the step, fell and dislocated his shoulder. He has been working there 18 years. He will be off work for 3-6 weeks, is there any forms […]