About Safe Workers

SafeWorkers.co.uk was formed in 2006 to offer a unique reference point on workplace safety and UK Employment Law.

Workplace safety affects us all. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an employer or an employee, a self-employed trader or a director of a large company. You might even be a customer who uses a shop, or a client who visits business premises. Workplace safety and worker rights matters to everyone.

Despite this, many people don’t understand employee rights in the workplace. Others may be aware of basic principles, but still need further advice and help.

This lack of knowledge isn’t surprising. The topics related to workplace safety and employment law cover such a wide range. Yet they crop up in every workplace in the UK, and include matters as diverse as bullying, computer use, work-related stress, and disability.

The Team

The in house writing team at Safe Workers all have 10+ years experience in running businesses the right way.

We believe businesses should be run safely and fairly to benefit both workers and business owners. This belief is at the core of all the information we provide. We’re here to help.

About Our Editor

Kirsty McCubbin is the editor at Safeworkers.co.uk – her passion and experience in the world of business has been gained from 20 years hands on experience. She’s owned or co-owned several businesses and worked in the marketing industry for most of her career.

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