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Maximum & Minimum Working Temperatures – UK Law

Safe working temperatures are important in any workplace. Many workers are unaware of what the legal maximum & minimum working temperatures might be in their workplace. Very low temperatures or very high temperatures at work can both cause discomfort and reduced productivity. Safe Working Temperatures It’s important to understand what safe working temperatures should be […]

First Aid Kits for Work – Guide to Contents & Law

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 is the act that covers first aid equipment in the workplace. Under these regulations, employers are required to supply appropriate and adequate first aid kits for work. The purpose of this equipment is to give employees the initial resources they need following a Workplace Injury or sudden […]

Wood Dust at Work – Safe Working With Wood Waste

Wood dust at work poses two main dangers to health in the workplace. The first is that dust getting into the lungs can cause respiratory disease. The second is that wood dust is potentially explosive creating the potential for severe injuries and a fire safety risk in the workplace. Workplace Hazards of Wood Dust Exposure […]

Sick Building Syndrome Prevention & Symptoms

‘Sick building syndrome’ is an term to define a situation where a place of work has been found to cause various ailments and illnesses. It sounds incredible that a building could cause such issues in a work environment, but it’s true. This can cause loss of productivity and high staff turnover. Our guide looks at […]

Forklift Safety – Rules & Policies in the Workplace

Forklift safety is very important in busy working environments such as warehouses and loading areas. You must have a strict set of rules and policies around the use of forklift trucks to ensure a safe working environment. Our guide to using forklifts in the workplace highlights some basic health & safety steps that must be […]

Workplace Health & Safety Signs

Warning signs and safety instructions have become a part of everyday life in recent times, especially in the workplace. The increase number of workplace health & safety signs and notices has coincided with more awareness around health and safety, and workplace accidents. Employers are legally required to display some health and safety signs. Others are […]

Catering Health & Safety – How to Manage Risks

Paying keen attention to catering health and safety is vitally important in a commercial kitchen. The fast paced environment has many hazards that should be indentifed via a risk assessment. Putting measures in place to ensure you are catering safely is a key part of the duty of care that all employers must fulfil. Our […]

Use of Protective Clothing at Work – Why PPE is Important

The use of protective clothing at work is vital because it protects those wearing it against health and safety risks. Also known as personal protective equipment (PPE), it can protect against accidents and illness. Making sure the right working clothes are worn creates a safer working environment for all, and reduces chances of legal action. […]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Work

Most of us are familiar with the potentially lethal danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. However, any enclosed space which contains equipment and appliances burning fuels also poses a risk. This includes workplaces and enclosed work sites. What Causes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced as a direct result of an […]

Fire Safety in the Workplace

A risk assessment of fire hazards should be carried out before designing and implementing a strategy for fire safety in the workplace. You need to decide if a hazard is significant and if you have put in place the right measures so that the risk is acceptably low. In our guide to fire safety at […]