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Safe Working Distances from Power Lines – Guidelines For Minimum Heights UK

Overhead power lines carry highly dangerous amounts of electricity. It’s important to maintain safe working distances from overhead power lines. The lines are a common feature of our urban and rural landscapes. It is essential to exercise great care when working close to power lines. The lines kill an average of two people each year. […]

Safe Working Temperatures

Safe working temperatures are important in any workplace. Many workers are unaware of what the legal working temperatures might be in their workplace. Very low temperatures or very high temperatures at work can both cause discomfort and reduced productivity. Safe Working Temperatures It’s important to understand what safe working temperatures should be stuck to in […]

Guide to Environmental Psychology in the Workplace

Defintion: Environmental psychology is about the way people relate to the environment. Some of the work in this field concerns natural environments and educational environments. But it also deals with the way a work environment can affect human behaviour. What Environmental Factors Matter in the Workplace? It makes sense that your work environment will affect […]

Creating a First Aid Kit for a Workplace

The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 is the act that covers first aid equipment in the workplace. Under these regulations, employers are required to supply appropriate and adequate first-aid equipment for the workplace. The purpose of this equipment is to give employees the initial resources they need following a Workplace Injury or sudden […]

Choosing Safe Workplace Equipment

Whilst maintaining work equipment, keeping it in good working order and ensuring it is always safe to operate is an ongoing legal requirement, choosing the equipment in the first place will also greatly reduce any safety risks. Buying Work Equipment Before buying any work equipment, consider: What the equipment will be used for. Who will […]

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Work

Most of us are familiar with the potentially lethal danger of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home whilst we are asleep yet any enclosed space which contains equipment and appliances which burn fuels are just as susceptible so that includes workplaces and enclosed sites. What Causes Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced as […]

Working With VDUs and Computers

Health and safety regulations which related specifically to the use of visual display units (VDUs) and computers in the workplace came into effect in January 1993 to implement an EU directive. The regulations apply to staff who habitually use VDUs as part of their day to day job, i.e. any display screen or monitor, usually […]

Working with Dangerous Substances

Almost all of us will face some sort of dangerous substances at work or during our daily life and it’s important that we understand how to deal with the risks. Although the idea of dangerous substances can conjure up pictures of science laboratories and radioactive waste, the bulk of them are more everyday things like […]

Use of Protective Clothing at Work

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can make a working environment more comfortable. It can also save lives. Definition PPE is any equipment worn at work that protects someone from health and safety risks. Examples of such equipment are gloves, helmets, harnesses, footwear, respiratory aids, high-visibility vests, and eye protection. It is also specialist clothing that completely […]

Toxic Office Plants

Plants can enliven an office, improve air quality and trap pollutants. But unfortunately, many office plants also carry toxins. These toxins may not be a threat to everyone. Nor do their effects necessarily pose serious risks to health. Nonetheless, for safety’s sake it’s worth knowing how poisonous certain plants can be. The following is therefore […]