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Workplace First Aid Requirements – Laws on Equipment & Training

People at work can suffer injuries or fall ill at any time. It is important they receive immediate attention. First aid covers the arrangements that should be made to ensure that happens. It can prevent minor injuries becoming major ones and can even save lives. Workplace First Aid – Health & Safety Law Health and […]

Hazards of Stonemasonry in the Work Environment

Over the last few years, there has been an average of one fatality every 12 months in the stonework sector. Demand for stonemasonry has reflected the increase in deaths and injuries. Designers of offices, flats and houses are using granite, marble and other stones as an integral part of a building’s décor at the luxury […]

Health & Safety Rights & Responsibilities at Work

All workers have the right work in an environment that is safe. Most responsibility for ensuring health and safety in the workplace is down to employers. However employees also have some responsibilities. Our guide looks at the rights and responsibilities around health and safety in the workplace. Employer’s Health & Safety Responsibilities Employers have a […]

Engineering Workshop Health & Safety – Staying Safe at Work

Engineering workshops are common in businesses all over the UK. The machines in such workshops are used for a large range of tasks. These include welding, sawing, cutting, grinding, drilling, painting, radiography and bending. There can be many risks associated with carrying out these activities. Making sure good workshop health and safety practices are followed […]

RSI at Work – Injury Forced Me to Change Jobs : Case Study

There are many safeguards in place in most offices to avoid workplace injuries and accidents. Despite this, there are still many people diagnosed with musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD) like Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, as a result of their work. Anyone who has suffered an RSI Injury at work might wonder what rights they have in […]

Fire Safety in the Workplace – Risk Assessments

A risk assessment of fire hazards should be carried out before designing and implementing a strategy for fire safety in the workplace. You need to decide if a hazard is significant and if you have put in place the right measures so that the risk is acceptably low. In our guide to fire safety at […]

Rights when Pregnant at Work & Staying Safe in the Workplace

When you find out you are pregnant, it is an exciting time. However, you also need to understand your rights when pregnant at work. You are entitled to paid time off, and a risk assessment should be made to ensure your safety during your pregnancy. If you are working when you fall pregnant, you need […]

Benefits Of Employing Agency Workers and Contractors

Agency workers are ’employed’ by an agency which finds them jobs. The firm who’s hiring the worker pays a fee to the agency and the agency pays the employee their wages. If you are considering working for an agency or as a contractor, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages. Businesses looking to hire […]

Security in the Workplace – Identify Employer & Employee Responsibilities

Health and safety regulations also extend to your employer being responsible for implementing measures and procedures to ensure security in the workplace. Personal safety breaches like intruders assaulting staff are fortunately very rare. Companies have to tread a line between ensuring that they are open to visitors, particularly if they are customers. At the same […]