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Basics of UK Health and Safety Law

Last year, 229 people were killed as a result of accidents at work. Over 108,000 people suffered a serious injury at work and over 2000 people died from occupationally related lung disease. UK health & safety law is there to prevent such accidents and injuries. But what is health and safety legislation all about? Health […]

Importance of Safety Boots in the Workplace

You can be exposed to many different hazards in the workplace which could cause serious injury to your feet. That’s why the importance of safety boots in the workplace can’t be underestimated. In many jobs where there’s risk of heavy objects falling on your feet, they are mandatory. Our guide looks at why wearing safety […]

Health and Safety Management System Implementation

It is a legal requirement for companies to have formal Health & Safety Management System (SMS) in place. However, it should be remembered that the extent and complexity of an SMS will depend upon a number of factors. For example, a garage with three or four employees, carrying out mechanical repairs and servicing of cars, […]

Proper Ventilation in the Workplace – Why it’s Important

Proper ventilation in the workplace is covered under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. These laws say that workplaces need to be well ventilated in the proper manner. That means clean air is drawn from a source outside of the workplace and circulated throughout the building. The ventilation system should dilute and remove […]

Contact Dermatitis in Hairdressers – Workplace Risk in Hair Salons

Due to the nature of the work, contact dermatitis is very common in hairdressers. Around seven out of every 10 hair stylists will suffer from work related dermatitis at some point in their working life. In severe cases it can mean the end of their career. What Causes Dermatitis in Hairdressers? The danger of dermatitis […]

Glass Safety at Work – Risk Assessments and UK Regulations

Any occupation which involves working with glass needs to be carried out very carefully. Glass safety at work needs proper risk assessments and knowledge of UK regulations. From glass ornament makers to bottling plants, glass has the potential to cause serious injury if it is handled incorrectly. It can inflict severe cuts and other serious […]

Dangers of Dust in the Workplace – How to Reduce Dust Hazards

A lot of dust in the workplace can be dangerous on a number of levels. Firstly, although rare, a cloud of dust is potentially combustible. It can cause explosions, so it’s important that companies keep their working environments as dust free as they can. However, the most common problem associated with dust in the workplace […]

Diving at Work Regulations & Risk Assessments

Offshore diving can be a highly lucrative and very rewarding career, yet it can be very pressurised and dangerous too. Diving at work regulations are strict. Proper risk assessments need to be put in place. In addition to complying with all the usual health and safety regulations, compliance with the Diving at Work Regulations 1997 […]