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Fire Extinguisher Types & Different Uses

Knowing the fire extinguisher types and different uses is essential to fire safety at work and home. Using the wrong extinguisher on a fire can have devastating results. Different businesses will need to take into consideration the hazards present in the work environment. Once these hazards have been identified as part of a fire risk […]

Fire Warden Duties & Responsibilities Guide

Fire wardens, also commonly called fire marshals, play a vital role in workplace fire safety. They are tasked with keeping everyone in the workplace safe in the event of fire breaking out. The key to businesses ensuring the work environment is fire safe is preparation. This also involves appointing fire wardens. What is a Fire […]

Classes of Fire – What are the 6 Different Types of Fires?

Every type of fire burns differently depending on it’s fuel source. Understanding the classes of fire is essential to fighting a fire safely if one breaks out. Using the wrong fire extinguisher can have catastrophic consequences, and pose a danger to life. For this reason, it is essential to understand the 6 different types of […]

Mounting a Fire Extinguisher in a Car – Installation Guide

Carrying a fire extinguisher in a car or van is an important safety measure for many business and domestic vehicle users.  Our guide looks at where you should mount a fire extinguisher in a car, and the types of brackets that can be used. We’ll also explore low impact installation methods that don’t involve drilling […]

Fire Drills in the Workplace – Legal Requirements & Procedures Guide

We all remember fire drills back at school, right? They were great, a perfect time to skive maths and have a catch up with your mates. Of course, we also understood the need for them and the workplace environment is no different. In this article, we cover all the legal requirements surrounding fire drills in […]

Working in Cold Temperatures – The Law UK

Working in cold temperatures here in the UK is inevitable during the winter months. Some workers are also employed in environments with very cold ambient temperatures such as food storage facilities. But just how cold can it get before it is legally too cold to work? The law on UK workplace temperatures is straightforward, but […]

Fire Hazards – Potential Sources of Ignition, Fuel & Heat in the Workplace

To put together an effective workplace fire risk assessment, it is essential to understand workplace risks and fire hazards. Every workplace has possible fire risks and these should be identified and regularly reviewed. Anything that has the potential to cause a fire should be noted as a potential fire hazard. In each workplace, there should […]

What Office Fire Extinguisher? UK Legal Requirements

An office might not seem like a workplace which has a high fire risk. Despite office building fires being unusual, there are many fire risks in this type of space. If a fire does break out, it’s important to have the right office fire extinguisher to hand. You should conduct a fire risk assessment and […]

Petrol Fire Extinguishers – What to use on Ignited Petrol & Oil

Fires involving volatile flammable liquids need the right equipment to be deployed quickly. This type of fire can become dangerously out of control in seconds. Environments such as fuel station forecourts and fuel storage areas need the right petrol fire extinguishers. Our guide looks at what extinguishers are needed to deal with fire risk from […]

What Kitchen Fire Extinguisher? A Guide to the Best Fire Equipment

Kitchens are the most common area where house fires start in the UK, there are many fire risks present in them. That means having the correct kitchen fire extinguisher to deal with identified fire risks is a must so you can be prepared to deal with a blaze. In this guide, we explore the best […]