Probation Periods at Work – What Happens & Employee Rights

If you’ve recently gotten a new job, you may be required to have a probation period before your employment is made permanent. This is an increasingly common feature when starting a new role.

The length and scope of your probationary period should be specified in your contract of employment before you begin work.

manager and employee discussing probation period at a desk in an office
Probation periods are now a common feature of employment contracts.

During probation, you may not have the same benefits as a permanent employee. The notice period you’d be entitled to, or have to provide if you decided the role wasn’t for you might also be shorter.

It’s common to feel worried during a probationary period at work, but try not to let your concerns get on top of you. Our guide will explain your rights during probation, and help with hints and tips on making sure you pass.

What is a Probation Period?

A probation period is an initial period of employment at the start of a new role. During this time, your suitability for the role will be assessed.

This means the employee’s role will only be made permanent subject to satisfactory completion of the probationary period. This ensures the new job is working out for both the employee and employer.

Note: A probation period is different to a trial shift. If you are offered a trial shift, it will usually comprise of a few hours spent working to see if your skills are a good fit for a position. This type of trial may be unpaid.

Why Have a Probationary Period at Work?

Employers will often carry out an application and interview process which gives initial insights into candidates qualification and how well they’ll fit into the role.

However, you can’t always tell from an interview how an employee will perform , or whether they will fit in with an existing team.

A probationary period provides an opportunity for both employee and employer to have a phase of evaluation about mutual suitability.

Probation allows:-

  • Performance Assessment: During probation there will be regular performance assessments so the employer can see the new employee’s skills, adaptability, and work ethic in practise.
  • Identification of Training Needs: if there are areas where the employee needs additional support and training to meet job requirements, these can be identified and appropriate training provided.
  • Visibility of Cultural Fit: Both employee and employer will have the opportunity to see how they fit in with the team and company culture.
  • Shorter Notice Periods: Probation usually features a shorter notice period for both parties. This means that if the employment relationship needs to end, both parties can exit more quickly and move on..

Depending on the contract of employment, there is often a reduced notice period during the term of probation.

During your probation you should experience clear and fair communication on your performance. If you don’t feel this is happening or feel you need more support, raise it with your manager.

How Long is a Probation Period?

A probation period will typicallly be 3 to 6 months in length, though they can be as brief as 1 week in short-term contracts.

The duration of a probation period often depends on the nature of the role:-

  • 3 Month Probation Period: For straighforward roles without complex skillsets or varied responsibilities.
  • 6 – 12 Month Probation Period: For senior positions or highly technical roles.

What is a Reasonable Timeframe to Complete Probation?

The length of any probation period should not be unreasonable, ensuring fairness to the employee. For the majority of roles, probation should be passed or failed within 3 to 6 months.

Performance reviews are common during this period, as they give both the employee and employer an opportunity to discuss any concerns. These could be addressed with additional training and support. Regular formal reviews are not, however, compulsory.

Our detailed guide on how long a probation period is gives more information on what you can expect.

Understanding Employee Rights During Probation in the UK

Your statutory rights during employment start on the first day of employment, regardless of any probationary status.

However your contract may give you less favourable terms during a probationary period than after the period has finished.

For example:-

  • A shorter notice period for both you and your employer.
  • No entitlement to benefits available to contracted employees, such as private medical care.
  • No entitlement to death in service benefit.

Any less favourable terms must not infringe your general statutory employment rights under UK law.

Employment Laws During Probation Period

It’s much easier for employers to terminate an employment contract during a probation period and before an employee has completed 2 years service.

Employers also have the right to restrict enhanced contractual benefits such as occupational sick pay or private medical care.

However, all employees have statutory employment rights from day 1 of employment which offer protection from unfair treatment. This includes:-

Employee rights in probation are still protected, and claims for unfair dismissal during probation can still be brought by workers albeit in a more limited range of circumstances.

References: [1] National Minimum Wage Act 1998, [2] Statutory Sick Pay Regulations 1982, [3] Working Time Regulations 1998, [4] Employment Rights Act 1996, (S71), [5] Equality Act 2010.

What Happens at the End of Probation?

At the end of your probation period you should have a probation review meeting with your manager or HR. During the meeting they’ll discuss your performance with you.

There can be 3 outcomes from an end of probation meeting. You can pass probation, have your probation period extended, or you may be informed you have not passed probation and your employment will come to an end.

We’ll look at what should happen in all 3 of these end of probation scenarios, and how you should deal with it.

What if Probation Ends and You Get No Confirmation You’ve Passed?

You would expect to have a formal review at the end of your probation period, and get a letter of confirmation if you’ve passed. However, If you are not told during your probation period that it is to be extended, or that you have failed your probation, you are deemed to have passed by default.

It is important in a situation like this to read your contract. If enhanced rights and benefits depend on a review taking place, you should approach your employer to arrange the appropriate review.

Passing Probation

If you have passed probation, you should ideally get a letter confirming your new employment status. If any contractual changes will take place at this point, the letter should outline what changes you can expect.

What Happens After Passing Probation?

After passing probation you may need to sign a new contract with your workplace. Make sure you read and understand the terms of your employment before signing. Also ensure that things like notice periods, sick pay, and holiday entitlements are as you expected before you sign.

Extending Probation

If your employer has said that they want to extend your probation period, check your employment contract.

This should say under what circumstances your probationary period can be extended, and for how long. Your employer can only extend your probation period if your employment contract says that they can extend it in specific circumstances (e.g to have more time to assess your performance).

Your employer cannot extend your probationary period for “protected reasons”. These include:-

  • Your ethnicity, religion or cultural background.
  • Your gender, age or marital status.

Failing Probation

If proper probation period reviews have been conducted, being told you’ve failed probation should not come out of the blue.

Employees should have regular meetings to assess progress towards integrating into their new role. If there are any weak points, support should have been provided. Should it be ultimately decided that you have not passed your probationary period, you will likely be served notice.

If this happens, your review meeting should help you understand the reasons that you have failed probation. Dismissal during a probation period, or at the end of your trial period can be hard to deal with. However, if you deal with it positively a new role shouldn’t be difficult to obtain for a fresh start.

Notice periods during probation are often shorter, allowing you to move on and seek a new role.

Giving Notice in Probation Period

If you’ve decided that you’d like to quit your job during your trial, you might be wondering if you have to give notice during probation periods.

Often, notice periods are shorter during probation. To find out what notice your employer requires, check your contract of employment. If your contract is silent on the issue then statutory notice is 1 week. If you have been in the role less than one month, there’s no requirement for notice.

Many people who are unhappy in a role wonder if they have to give any notice during the probationary period. Whilst it can be tempting to leave a role that is not turning out well with no notice, it’s advisable to try and serve the notice period.

If your next employer asks for a reference and your old employer discloses you did not serve your notice, it might reflect poorly on you.

Sick Leave During Probation

Every employee can suffer illness through no fault of their own. If you become unwell during probation, and need to take sick leave, this is a scenario in which an extension of your probation period is likely.

This is because your employer has not yet had chance to fully assess your performance in the role.

If your contract does not allow your employer to extend your probation period, they may wish to change the contract. You do not have to agree to change your contract.

If you think that the proposed changes are unfair or less favourable to you, speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau for free advice about your options.

Our guide on your rights to sick leave on probation has more in depth information.

Dismissal During Probationary Period

Just because you were in your probation period does not automatically make your dismissal fair. The usual test still applies: Did your employer act reasonably in all the circumstances?

Your employer has a duty to take reasonable steps to assist employees such as giving them adequate training to enable them to carry out their job. If you are dismissed on the basis of your performance, you would normally expect a reasonable employer to have discussed your performance with you on a prior occasion and given you the opportunity to try and do better.

When You Can Claim Unfair Dismissal During Probation Period

You cannot claim for unfair dismissal during your probationary period as you will not have worked the relevant qualifying employment period.

However you can still claim for:-

  • Harassment.
  • Dismissal due to “whistle-blowing”.
  • Dismissal due to a “protected reason”or discrimination.

Reader’s Question

“I’ve started a new job on 3 months probation period, which is almost over (1 week) and have found out I’m pregnant. I have told my boss the date I’d like to work up until before maternity leave. He said he’s not going to extend it and wouldn’t give me a reason why and said that he doesn’t have to. Is this the correct way to treat an employee?”

Potentially, you could take your former employer to an Employment Tribunal and claim damages. However you will need to have evidence relating to why you were dismissed.

For example, if you can evidence that your former employer said something racially discriminatory, or that all other employees of a different ethnicity with the same review scores are being kept on, that would be more relevant evidence.)

If you think that you have been unfairly dismissed during your probation period, speak to your local Citizens Advice Bureau about what you can do.

Probation Period FAQ’s

I’ve had no probation meeting, have I passed?

If your employer does not arrange a meeting or extend your probation period by the date specified, you are considered to have passed probation by default.

My probation period was extended, should I be worried?

If your employer has extended your probation period, it need not cause worry. They may feel you need a little more time to demonstrate you are capable in all areas of your role. It’s worth asking for feedback and support on what you need to do to pass.

Is a 6 month probationary period normal?

A 6 month probationary period is pretty standard within many roles. A 6 month period is often the norm within a more senior role. However, if a job requires a high degree of skill and trust this length of probation might also be used. Often, it will be down to the discretion of the workplace and should not be cause for concern.

Can you leave a job during probation period?

Yes, you can leave a job during the probation period if the role is not working out for you. In terms of how much notice you give, check your work contract. The notice period during probation is often shorter. If nothing is laid out about how long the probationary notice period is, one week is the statutory minimum notice period in UK employment law.

72 thoughts on “Probation Periods at Work – What Happens & Employee Rights

  1. Kris says:

    My 6 months probation was only verbally extended to another 6 due to a job role change.
    3 months into the extension I’ve been told that I am being let go due to budget cuts and that they need someone who is more senior in the job. Never received probation extension letter or updated contract for the new job role either. Can they do that?

  2. Myles says:

    I started a new position in April this year.

    Everything was going smoothly, I was finding the work straight forward and felt I could cope with the demand. Then after I returned from a period of annual leave at beginning of August, I noticed a sudden negative shift in attitude from my senior managers towards me.

    Then in the last week of August, my line manager and senior manager called me in for a meeting. They indicated to me that they were unhappy with my performance and needed to see big improvements. I was shocked and taken aback as not once were any concerns raised in my previous 4 months working there.

    I was having regular one to one monthly meetings with my line manager prior to this and not once were any negative aspects of my work raised formally. I had my August one to one meeting where these performance issues were again reiterated to me after the previous weeks meeting, and the outcome was that without improvements my probation period would be extended or in worst case terminated.

    I returned from another period of annual leave in the first week of September to an email from my line manager, saying that she was beginning a a 6 week performance improvement plan up until the end of my probation period.

    Then 2 weeks later I received an email notification inviting me to a “Probation Hearing” the next day, even though my probation was not due to end for another 4 weeks. The outcome from the hearing was that my contract was being terminated with immediate effect.

    I am wondering if I have any grounds for unfair dismissal? I feel that these “performance concerns” were highly exaggerated and weren’t properly or formally addressed to me in a timely manner in order for me to show they didn’t exist or in their eyes, to be improved upon.

    My probation period was cut short by 4 weeks and my employment terminated, all within 3 weeks of the performance issues being addressed in a formal capacity, to which I don’t believe were genuine or worthy of losing my job over.

  3. Jane says:

    I started a job with 4 other people as trainees on 6 month probation contracts.

    Towards the end of the probation we were all told there would be no surprises.
    Then at the end of probation I was told I had not passed and given lots of feedback as to why but not at any point during the probation was any of this feedback told to me so I could work on the issues and improve.

    My probation was then extended by two months and I was told for me to pass probation I would have to pass a certain exam but other trainees had failed this exam but still passed probation which seems unfair.

    After seven weeks I had a review meeting where I was informed of lots of negatives to my work and yet none of this had been told to me by the manager at our weeklys meetings before during the previous seven weeks.

    They then changed their minds and said I don’t have to pass the exam but will have to do a big presentation which none of the other trainees had to do.

    There are several other examples where I have been treated differently to the other trainees during probation and I feel because I’m older than the others and have a child care to deal with (the other trainees are all young graduates).

    A few of my colleagues have noticed and think it’s really unfair as well.

    I have my final probation meeting this week and if I don’t pass is there anything I can do ?

    • Kirsty McCubbin says:

      Hi Jane, that certainly sounds like a frustrating situation to be in with your employer. Unfortunately there’s not much in the way of legal recourse if you are dismissed with less than two years service. The exception would be if you were dismissed for a reason that would be automatically unfair. For example on grounds of disability, or for requesting statutory employment rights such as paid holidays or breaks.

      Our article on unfair dismissal during probation looks at specific situations where you can take an employer to a tribunal.

  4. Sammi says:

    I started my job 2 months ago, there is a 6 month probation. I had 2 days training and was told by head office it takes up to 6 months to fully do the job. I have asked my manager a few times for help in showing me when I am stuck, but get told she is to busy.

    She calls me in the office as I said I was struggling as it was my 1st year end. (Bad time to start).
    I was told that it wasn’t working out and that I could leave that day, tomorrow or in a week. So I said in a week as I can finish off the year end. So I go home and apply for lots of jobs and have planned interviews for the following week, as I have to look for work asap.
    Roll on the end of the week and 7 mins before I was due to leave, my manager said “oh before I forget your contract says I have to give you a months notice, so it’s up to you if you want to come back after break”

    7 mins before. I had already said my goodbyes and packed up my office. Is this ok, as I could have left as she fired me on the first day, but I asked for a week.

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi Sammi,

      This sounds like a poor experience you’ve had.

      If your contract of employment says the employer must give you a month’s notice, they will have to pay your full notice pay if you say you’re willing to work.

      If you left without confirming your intention to leave that day, I would get in touch with your manager and indicate your availability to work your notice period. Ask to use annual leave you may have accrued to cover your interview days. You could also call in sick on the days you have interviews. This would be unpaid, as SSP does not kick in after 3 days.

      You may find that your employer will pay out the rest of your contracted notice period without requiring your return.

  5. Lauren says:

    I have 10 days left of my 6 month probation to serve and have been advised that all is satisfactory and paperwork has been submitted to HR for sign off, but the company has now just declared job losses and my job has now gone into risk of redundancy, and now been told that my probation won’t be signed off due to it running into the consultation period, and that I won’t receive the 3 months pilon but only 1 month now, is this correct as feel this is unfair.

  6. Susan O says:

    Hi, I started with my employer on the 11th July last year and my contract stated that my employer reserved the right to extend my probation “should it deem necessary”. In the event, I had a probation review on the 17th of January of this year, 2023. They did not tell me if I had passed or failed probation or if it will be extended. Instead, they said that there will be another meeting a few days later on the 20th at 4.15. No meeting took place and nothing was said about it. Instead, on the 27th January, I received a Microsoft Teams invite that said “Probation Outcome”. The meeting was for the morning of the 30th, where I was told my probation period would be extended by three months. I can respond by the 7th of this month (!!) Given that they did not give me an outcome in the review and then did not tell me on the 20th (this promise was recorded in the HR manager’s notes) and instead it was dragged out over a week and a half, is it possible that I passed my probation by default?

  7. Gareth says:

    I started in april 2022, my probation was due to end oct but extended 1 month to november. Its now february and no confirmation probation is complete which means i cant do things like order company car. I had the probation extension form off my line manager but speaking to HR this week they have no record of it. My notice period was 1 month in probation and 3 months after. Im not happy and have been messed around and looking to leave. My view is enough reasonable time has passed to deem probation completed so 3 month notice but im not sure

  8. Mandy says:

    I’ve just started a part time temporary job which is a six month probation. Sadly my dad passed away so I’ve text to say I won’t be in all week will this go against me and my probation.

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi Mandy, sorry for your loss. It’s very unlikely that an employer would fail your probation because of the passing of a close family member. A 6 month probation period should be adequate to assess your performance even with the need to take time off for bereavement. The most appropriate / likely course for them if extra time was needed to assess you, would be a small extension to your probation.

  9. Andy Corrigan says:

    I had a 6 month probation period which was due to end on 5th January 2022, however, in mid-May my (previous) employer decided to extend it. Is that even valid?

  10. Naomi says:

    Hi, I started a new job in which i have a 6month probation. My probation ended a few weeks ago but i haven’t had any acknowledgment to say I have passed or if they are extending this. I want to leave but my contract says i have to give 3 months notice which i’m guessing means once i pass my probation. Do i need to work this notice as technically i haven’t had anything to say i have passed and can i just give them 4 weeks notice?

    • Michelle says:

      Hi, I am in the same situation, can I just leave with 1 week notice if I haven’t seen given writing confirmation or had a meeting that I passed my probation?

  11. George says:

    If my employer extend my probation for 2 months ,but I don’t have any letter, what’s happening? They must send me a letter? In how many days after probation review I need to receive my letter?

  12. B A says:

    Hi i was wondering if anyone can help, i feel a colleague has been unfairly treated but i don’t know enough about the “rules” of a probation period to tell her to take it further. So her probation ended on xmas eve and was verbally told by the manager and the deputy manager she had passed her probation. Then sadly on xmas day her dog passed away so she called in sick that day and the next, which i feel is completely understandable. But because of this she has now had her probation extended and has been told she didn’t sign anything to say she’d passed her probation so they can extend it. Can they do this even if there’s witnesses that will back her up and they heard her get told she’d passed her probation period.
    I hope someone can help with this. Thanks

  13. Dave P says:

    I moved my family across country and have had a year probation. Is this reasonable?

    About 6 weeks before the end of probation I had my final review meeting where they said they are considering extending my probation. However the meeting was ended early and they said they were pausing the process. The end of probation passed with no decision. About 2 months later I received a letter formally extending probation. Is this legal?


  14. James DeFaoite says:

    Hi. During my stated 6 month probationary period, my notice period is/was 1 week for employer and employee. After my probationary period is ended with written notice from employer according to contract, my notice period is 3 months. My employer may extend my probationary period for up to 3 months according to contract. However, I’m now at 10 months employment and no end of probation or extension of probation was provided in writing as per contract; “At the end of your probationary period, your employment will be reviewed within a reasonable time of its expiry and your probationary period will not be deemed to have been completed until the Company has carried out its review and formally confirmed the position in writing to you.”
    Can I still provide 1 week notice to leave my employment or am I now held to 3 months’ notice?

  15. Dave says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been working at a school and after 6 months of probation had passed I was told I’d passed but the meeting had yet to take place due to my manager being too busy. 3 weeks after my probation was due to end I was off sick for 2 weeks. I was told I’d be paid because I’d passed my probation. We roll on another 4 weeks and I finally get my appraisal and I’ve passed as promised (6 weeks after my end of probation). I get my pay slip this morning and I’m not being paid for sick pay. Where do I stand on this as I’m effectively getting punished for my manager being busy and losing out on alot of money just before Christmas. Thanks

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi Dave, In the first instance I’d recommend checking with HR / Payroll to see if this has been an admin error. With the sick period being quite close to the end of probation, it is hopefully down to that. If your manager indicated you’d get your sick pay, perhaps raise with them first and ask for assistance. Hope this helps.

  16. JR says:

    The deadline passed for my probation however my contract clearly states a letter is required to consider to have passed. Without passing my notice period is 1 week, and with passing it is 1 month.

    What would you consider my notice period to be?

  17. Shruti H says:

    Hi, I’m on probation period for 3 months out of which I’ve completed 1.5 months. I have realized this is not a right fit for me and I would like to leave this job. My contract doesn’t say anything about probationary notice period. What can be done in such case? Thanks!

  18. Simon says:

    I am just moving to a new position within my company that I have worked at for four years. In my offer letter it says I have a three month probation period. What are my rights?

  19. Russell Conway says:

    Hi, I started working for my employer as zero hour contract on the 12th April 2021 and then went full time on 1st June 2021 does my probation period start from 12th April or from 1st June? Thanks.

  20. Chris says:

    Hello, I was told verbally and in writing that my probation period was to be extended for three months (I have copies of this).

    3 days later and for no clear reason other than they weren’t happy with my performance, they told me they were reneging on the extension.

    Is this legal?

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi Chris, unfortunately an employer can let you go for no reason within the first two years of your job starting. The only exception to this is if you are dismissed on grounds of a protected characteristic. It’s a shame your employer has treated you like this and not given you a reason for dismissal.

  21. Plshelp says:

    My probation period was 6 months in which I had to give 1 weeks notice. My probation period has never formally ended as my managers have never had the time for any reviews. I have now worked there for a year but wish to leave. Am I still on probation?

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi There, If your probation meeting did not take place as scheduled then you will normally pass probation by default. It would be best to read over your work contract and employee handbook to see if anything is mentioned about the matter. It may make sense to ask your manager about your probation status first so you can clarify your best course of action to serve your notice period.

  22. Abi says:

    I think my probation finished on the 28th September but there was no meeting or review. My partner and I have now been asked to vacate our flat which means I can only give two weeks notice as I will have to move back home and will no longer be in the area to work for them or within a reasonable distance to travel. I’m really worried and don’t know what to do.

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi Abi, If you enquire with your employer about your probation status then explain your problem they will hopefully come to a reasonable agreement with you. Read your contract about what happens if you don’t serve your notice period. If in doubt, have a talk to Citizens Advice or ACAS.

  23. April says:

    Hello! My probation period ended 7 September but my line manager didn’t talk about it if she will end my probation or not. She was on a 2 week leave from 14 September. I asked HR about my probation as I realised it ended. They told me they will check with my line manager when she returns. We talked about it on the 30th of September and she told me she will recommend a 3 month probation extension. Is this right?

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi April, you pass probation by default if your employer fails to conduct the review meeting at the end of your probation period. You might want to raise this with HR, they should be aware of this. That said, your employer can still let you go for any reason within the first two years of employment, except for reasons related to protected characteristics such as disability, age, or pregnancy.

      Unless there are significant benefits you’d be entitled to on a full contract, it might be worth considering approaching your line manager and ask what performance improvements they need from you to pass probation.

  24. Big Al says:

    My probation end date is October 11, but during a meeting with my boss, she said she was going to ask HR if my probation could finish today instead. I don’t know how that sits legally.

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi Big Al,

      This is absolutely fine, and a positive sign your employer is happy for you to move onto a full contract with them. I’m sure HR will soon give you a copy of your new working contract. Congratulations!

  25. Dan Olsen says:


    I started working for my employer on Nov 2019. My probation was extended in April 2020 following a meeting. I was told this would be reviewed in June 2020 but I have not heard anything. Does this mean I have passed probation?

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hello Dan,

      If your employer doesn’t book a review meeting with you prior to the end of your probation period, you pass probation by default. This means you have the same contractual benefits and notice periods as colleagues on permanent contracts. Hope this helps!

  26. Stephen brown says:

    Hi after my 3 months probation had just passed and with no reviews or negative feedback, my employee just called me in with no notice and said they are going to extend my probation?

    • Safe Workers says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Your employer can extend your probation period in this way. Hopefully they will have told you of any areas where they feel you need extra support and have a plan to ensure you get extra training. If they have not, it would be worth approaching your manager and asking if they have specific concerns, and making it clear you are motivated to pass probation asap.

    • Kawsu says:

      Hi My probation period is 3 months but it can be extended as per my contract. I am now into my eighth month without any review, letter or acknowledgement by my manager nor HR. Can I enquire from HR or assume I have passed my probation period by default. Where in the law is this default status stated?

      Many thanks

  27. Nishal says:

    I’m on a 6 month FTC. My probation period is 3 months. My manager is usually too busy and doesn’t have rarely any time for me. My bosses boss has never had a catch up with me and has apologised to me for being busy.
    My manager has told me his boss isn’t happy with me. My manager has said it’s tough not having experience in this industry. He has implied that his boss is concerned with my performance and I was told about this a week before my probation review and is the first time i have heard of it. I have struggled with certain tasks as I have been working from home and have minimal support.

  28. Jessie says:

    I would like to know if you get paid for bank holidays if it falls under the 1 month probationary period. Please note I have not been given a contract yet and there is no handbook. Employer has changed and confirmed after a month later that my probation is 3 months, not 1 month (even though the 1 month was confirmed at interview stage and in an email prior to starting employment), after which I will be given a contract if passed and will get paid for the bank holidays after the 3 months.

  29. Unsure says:

    My six month probation has just been extended by two months. My attitude, ability, quality and communication skills were all marked as excellent. The reason given was absence due to my type1 diabetes. They actually said that. Van they legally do this to me?

  30. Lassy1 says:

    I am currently on a 6 month probation period in a new company, I’ve worked there 4 months now. I have seen a job I have had my heart set on doing within the same company but in a different area. I was honest in my interview this is something I would like to do in the future. Is it too soon to apply for this other job? Please help advise me

  31. Kd says:

    I started my management role on 1st June 2020. I had a 6 month probation, I never had a buddy or any real management supervision, in fact in the 6 months I had line management once on 10th June. I skipped into my probation believing I was doing well and would pass,my team think highly of me and I work very hard. I do still have a way to go but my job is huge. I had my probation extended for 1 month as an action plan wasn’t up to his standard despite not having any direction prior to what his standard was. During that month I had a holiday, afterwards I isolated and he met with my admin and changed loads of the action plan, he said it needed even more than originally discussed in the probation so was now extending it by 3 months from the original probation meeting, so I technically have 2 months left. I received my pro action letter and there are 8 actions I need to have in place which he has never mentioned before, all new actions which to me should just be objectives for 2021, but they are all.. do these or be dismissed. Additional to this he asked that after 7 months I ask my direct support to buddy me!! How demoralising and if he is that good why didnt he get the job, he also asked me to complete weekly visits whereas in the pro action meeting it was 3 monthly. Can he do this? Just add whatever he likes as a reason for extending my probation without any evidence that this has been discussed? Its all unachievable in 6 weeks now as only just got the letter so look who is looking for a new job!!!

  32. Rachel says:

    My husband started a new job January 2020with 6 months probation. After 3 months his employer moved him to another completely different job as Head of Education, previous Head had walked out during the pandemic. He did the second role for 4 months and received a fabulous OFSTED report for his work. His manager then gave his new job to someone else despite having promised it to him. He went back to his original job and his manager said that despite having worked for 7 months at that point his original probation was not completed because he had spent 4 months doing another role as directed by his manager! Is this legal? He has now almost worked there 12 months with both roles combine and his manager says she can sack him as he is still technically in probation, is this legal? He only changed roles within his probation period at his managers request. Best regards Rachel

  33. Jaylen says:

    My husband was 3 months into a 12 month probation period which is shown on his term sheet. After 3 months his team leader and manager called him to smoking area to information him he was picking up some admin work quick enough and therefore they had found him a new role elsewhere in company. He had spent his last shift with his replacement without knowing. He didnt receive follow up progress meetings. Is this allowed under probation ?

  34. Ghost says:

    I joined the NHS in June and have passed my two probationary meetings with the last one confirming I am on the way to pass completely in November. Both myself and manager signed this off. However, a week later, something happened at work and my manager now wants to change comments and date on my last report that has already been signed off. Are they allowed to do this>

  35. Son says:

    I have been on a 6 month probation and been every month on top of the board over 30 people in my team and being the most junior in the company, had client recommendations and great reviews and now my director even told me that he has put me in to nomination for the last 2 months for manager of the month they have extended my probation until December. We are in a global pandemic and even then I have worked thru it and finished every month 1st or 2nd on the top of the board. How can they say now that I haven’t achieved targets and on top of that put me on a higher target than the rest of the team and give me the accounts that need more sales and closing? Do I have any rights?

  36. Nice says:

    Good evening po, legal po ba yung ginawa nilang pag terminate sa live in partner ko dahil sa absences niya? under probationary employee po siya, na may valid reason nmn po may medical certificate to prove na valid yung pag absent niya, gaya po na operahan ako ng cyst kailangn, tapus maysakit po siya dahil nag tatae sumasakit ang tiyan. Legal din po bha na every absences niya kina kaltasan ng 540 pesos for penalty which is thier rules is NO WORK, NO PAY. we all know na nasa pandemic po tayo ngayun. Pero ang pag terminate po sa kanya on the day, walang notice po sa employee na ang pagkaalam ko po kailangan may notice po silang ibibigay 2 days or 48 hours terminate na po siya. For me parang hindi makatao ginawa lalo na sa pandemic.

  37. Les says:

    I started a job in October 2019 and I was on probation for 26 weeks so this was due to end in may in this time I had to take 1 day off sick and I also was put on furlough. In march In July I was due to return to work but had to isolate for an extra week due to my wife having symptoms I then returned to work . this week I received a letter dated 6th of August stating that my probation was being extended for a further 26 weeks . The letter was given to me on the 12th of August can they do this any help would be greatly appreciated

  38. Caz says:

    Hi I’m just wondering if this is legal my husband was told he passed his probabyion today he had a meeting they have said it’s been extended to which my husband said hold on a minute you said I’d passed it, to which his boss said whoever’s had done paper work is no longer there and no record of this so it’s been extended no notice as from when or how long it’s going to be for can they legally do this.

  39. Gamara says:

    My 3 month’s probation period was due to end on the 6th April, however my workplace closed its doors before that due to the lockdown. During the lockdown, I lost a family member and upon informing my employer, they placed me on furlough. It was expected that I would return to work on the 1st of June, with the possibility of having my probationary period extended. Although I was not opposed to it nothing happened. If they don’t tell me that it is being terminated or extended does that mean its automatically passed?

  40. Sean says:

    So I have been working for this man for just under a year now and am still not on the cards , he said he was going to do it b4 lockdown but it did not happen and I have not been paid anything from any one since this all happened not even the government so iv sat here with a family and a house and not got anything for 7 weeks and I still have 2 weeks to go , Should he of put me on the cards after 3 to 6 months of me working for him and is what he has done illegal, my understanding of it is after 3 to 6 months he should of put me on the cards I am a class a employee and go above and beyond for him and the guys I work for and out of 15 men I’m the only one now getting paid because of this ?

  41. Liam17 says:

    My 6 month probation is due to end on the 26th of May, due to the current lockdown my place of work is currently closed and expected to open on the 1st of June, what happens with my probabtion? I’ve asked my employer for information but have received a vague response that avoided the question. If they don’t tell me its being terminated or extended before then does that mean its automatically passed?

  42. Ethics says:

    I am in my 3rd month of new job as a social worker probation meeting held, told about a complaint from a colleague which is actually concerns, not shown the information, nor any meeting/support to discuss these concerns, decision taken by manager to extend the probation period and this meeting arranged with HR to assess performance, asked to bring rep as this could lead to dismissal. Only 1 supervision session throughout this process… no regular feedback, other colleagues not had probation meetings.

  43. Angry mum says:

    My son was working on a 3 month probationary job, he is only 18 and its his first ever job his 3 months is up on fri Today he went into work and made a mistake on a measurement the boss shouted ay him and told him to go home and that was him finished. I phoned and asked what was the problem they said he had made too many mistakes and that was it. He has been every day to work, never let them down even this week when he could of told them he didnt have to work. As there work is not essential. They have never gave him a review or any warnings. What are his rights?

  44. Darcy says:

    My 3 moth probation period ended three weeks ago, nothing was said so I just presumed I had passed. Last week I told my employer I was pregnant (bit of a surprise for me) and now today they have said they are extending my probation for another 3 months? Can they do this? It would take my probation up until a few weeks before I would go on maternity leave which seems convenient for them.

  45. KG72 says:

    I am currently 5 months into a probation period but the powers that be cannot afford my salary. I believe at my probation meeting they will give me a months notice?, If i resigned 1st giving 1 months notice could they reject this? I am sure I have read that they cannot as this would be deemed as being sacked?

  46. madge says:

    Hello am I able to get an opinion please? my boyfriend started a new job in September on 6 months probation, for the first 5 months he was never off or late, 4 weeks before the probation ended he was hospitalized for an infection for 3 weeks then signed off for a further 4 weeks will this result in him loosing his job as he is still on probation

  47. Dani says:

    I currently on a months probation at an alterations shop. I am 2 weeks in and I turned up to work the other day to find out my boss had hired someone to take my place. My manager told me the boss was unhappy with the amount of work I was producing however I have been told this. The women who had turned up to take my job decided not to take the job as she thought what the boss did to me was horrible. I’ve heard rumours that she’s having another interview. No one has spoken to me anything just my manger and she told me to keep it a secret. Is there anything I can do.

  48. Sue says:

    Hi I started in a new job recently, I asked if weekends were involved the answer only occcasionally, ok ive worked 6 days for 3 weeks, you cant stop and have a break because its driving around, ontop of that your supposed to be expected to do 3 or 4 hour cleans drive to other places, we are told that places from your house are 1hr 30mins max, whats not considered is travelling from home to orpington, 3hr clean then harlow 3hr clean then home. Thats alot to me in travelling my health is now suffering and my stomach acid is going crazy, ilI had to go hospital and put on medication, I was then told im sacked, then because the medication side effects possibly mean I cant operate machinery or drive, i have given the medication name and doseage and im told to carry on, until further talks maybe next week. Im considering leaving anyway the workload is not what I expected at all.

  49. Olga says:

    My daughter has just resigned of her job after three months. She had a probation period of six months and a notice of termination of three months. The employer said that he is going to ask for a compensation. Is it posible?

  50. SB says:

    To pwill 2 Dec 19 @ 12:20pm : Hi, I just wanted to give my opinion as the site does not seem to reply any longer. I don’ t think they can legally deduct the cost of CeMap 2 and would challenge this strongly. My reasoning is the employer has not given sufficient time to improve, and might not have met their responsibilities under Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments. Call the ACAS helpline, or Citizens Advice, to talk through the precise details. Good luck.

  51. pwill says:

    My daughter has reached the end of her probation period for a large UK mortgage brokers. She has completed part one of CeMAP and was working towards part 2. She disclosed that she has dyslexia and dyspraxia and her monthly targets were reduced slightly. She usually met her targets except for the last month and was told that she would be dismissed at her review in two days time. She has also been told tha the cost of CeMap 2 will be deducted from her final salary. Can someone please tell me if they can make this deduction? Thank you

  52. Slindo says:

    I just went to sign to accept job offer while I’m 6months pregnant and will start working December do you think I would be allowed to get leave without pay or maternity leave I’m so stressed because I can’t lose this job now

  53. Viz says:

    I started a new job with and 1 week into the job and probation period, the company have told me they have an existing manager ‘suddenly available’ from another project and therefore they have told me I am no longer employed. My question is do I get a notice period and pay for the notice or can they just pay me for the week I’ve worked and leave me jobless?

  54. Pancakes says:

    I had a 90 day probation but nothing in writing as to what can be done are not done . My probation ended on July 25. I June a patient fell while I was doing the exam. Even though I was not near the patient and did not stand the patient I was blamed. Her husband said she could stand and assist his wife to do so. This happened in June before my probation ended. In September I ask my employer about my benefits which would have been vacation and sick that was not showing. He paid me for the labor day holiday, than the next day said he was upset about the patient incident and potential lawsuit which I have not been said to be negligent but they were upset that it happened as I was. He said because of that I would accrue sick time and vacation pending how the case came out. He than added by the way I paid you for vacation by accident. This is almost 2 months after my probation ended and only after I ask him about benefits. I did make it clear to him he can’t withhold my sick time and I don’t care about the .25 hours he gives every two weeks (6.5) hours a year in vacation. I just want to know if it is legal for him to decide that far after my probation that he is going to penalize me for something that I don’t feel I was guilty of doing.

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