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Is it Illegal to Quit a Job without Notice & What Will Happen if You Do?

If the thought of working a notice period fills you with dread, or you’re simply unable to continue working for personal reasons, it’s important to understand what might happen next. Many workers worry that it might be illegal to quit a job without notice, and are worried about the consequences. Some employers threaten that they […]

P45 vs P60 – What’s the Difference Between PAYE Forms?

P45s and P60s are common PAYE forms that are issued to employees. But what are these two forms for, and what’s the difference between them? The two forms are both mandatory tax documents which must be provided to employees at the appropriate time. Our guide will clear up any confusion between the two PAYE forms. […]

When to Hand in Your Notice & How to Do it Professionally

There are many things to consider when you hand in your notice. One of the hardest to work out questions can be when to hand in your notice. Jumping the gun and doing it before you’ve got an unconditional job offer in hand could be disastrous. Equally, you need to understand how much notice you […]

How Many Hours Can You Work at 15 and Under?  Guide to Working Hours & Breaks

Employees aged 13 to 15 are known as child workers. This age group have strict laws on their working hours and breaks compared to other employees. There are also restrictions on the type of work that can be undertaken. The regulations are there to make sure the education of child workers is not compromised, and […]

Can an Employer Give a Bad Reference? Is it Illegal?

A good employment reference can be vital to landing a dream role. But what happens if the reference isn’t great. Can an employer legally give a bad reference about a current or former employee? Many people believe that ex employers are not legally allowed to give a poor reference about work performance. However, references can […]

Fired During Probation Period – Can You Fight it? When’s it Unfair?

It’s common to worry about being fired during a probation period. A work trial can be an anxious time, and worries around making mistakes can lead to fears of dismissal. During a probationary period, notice periods and disciplinary procedures can be much shorter. But what can you do if your fears of being sacked are […]

Defending Yourself Against False Accusations at Work in 7 Steps

False accusations at work can be damaging for the employee being accused, as well as being detrimental to company culture if not handled properly. When presented with an allegation of misconduct that is untrue, it is incredibly distressing. However, it is important to stay calm, and co-operate with your employers investigation process. An unfounded accusation […]