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How Many Breaks in a 12 hour Shift? What is my Entitlement?

Wondering how many breaks you are entitled to during a 12 hour shift? We’ll look at your rights to breaks during 12 hour stints at work, as well as other shift lengths. The law on breaks during work shifts is governed by the Working Time Directive. The Working Time Directive Law & Breaks This law […]

Can You Work In Childcare With A Criminal Record?

Working in childcare requires a thorough screening process which includes having a DBS check. If you have committed an offence in the past, you might be concerned about being able to work in childcare with a criminal record. When it comes to the ability to work in childcare with a criminal record, the answers aren’t […]

Protected Cautions & Convictions – DBS Check Filtering Guide

Understanding DBS checks and how they treat protected cautions and convictions can be a source of confusion. If you need a pre employment check, you may feel anxious about your criminal record. Protected information will be filtered from your DBS, meaning that a prospective employer will not be able to see it. It is one […]

Do Driving Offences Show on DBS? A Guide to Drink Driving & Other Convictions

If you need to do a background check for a job application, you might be concerned about which driving offences show on DBS checks. If you’ve had any sort of conviction, it’s understandable to be worried about what will show up during pre employment checks. Our guide looks at what will show up during criminal […]

Taking Time Off For Mental Health – Can You Call in Sick? Your Rights at Work

It can be a difficult to understand your workplace rights around taking time off for mental health. Your mental health is no different to any other type of illness, and it should be treated as such by your employer. Our guide will look at how to take time off for to support your mental health […]

Time off Work for the Dentist – Rights to Attend Dental Appointments

If you are suffering from the misery of toothache, or need a dental procedure such as a filling done, you might be struggling to get an out of work hours appointment.  Unfortunately, there’s no statutory right to time off work for the dentist. This might be surprising considering how debilitating dental pain can be, but […]

Time Off Work for Miscarriage – Workplace Rights UK

If you’ve suffered a pregnancy loss, it is an incredibly distressing time and you will need time to recover. Our guide looks at your rights to time off work for a miscarriage and sick pay entitlements. We’ll also outline the protections given by employment law relating to pregnancy. Telling Your Employer Many women will be […]

Fertility Leave – Time Off For IVF Treatment

Employees seeking fertility treatment face an often stressful and exhausting medical process. The ability to take fertility leave in order to have time off for IVF can help if it is available. But what rights do staff have during fertility treatment, and how should the medical appointments be treated? Understandably, many staff will be wary […]