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Zero Hour Contract Holiday Pay Entitlements – UK Law

Zero hour contract holiday pay can be a complex subject. While it’s easy to determine how much to pay regular employees, it can be tricky to determine holiday pay for zero hour workers. The zero hours contract holiday pay entitlement can be an area of confusion. Workers are sometimes told they have no right to […]

European Legislation on Health & Safety – Guide to EU Laws

Despite Brexit in 2021, being familiar with European Legislation on health and safety is still important within UK businesses. When the UK enacted the Brexit bill in early 2021, EU laws on health and safety were adopted as a legislative framework moving forward. Whilst UK laws may change in future, it will take some time. […]

Discrimination at Work

Discrimination at work has been a real problem for some people in the UK, making it difficult for certain groups to get jobs or making their working life miserable. Everyone has the right to be treated equally and fairly when it comes to employment. Sadly that’s still not always the case in modern Britain. Thankfully […]

Disability at Work and the Equality Act

Employment opportunities for disabled people have changed dramatically over the past few years. Many equality law changes have been brought in to help improve their rights at work. Employers have also started to become far more aware of the need to recruit the best possible candidates, regardless of any disabilities they may suffer from. It’s […]

Workplace Transport Safety Regulations – Driving for Work Laws

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that every week in the UK around 20 people who are working die in a road traffic accident. The HSE also says that a further 250 people per week suffer driving-related injuries at work. For many years employers have not taken this issue seriously. Now, however, the HSE […]

Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005

If you use any kind of vibrating machinery at work, you should be aware of The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005. The purpose of the regulations is to make sure workers don’t suffer ill health from vibration. Much of the regulation covers workplace hand-arm vibration but effects of whole-body vibration are also covered. […]

Corporate Manslaughter Definition & Case Law Examples

Corporate manslaughter is a crime that can be committed by a company in relation to a work-related death. This is called corporate homicide in Scotland. The offence was created to rectify the problem identified by a 17th century English judge that “Companies have a soul to damn, but no body to kick”. The Corporate Manslaughter […]

Health & Safety Rights & Responsibilities at Work

All workers have the right work in an environment that is safe. Most responsibility for ensuring health and safety in the workplace is down to employers. However employees also have some responsibilities. Our guide looks at the rights and responsibilities around health and safety in the workplace. Employer’s Health & Safety Responsibilities Employers have a […]

RSI at Work – Injury Forced Me to Change Jobs : Case Study

There are many safeguards in place in most offices to avoid workplace injuries and accidents. Despite this, there are still many people diagnosed with musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD) like Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, as a result of their work. Anyone who has suffered an RSI Injury at work might wonder what rights they have in […]

Equal Opportunities in the Workplace

Equal opportunities in the workplace means that everyone within an organisation should have an equal chance to apply and be selected for posts, to be trained or promoted equally and fairly. There should be no discrimination at work on the grounds of sex, homosexuality, age, racial origin, religious affiliation, disability or marital status. Employers can […]