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Failing a Probation Period – What Happens When You Don’t Pass?

Dealing with anxieties around a new job is hard enough without dwelling on the prospect of failing the probation period. In most cases, you will have some indication that the probation isn’t going well. This might be through reviews you had with your boss or perhaps just going with gut feelings. Failing probation is never […]

What Happens if you get Pregnant During a Probation Period at Work?

Probation in a new job can be as little as 3 months, and sometimes up to 12 months. A lot can happen during this time, including getting pregnant during a probation period. There are strong protections for pregnant women in the workplace, and these are not removed during probation. You might feel concerned that you could […]

Extending Probation Periods – a Guide to UK Law & Rules

You’ve just been given the news at your review that the probationary period is set to be extended. It’s normal to be left questioning the rules on extending a probation period. You may well be feeling deflated and wondering what you have done wrong. However, an extended probation period at work is not a disaster. […]

Unfair Dismissal During Probation – Rights to Claim for Wrongful Termination

A new job often has a probation period. As a new employee, you have fewer employment rights than workers who have been with a business for more than two years. Our guide looks at unfair dismissal during probation. Whilst rights to claim for a wrongful dismissal are very much eroded during a probation period, there […]

Disqualification By Association – Regulations & Check Guide

A term that is often used in relation to DBS checks for the childminding and childcare sectors is “disqualification by association”.  The procedures and law around these checks can be confusing. This is partly down to changes to the rules around this in the last few years. Our guide on disqualification by association, and how […]