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How Long Can You Self Certify For? Taking Time Off Work Without a Sick Note

When you’re off sick you don’t always need to provide proof of illness. This is called self certification. You can self certify your absence if you’re going to be off for 7 days or less. This means employers cannot insist on a sick note if a worker is only off for a few days. It’s […]

Off Sick With Depression or Stress – Can You Be Sacked? Mental Health Rights at Work

The number of workers needing sick leave to deal with mental health issues has been on the rise for many years. But what happens if you are off sick with depression or stress? Can you be sacked on grounds of poor mental health? In many cases, people suffering with depression or stress have protections at […]

Calling in Sick on Declined Holiday – Not as Clever as You Think

Holidays and sickness are two words that are the bane of a manager’s life. It can be a logistical nightmare ensuring everyone gets their holiday entitlement. If you’re thinking of calling in sick on a declined holiday be aware your manger won’t be convinced. Or, if you’re a manager and feeling suspicious, then your instincts […]

Sacked During Probation Period – What Can Happen & How to Cope if You Get Fired

It’s common to worry about being sacked during a probation period. A work trial can be an anxious time, and worries around making mistakes can lead to fears of losing your job. Our guide looks at your employment rights if you get fired during your probation period. We’ll look at what usually happens, and what […]

Can an Employer Cancel your Holiday? Annual Leave & Rights

We all look forward to those well earned holidays. So what happens when you discover your employer is cancelling a holiday at short notice? Can your employer really cancel your holiday even if they have already been approved? It certainly seems unfair if you have followed all the right procedures for booking them in the […]