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Bullying in the Workplace Examples & How to Deal with Bullies at Work

Bullying in the workplace is toxic behaviour which can damage workplace harmony and productivity. This toxic behaviour can have a profound impact upon victims mental health, and cause legal issues for employers who fail to protect their staff from bullying behaviours. Its not always clear what bullying in the workplace looks like, it can be […]

Sexual Harassment at Work – How to Identify it & What to Do About It

Employers have a legal obligation to take sexual harassment at work seriously, and protect their employees wellbeing at work. Failure to do so can lead to the employer being held responsible for the harassment. But what can sexual harassment look like? What should victims do to protect themselves in this incredibly upsetting situation? Our guide […]

Being Accused of Bullying at Work? What to Do & Your Rights

For most of us, school is a distant memory, but bullying is not limited to playgrounds. It can happen in the workplace, and can have profound impacts upon the victims and the culture of the workplace itself. But what if you’re accused of bullying at work? Being accused of being a bully in the workplace […]

I’ve Been Accused of Harassment at Work – What Should I Do?

Being accused of harassment at work is stressful, particularly if the accusation regards sexual harassment. When allegations surface, an employer has a duty of care to all parties involved and they must make sure they conduct a full investigation. If you’ve been accused of workplace harassment, you may be suspended to allow an investigation to […]

Cyberbullying at Work – A Guide to Dealing with Online Harassment

Cyberbullying has long been more closely associated with the intentional bullying of children online by their peers. Adults in the workplace however, are not immune to cyberbullying at work, which can manifest itself in many different forms. There are steps you can take, and support available if you have become a victim of cyberbullying at […]

The Fine Line Between Bullying and Strong Management

There’s a growing interest in the UK about management styles. Many organisations want their senior staff to exhibit a strong management approach. But this can easily spill over into employees being bullied at work. Not all managers realise this. They take the view that they are being abrupt and tough out of necessity. A bullying […]

Signs of Bullying at Work – Telltale Symptoms of Harassment

Bullying at work is sadly commonplace. Surveys show that at some time during their working lives, half of UK workers have endured bullying. Harassment and intimidation in the workplace can have a severe effect on the mental health of employees. We’re taking a look at what the signs of bullying at work are, and the […]

Violence at Work – Dealing with Being Assaulted at Work

Being assualted at work is very upsetting event. How should you deal with violence at your place of work? We take a look at duties of employers to protect staff from this risk, and what to do if you are assaulted. What is Violence at Work? The HSE define work-related violence as ‘any incident in […]

Joining a Trade Union

Regardless of whether all your work colleagues are members or not, you have the right not to join as well as join a trade union. The choice is yours and it is unlawful for an employer or employment agency to treat you any differently whatever you decide. The Right to Join a Trade Union If […]