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Safe Fire Evacuation of a Building: A Case Study

Jeff Flanagan is an accountant with a major firm in Manchester. He is also one of the fire evacuation officers at his company’s main office. Here he describes the basic principles of safe evacuation of the building. The Importance of Fire Evacuation Plans & Procedures “I should make clear that I’ve never had to deal […]

Speech Impediment Discrimination at Work – Case Study

Gail Mabey grew up with a speech impediment that therapy could only partially correct. Despite the impediment, she had a happy childhood and didn’t suffer bullying at school. When she started work in an office, however, she experienced speech impediment discrimination at work. Beginning Work I began work with a feeling of optimism. This was […]

RSI at Work – Injury Forced Me to Change Jobs : Case Study

There are many safeguards in place in most offices to avoid workplace injuries and accidents. Despite this, there are still many people diagnosed with musculo-skeletal disorders (MSD) like Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI, as a result of their work. Anyone who has suffered an RSI Injury at work might wonder what rights they have in […]

Good Practice in Employing Overseas Workers: A Case Study

Tania Greer is a health and safety consultant. She has many years’ experience of overseas workers. Employers and workers frequently ask her questions about key aspects of health and safety law. She’’s produced a good practice guide for Safe Workers as regards employing overseas workers in the UK. Employer Responsibilities For Overseas Workers “The first […]

Stress Free Transition to Self Employment: A Case Study

Craig Sorabji worked in the UK wine business for many years. He then decided to go out on his own and set up a specialised wine importing business. The business proved successful but Craig is all too aware of the pitfalls of self-employment, particularly stress. Eyes Open “I wanted to be self-employed from the moment […]

Essentials of a Safe Working Environment: A Case Study

Jenny Whiting is a local authority health and safety officer. The council she works for has a number of offices and public access sites. Part of her job is to inspect these and ensure safe working environments. Here Jenny discusses the type of things she looks for when she goes out on one of her […]