How to Start a Burger Van Business – What Do You Need?

Starting up a burger van business is an exciting venture and being the owner definitely has its advantages. When you own a burger van or any type of food truck, you need to understand business licensing and safety requirements for your van. Of key importance is understanding how to keep your food service safe for […]

Selling Food From Home – A Guide to Licensing & Regulations

Taking the plunge and setting up a business selling food from home can be a daunting yet very exciting time. Home based businesses have become increasingly common over recent years, perhaps, in part, as a result of the pandemic. Finding your niche and then running with your ideas can be an extremely rewarding challenge. Before […]

Do Pubs Need a Food Hygiene Certificate?

Pubs need to be able to demonstrate food hygiene knowledge, and structured workplace training is an effective way to do this. Anyone who is around food or drink, whether it is storing, prepping, cooking, or serving, should have sound knowledge of food safety. This includes pub workers. Getting bar and serving staff to complete food […]

Do Churches Need a Food Hygiene Certificate? Regulations & Policy Guide

Preparing and serving food is often central to church life. A food hygiene certificate for church is something you may wish to consider. Our guide looks at food hygiene regulations, and tips on training and food safety policy. Preparing and serving food is often central to church life. Commonly, tea and cake can be served […]

Allergen Awareness Courses – UK Training Guide

Many businesses require food related training courses to legally trade on the right side of the law. One these is allergen awareness courses. With the increase in reported food allergies, this is more important than ever. As a food business, you are responsible for all food that is served or bought on the premises. Businesses […]

Disqualification By Association – Regulations & Check Guide

A term that is often used in relation to DBS checks for the childminding and childcare sectors is “disqualification by association”.  The procedures and law around these checks can be confusing. This is partly down to changes to the rules around this in the last few years. Our guide on disqualification by association, and how […]

FGM Awareness Training Courses – Workplace Guide

Safeguarding children is a very broad topic, covering many different aspects of children’s welfare. Part of this understanding the issue of Female Genital Mutilation – often referred to as FGM. This unnecessary and cruel procedure has featured in the news quite recently with more arrests being made than ever before. This practice is commonly carried […]

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety Certificates – Training Guide

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety courses are designed for those involved in the preparation and handling of food. Level 2 is an intermediate certificate and gives you an in depth look at all areas of food safety. There are many food risks at every step of preparation and handling. Because of these risks, it’s […]