Mobile Coffee Van Business – Setting Up Guide

Does a world without coffee even turn? If this is something you’ve sometimes pondered then the likelihood is that you love your coffee fix. Perhaps you love it enough to set up a mobile coffee van business so everyone else can enjoy that cup of awesomeness. If you’re passionate about coffee already, then becoming a […]

Apprentice Rights & Entitlements in 2023 – Employment Conditions Guide

Most apprentices are young workers. This type of vocational training can begin once an employee is 16 years or older. Many are school leavers, so the process may seem a little daunting. There can also be confusion about apprentice entitlements and employment rights. They will be keen to learn their rights as they embark on […]

Food Hygiene Certificates – Legal Requirements & What You Need

Ensuring food is served safely, and maintaining high standards of hygiene is a legal requirement for all UK food businesses. Part of good food safety is ensuring staff are properly aware of hygiene procedures. Whilst food hygiene certificates aren’t legally required, they are an efficient way to meet food safety law requirements. Our guide looks […]

COSHH Cleaning Colour Coding – Training & Equipment

The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) developed the system of COSHH cleaning colour coding for UK cleaning businesses during the 1990s. This became a widely used concept among all cleaning companies to help protect against cross contamination. Although using cleaning colour codes is not a legal requirement outside of healthcare settings, it is widely […]

UK Legal Requirements to Start a Business – Set Up Rules

The prospect of setting up and running your own business is more than a little scary. There are so many things to understand so you can meet your legal obligations. The reality is, however, that in most cases the legal requirements to start a business are quite straightforward. The legal requirements to start a business […]

Wax Melt Insurance – Guide to Policies & Cover for Crafters

Having a business selling wax melts is about more than just your product. You need to make sure you have the right wax melt insurance in place to protect your business and finances. Although the need for this type of policy might not be immediately obvious, it offers many benefits at relatively low cost. Wax […]

Starting a Cake Making Business from Home – Making Money from Baking Guide

Combining a love of baking with running a business makes perfect sense if you love creating sweet treats. Running a cake making business from home is a flexible, family friendly way to make money. You have the additional bonus of being self employed and being your own boss. Many people set up their businesses from […]

Insurance for Candle Makers – Policies & Cover for Crafters

There are many things to organise when you are dealing with the processes to set up a candle business. One of the most important aspects to consider is what insurance is recommended for candle makers. Selling any product comes with risks you may not have anticipated. It makes sense to give yourself as much protection […]

Cake Business Names – Ideas for Baking Brands

So you’ve decided to open that cake making business, you’re all set with your products, premises, and pricing. But what about a cake business name idea? Good branding is vital, and inspiration can be tricky. Fear not, we’re here to help inspire your perfect business branding. Our guide has all the inspiration you need to […]

Want to Start a Business But Have No Ideas? Money Making Inspiration!

Being your own boss has so many benefits. Deciding you want to start your own business is the first step of an exciting adventure. But what if you have no ideas on starting a business? Deciding which business to start can be a tricky choice to make. A lot of time and energy goes into […]