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How to Create a Childminder Health & Safety Policy

Childminders work from home and have sole responsibility when it comes to implementing the correct measures in terms of health and safety. A tailored childminder health & safety policy for your care setting is an essential part of making sure your business is compliant. As well as being a home, it’s also a childcare environment […]

Warehouse Health & Safety – Checklist of Main Risks

There are several warehouse health and safety issues to be concerned with in this work environment. Each staff member should be provided with a health and safety handbook which covers all of the main safety procedures. Our guide gives a summary of the main issues which a company operating a warehouse would need to consider. […]

How to Carry Out a Health & Safety Inspection at Work

People at work usually try to work safely. Not many people arrive at work and try to have an accident! However, people also become complacent at work, often taking their workplace for granted and forgetting that other people may be affected by their practices. If you are responsible for workplace safety, our guide on how […]

Working With Biocides – Workplace Safety

Biocides are used to control or kill organic materials such as insects, bacteria, fungi, animals and viruses. They work either biological or chemical means. When working with biocides, there are strict control measures in place. You must stick to the relevant safety legislation to use them. This is part of the laws laid out by […]

Workplace Accident Investigation Techniques

Determining the cause of workplace accidents is extremely important. It is essential that even minor accidents are reported and properly investigated so that causes are identified and control measures put in place to prevent recurrence. Our guide on workplace accident investigation techniques will cover the basics steps you should take. The Importance of Workplace Accident […]

Taxi Driver Safety – How to Ensure Your Security as a Taxi Driver

Being a taxi driver can be a dangerous profession. Incidents of violence and abuse are thankfully quite rare. However, as lone workers, taxi driver safety needs to be considered. So if you drive taxis, it’s a good idea to think about how to improve your security. All taxi drivers should be aware of their personal […]

What are the Main Causes of Accidents in the Workplace?

People working in different types of job obviously face a range of situations where they are at risk of accident or injury. These risks and hazards at work can result in injuries. But what are the main causes of accidents in the workplace? Our guide looks at types of accident commonly suffered at work, and […]

Manual Handling Techniques – Lifting and Carrying Guide

Lifting and carrying objects are among the main causes of accidents in the British workplace. But with care and diligence, most of these injuries are avoidable. If you lift a heavy object carelessly you can end up pulling muscles or even worse, suffer long-term damage to your back or upper limbs. Our guide to manual […]

Kitchen Health & Safety in Catering & Hospitality

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is responsible for enforcing kitchen health and safety regulations. These can cover many types of food business. Anywhere food and drink is prepared and served for customers needs to make sure it has a safe work environment. Many accidents happen in kitchens every day. It’s the HSE’s responsibility to […]

Eye & Ear Protection at Work – Ensuring Worker Safety

Eye and ear protection at work is important if there are risks of injury. Workers can suffer from many different types of injury to the eyes and ears, and the consequences can be severe. If proper measures have not been put in place by the company, it leaves the business open to legal action. Every […]