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How to Write a Resignation Letter For Personal Reasons

Needing to write a resignation letter for personal reasons can be a delicate situation to navigate. You may be dealing with a difficult situation, and not know how to convey that within your letter. Maintaining a professional tone whilst explaining why you are leaving can be a delicate balancing act. There may also be hesitation […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Flexible Working

Flexible working has become more popular over recent years due to the changing needs of customers and employees. It’s valued by both employees and employers for the benefits it brings. But what is flexible working? The term is used in many different ways which can be confusing. Our guide explains what it encompasses, the benefits, […]

How to Ask For a Raise at Work – Getting that Salary Increase    

Asking for a raise at work is one of the more awkward conversations to approach. Often, employees end up not asking as they feel too uncomfortable. We’ll look at how to best ask for a salary increase and how to build your case with your employer. It can seem daunting, even cheeky, to approach your […]

How to Go on Strike & Give Notice of Industrial Action

Strikes and industrial action are costly and damaging to companies and employees alike. Any organisation’s culture and procedures should seek to avoid any potential conflict that might result in workers going on strike before it arises. However, this isn’t always possible. There are legal processes which must be followed for a strike to be lawful. […]

Time Off Work for Interviews – Do Employers Have to Let You Go To Them?

Brilliant news just in – you’ve bagged yourself an interview for the job you recently applied for. A slight dilemma is imminent though – just how do you get the time off work to attend the interview? If you’ve never navigated this situation before, you might wonder if employers have to let you go to […]

Pre Employment Background Checks – Screening New Employees

Many different types of job need pre employment background checks in order to screen new hires for suitability. Many of these are legal requirements for some roles, others are to ensure the business gets candidates that are the right fit. Our guide looks at what types of employee background checks are done, and what the […]

DBS Checks: What Shows Up & What Employment Needs Them?

Many jobs require criminal background checks before an applicant starts work. These are also known as a DBS check or CRB check. This is usually because the job involves contact with vulnerable individuals. The main job types which ask for employment background checks are jobs involving working with children, or vulnerable adults, and healthcare workers. […]

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Disagreements are a natural occurrence in the workplace. Employee conflicts caused by personality clashes and work stresses should be dealt with quickly by managers before they can escalate. The use of some simple techniques to help with managing conflict in the workplace can help. Workplace Conflict Personality clashes are a common reason for employee conflicts. […]

Working Time Regulations UK – Guide to 48 Hour Week Laws

Your normal working hours should be set out in your employment contract. Unless you opt out, the Working Time Regulations in the UK state that you should not be required to work more than 48 hours per week. Some job sectors which have their own special rules which mean workers can work longer hours. Even […]