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Pre Employment Background Checks – Screening New Employees

Many different types of job need pre employment background checks in order to screen new hires for suitability. Many of these are legal requirements for some roles, others are to ensure the business gets candidates that are the right fit. Our guide looks at what types of employee background checks are done, and what the […]

DBS Checks: What Shows Up & What Employment Needs Them?

Many jobs require criminal background checks before an applicant starts work. These are also known as a DBS check or CRB check. This is usually because the job involves contact with vulnerable individuals. The main job types which ask for employment background checks are jobs involving working with children, or vulnerable adults, and healthcare workers. […]

Diversity in the Workplace – Why it’s Important

Diversity in the workplace refers to differences between people who work for a particular company. This can be comprised of race, ethnicity, gender, disability, education, background and much more besides. Paying attention to diversity at work will feed into how staff perceive themselves and others. A diverse workforce will mean each and every one of […]

Considerations When Conducting Business Internationally

There will be many aspects to consider if you are doing business internationally. Firstly if you’re travelling overseas on business regularly, you’ll have to get used to adjusting your body clock constantly. Also, in certain countries, for example Spain, you’ll soon become familiar with the concept of ‘siesta’. This is when many businesses shut down […]

Doing Business in the Middle East – Culture & Etiquette

There are many misconceptions about doing business in the Middle East. It’s only by doing your research and by experiencing it for yourself that you can break down some of the myths and stereotypes. Middle East Culture Middle East culture is so diverse that one country’s approach to business is likely to be somewhat different […]

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Disagreements are a natural occurrence in the workplace. Employee conflicts caused by personality clashes and work stresses should be dealt with quickly by managers before they can escalate. The use of some simple techniques to help with managing conflict in the workplace can help. Workplace Conflict Personality clashes are a common reason for employee conflicts. […]

Do You Get Nervous Speaking in Meetings? How to Overcome the Anxiety

Nerves can be a debilitating problem for many people. Business presentations, staff meetings and simply making a speech at an employee’s leaving party can be a daunting prospect. If you get nervous speaking in meetings, there are common methods that can be used to help overcome this problem. Anxiety Giving Presentations & Speaking in Meetings […]

Working Time Regulations UK – Guide to 48 Hour Week Laws

Your normal working hours should be set out in your employment contract. Unless you opt out, the Working Time Regulations in the UK state that you should not be required to work more than 48 hours per week. Some job sectors which have their own special rules which mean workers can work longer hours. Even […]

Understanding Business Body Language – Hints & Tips

Most of us go about our day to day lives without giving much thought to the way we communicate. However in business it’s as much about how we present when we communicate, as it is about the message. Understanding and implementing good business body language can help relations with clients and coworkers. Understanding Body Language […]