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P45 vs P60 – What’s the Difference Between PAYE Forms?

P45s and P60s are common PAYE forms that are issued to employees. But what are these two forms for, and what’s the difference between them? The two forms are both mandatory tax documents which must be provided to employees at the appropriate time. Our guide will clear up any confusion between the two PAYE forms. […]

How to Get a P45 from a Previous Employer? Can You Get a Copy Online?

When you start a new job, your employer will ask you for a vital PAYE document your previous employer should have issued. But how do you get a P45 if it’s not been provided to you? Can you get a P45 online? Your employer is legally obligated to provide you with a P45 within a […]

What to Do if an Employer Won’t Give a P45?

Leaving a job and starting a new role can be challenging, particularly if your former employer won’t give you a P45 promptly. The information reported on this PAYE form gives payroll at your new employer the information they need to make sure you are placed on the correct tax code. In turn, this impacts how […]

Second Job Tax, How Much Do You Pay & Can Your Employer Object?

Getting a second job is something many employees want to do in order to enhance their income. But second job tax, how much you’d pay from your extra job, and potential objections from your employer may be a concern. Our guide looks at some of the practical aspects of getting a second job. We’ll help […]

Do You Need Craft Insurance? – Public Liability & Other Requirements For Crafters

Running a craft business comes with risks just like any other enterprise. Craft insurance can help protect you from financial and legal issues as a result of stock loss or accidents suffered by a customer, a staff member, or yourself. As a small business owner, it’s essential to identify and understand the risks associated with […]

Do Self Employed Cleaners Need Insurance? Guide on Cover & Policies

Demand for domestic and commercial cleaning services is on the increase in the UK. With many new businesses flourishing, it’s important to understand your legal obligations. Whilst self employed cleaners don’t need insurance as a legal requirement, it is important to consider if a policy would be a wise investment to protect your business. In […]

Self Assessment Late Filing Penalties – What Happens & How to Appeal to HMRC

When you’re running a small business, it is vital to stay on top of your tax obligations. But sometimes life gets in the way. If you’ve submitted your tax return to HMRC late, you will find yourself facing the headache of Self Assessment late filing penalties. If you’ve missed the filing deadline and want to […]

What is an SA302 Form & How to Get Yours – HMRC Documentation Guide

If you’re self employed, an SA302 form is usually generated as part of your normal self assessment process. If you haven’t got yours and have been asked for it, they’re a straightforward document to get a copy of. We’ll look at when an SA302 is generated each tax year, and how it’s used as proof […]

Tool Tax Rebate – How to Claim from HMRC For Employee Work Expenses

There are some jobs that cannot be done without the ownership of the proper tools. Electricians, mechanics, plumbers and joiners all need specialist equipment to carry out their work. HMRC offers a tool tax rebate to eligible employees. HMRC recognises that many individuals fit the criteria for this rebate. If you haven’t applied or didn’t […]