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Discrimination at Work

Discrimination at work has been a real problem for some people in the UK, making it difficult for certain groups to get jobs or making their working life miserable. Everyone has the right to be treated equally and fairly when it comes to employment. Sadly that’s still not always the case in modern Britain. Thankfully […]

Improving Staff Morale in The Workplace

There are many ways in which an employer can motivate their workforce and boost morale. Creating a positive workplace with a strong sense of team improves productivity. It will also reduce sick days and result in higher staff retention rates. Our guide looks at improving staff morale in the workplace and offers some ideas on […]

The Value of Workplace Appraisals

It is important to keep your employees focused and motivated if they are going to make a valuable contribution to the company. To do this, companies often adopt the practice of workplace appraisals. Whilst they can be regarded with dread, appraisals are important. They are a two way conversation, with employees getting the chance to […]

illegal Interview Questions – What Not to ask in a Job Interview

It is perfectly understandable that companies want to use a job interview to find out as much as they can about the applicant. Interviews give the chance to find out whether or not jobseekers have the skills and qualities that the job needs. However, there are some interview questions that should not be asked. Whilst […]

Handling an Office Romance

We all know that office romances and affairs happen. They’re certainly nothing new. What has changed, however, is the attitude of employers towards this conduct. In the past employers often turned a blind eye to what was going on. More recently, there have been attempts to ban office romances altogether and there are also widespread […]

Diversity Training

When approaching the issue of educating your workforce about workplace diversity the main core focus should be on policy and planning, recruitment and selection, training and the development and retention of staff and to deliver upon all these as part of the formulation of your corporate identity. Independent Assessment There are many companies who specialise […]

Team building and Employee Wellbeing

There are too many employers who take a narrow-minded approach to their employees’ health. They may follow all of the statutory health and safety laws and try to create a pleasant atmosphere in which to work for the benefit of the welfare of their workforce. Nevertheless, employers can still often be left frustrated with a […]

Reporting a Colleague for Misconduct – Whistleblowing Guide

Most of us will have a grievance with a work colleague at some time or other but these are usually ironed out pretty quickly. If you can’’t resolve your issue, you might be wondering how to report a colleague. There are usually procedures in place for you to take the matter further. How to Report […]