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Business Card Etiquette Abroad – Guide to Exchanging Cards

Here in the UK, there is very little involved in business card etiquette. They’re simply given out to people without any big deal with regard to their significance. However, if you are conducting business overseas there are some points of etiquette you must be aware of. Business Card Etiquette in the UK & USA For […]

Compassionate Leave – Entitlements & How to Ask for Leave

Although there is no legal right to compassionate leave, most employers are keen to be fair in this area. It can be difficult to know how to ask for compassionate leave, particularly during distressing times such as bereavement. Our guide looks at what falls under the scope of compassionate leave, and how to request it […]

Should You Tell Your Employer You’ve Been Headhunted?

Getting headhunted is such a boost to your confidence and career that it can be really hard to keep it to yourself. But if you do tell your employer, or other people at work, too quickly, it can end up causing you some avoidable problems. By playing your cards a little closer to your chest, […]

Dealing with Accepting Gifts from Clients & Suppliers

Every worker should find out his or her employer’s attitude to accepting gifts from clients and suppliers. It’s unwise to assume that accepting a gift is a normal part of the relationship with a client. The recipient can be open to charges of corruption and bribery, no matter how absurd this may seem. Most organisations […]

Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures – The Process

Grievance & disciplinary procedures are processes that followed when a business investigates a problem with an employee. A grievance may be investigated if an employee has a problem with their employer or a colleague. In both cases, there are statutory guidelines laid down by the UK government about workers rights during the process. But a […]

Can my Employer Change my Contract Without my Consent?

If your employer wants to make changes to your employment contract such as your pay, your hours, work location or holidays, it can be a worrying time. You may be wondering if your employer can change you contract without your consent. Employees have rights during contract negotiations, and our guide will help you understand them. […]

Peace & Harmony in the Workplace – Guide to Creating a Good Work Environment

Most of us will have spent time working in jobs and enjoyed them far more than we’ve enjoyed others. Much of the time, this is down to the atmosphere of the workplace. But how can you create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the workplace? A good work environment pays huge dividends in productivity […]

How to Reduce Absenteeism in the Workplace

Most workers are only absent from work for genuine reasons such as injury or sickness. However, for various reasons staff can take time off work that could have been avoided. The question of how to reduce absenteeism in the workplace is not just about making sure staff are being honest. There can be factors driving […]