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How to Cultivate Good Business Relationships

Good business relationships are all about how you relate to people, whether customers or clients. Whilst there are many smaller things you can do to foster good business relationships, the main element you should be focusing on is developing trust. Building Trust Building a business relationship doesn’t happen overnight and both trust and credibility need […]

Dealing with Office Politics – Keeping it Positive

It doesn’t matter how well grounded you are as a person. The one thing you can never avoid in the workplace is office politics. Wherever you have a group of people with different personalities, you’re going to encounter office politics at some point. Whilst that can’t be avoided, it’s important to know how to manage […]

Seating Arrangements in a Business Meeting

Seating arrangements in a business meeting can make a big difference to the conversation and flow of energy in the meeting room. Our guide will help you understand the dynamics of business meetings. With carefully planned business seating arrangements, you can direct the meeting towards a desired outcome. We’ll also look at how to position […]

Office Telephone Etiquette Guide – Phone Tips at Work!

The telephone is often the first point of contact a customer or client will have with a company. That means it is very important that you make a good impression when you’re answering the phone. Our office telephone etiquette guide will help you navigate communicating on the phone at work. In telephone related jobs such […]

Lift Etiquette at Work – Guide to Good Manners!

Many of us work in office blocks and other buildings in which using a lift will become part and parcel of our everyday routine. With many workers travelling between floors, good lift etiquette helps promote peace and harmony in the workplace. Sharing the Lift with Colleagues Most people would agree that it’s far better when […]

Workplace Do’s and Don’ts – Guide to Etiquette

Workplaces can differ in every sense. From dress codes to the informalities of how people interact with each other. The accepted etiquette will vary from industry to industry. Our guide to general workplace do’s and don’ts will help you navigate away from unintentional blunders. Considerations When Moving to a New Job The most important thing […]

Business Meeting Etiquette

Etiquette in business has many aspects, but business meeting meeting etiquette is one of the most important. Meetings set the tone for a working relationship, so getting them right is vital. There are different types of meetings. They can be both formal and informal and can be held with clients, customers, or fellow colleagues. But […]