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Cancer and Employment Law in the UK – Employee Rights

Most people suffer a sense of deep shock when they are told that they have cancer. It is illegal to discriminate against employees suffering from cancer. Having cancer is considered a protected characteristic under the equality act. Our guide to cancer and employment law in the UK will help you understand your rights at work. […]

Smoking in the Workplace – Guide to Laws, Penalties & Policies

Since July 1 2007, it has been illegal to smoke in the workplace in England, as part of new government legislation which was passed in the Health Act 2006. The ban applies to all workplaces and public places, public transport, work vehicles, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, shopping centres and offices. Smoking is prohibited in the […]

Is Night Shift Work Bad for your Health?

More than three million people in the UK do night shift work. Some of this work is inevitable. Doctors and nurses, for example, work shifts in hospitals to keep patients secure and alive. Police officers and security guards do shifts to ensure the majority of citizens can sleep through the night without fear. But is […]

Taking Time Off Work Due to Anxiety & Depression

Two-thirds of us will suffer from some form of mental illness at some point in our lives. Anxiety and depression are two of the most common reasons for taking sick leave from work. These illnesses can strike suddenly, and the nature of anxiety and depression can make it difficult for workers to navigate the process […]

Standing All Day at Work – Health Issues & UK Law

Around half of UK employees are standing all day at work. In other words, more than 11 million people around the country are spending long periods during their working day on their feet. The effect on the nation’s health is serious. Standing for long periods causes or contributes to a variety of medical problems. The […]

Food Safety & Hygiene – Understanding The Food Safety Act 1990

Food safety and hygiene is essential to any consumer and so should be a priority for any food business. Understanding the obligations of the business and employees under the Food Safety Act (1990) and other food hygiene laws is essential. The Food Safety Act The main piece of legislation surrounding food standards is the Food […]

The Importance of Adequate Breaks Throughout a Working Day

By law, we are all entitled to adequate breaks throughout our working day. These differ in terms of how often they are given, and the ‘types’ of breaks offered. Different breaks are needed based on the work being done, and the number of continual hours worked. Rest breaks from work are not just important to […]

Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence at Work

To many, domestic violence at home and the workplace may appear unrelated. However, it is important to remember that home and work issues can’t always be kept separate. Supporting victims of domestic violence at work is very important. Experiencing it can have a big impact on the working life of a victim. Violence at home […]