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Supporting Victims of Domestic Violence at Work

To many, domestic violence at home and the workplace may appear unrelated. However, it is important to remember that home and work issues can’t always be kept separate. Supporting victims of domestic violence at work is very important. Experiencing it can have a big impact on the working life of a victim. Violence at home […]

Lead Poisoning: Causes and Prevention

Although the extent of lead poisoning in the UK has decreased, it still occurs. According to an article in the Journal of Environmental Health Research, doctors regularly find symptoms of lead poisoning in their patients. Fortunately, though, lead poisoning fatalities are now uncommon. How Common is Lead Poisoning? Lead is a natural product, a soft […]

Hazards of Latex Gloves at Work – Health & Safety

There are 40 billion latex gloves produced each year. Most of these go to the health-care sector. Despite this, studies estimate that up to 6% of the population has latex sensitivity. And within health care, one study suggests that up to 17% of workers may have an adverse reaction to latex. This represents a significant […]

Workplace First Aid Requirements – Laws on Equipment & Training

People at work can suffer injuries or fall ill at any time. It is important they receive immediate attention. First aid covers the arrangements that should be made to ensure that happens. It can prevent minor injuries becoming major ones and can even save lives. Workplace First Aid – Health & Safety Law Health and […]

Eye Safety at Work – Avoiding Eye Injuries

It’s a distressing fact that thousands of eye injuries occur at work in the UK each year. Some of the accidents are minor but others, around 10 to –20%, result in partial or full blindness. It’s therefore essential for employers and staff to pay attention to eye safety at work. Common Causes of Eye Injuries […]

Age Discrimination in the Workplace – UK Law

It is against the law for an employer to discriminate against you due to your age. This discrimination may be a refusal to employ you, or generally treating you more poorly than other employees due to your age. What is Age Discrimination? Age discrimination can be: Being discriminated against for being too young or too […]

Health & Safety Rights & Responsibilities at Work

All workers have the right work in an environment that is safe. Most responsibility for ensuring health and safety in the workplace is down to employers. However employees also have some responsibilities. Our guide looks at the rights and responsibilities around health and safety in the workplace. Employer’s Health & Safety Responsibilities Employers have a […]

What if Work Makes You Ill? Dealing with Work Related Illnesses

A job should never adversely affect a worker’s health, but it’s a sad fact that in Britain many people are still becoming ill because of their work. There are many ways you can suffer from work related illnesses. Our guide looks at identifying ill health related to the workplace, and what can be done about […]

Rights when Pregnant at Work & Staying Safe in the Workplace

When you find out you are pregnant, it is an exciting time. However, you also need to understand your rights when pregnant at work. You are entitled to paid time off, and a risk assessment should be made to ensure your safety during your pregnancy. If you are working when you fall pregnant, you need […]