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Employers Duty of Care & Work Related Stress – UK Law & Rights

Work related stress is a big issue in the workplace and accounts for a large percentage of employee sick leave. Employers have a duty of care to protect employee wellbeing and this includes monitoring any stress in the workplace. There will always be a certain degree of stress at work, this is unavoidable. However, when […]

Wellbeing Gifts for Staff – 10 Great Ideas to Boost Morale

A workplace can only be productive and positive if staff wellbeing is monitored and boosted as necessary. Showing your appreciation with well thought out wellbeing gifts for staff can boost morale and mindset. We know that when we are feeling out of sorts, things don’t get done to the same degree as usual. When we […]

Staff Wellbeing Ideas – How to Support Employee Mental Health

Staff wellbeing and mental health in the workplace is more important than ever. Stress, depression, and other mental health conditions are a leading cause of absences at work. A supportive work environment can improve productivity and reduce sick days. In this guide, we explore staff wellbeing and how employees can be supported. The workplace can […]

Client Gifts – 30 Ideas to Thank Your Business Customers

Many businesses like to go above and beyond for their clients when it comes to thanking them for their loyalty. Nice little touches, like client gifts, are an effective way of showing thanks to your customers. Your business may be small, such as a dog walking service, or something on a larger scale such as […]

Good Excuses to Leave Work Early – A Guide on How to Get Sent Home Sick

Those work days when time appears to stand still can be soul destroying. Sometimes, it can be so tempting to find an excuse to leave work early. Or perhaps you need to find an excuse to start your weekend early so you can head off to an event. This being said, there are many genuine […]

Work Christmas Party Ideas – Make Entertaining & Festive Plans

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … There is a buzz in the workplace around Christmas time. The main topic of conversation being; what shall we do for this year’s work Christmas party? We are here to assist, just think of us as Santa’s Little Helper! We share some festive fun ideas for […]

Self Employed Sick Pay – A Guide for Small Business Owners

There are many uncertainties when it comes to owning a small business and the financial side of things can seem daunting. Our guide looks at entitlement to self employed sick pay and what can be claimed. No one is invincible and sickness sometimes sneaks up when we least expect it. Sick days happen to us […]

Drunk at the Office Christmas Party – How to Avoid Embarrassment

Mariah Carey blasting out, mistletoe being waved around and there’s more tinsel than dress! That’s right, it’s time to party. But what if you get drunk at the office Christmas party and embarrass yourself? We look at how to avoid drinking to excess, and deal with the aftermath if you don’t! A high point of […]