Work Christmas Party Ideas – Make Entertaining & Festive Plans

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … There is a buzz in the workplace around Christmas time. The main topic of conversation being; what shall we do for this year’s work Christmas party?

We are here to assist, just think of us as Santa’s Little Helper! We share some festive fun ideas for the whole office that will put everyone in the Christmas spirit.

Entertainment for Office Parties

The company party is going to be a lot of fun, but everyone is looking at you for those ideas. The office is alight with Christmas lights, tacky tinsel, and pretty trees.

Now to come up with some equally sparkling entertainment after a year of hard work. Office parties can be a little challenging to organise. Everyone has a different definition of fun when it comes to festive parties and it can be hard to suit everyone’s tastes.

We share some of the best staff christmas party ideas, both day and evening, that will bring that festive spirit into the office.

1.     Have A Murder Mystery Theme

Now is the perfect time to take revenge on Sandra for eating all the hobnobs! At least until the game is over…

Murder mystery parties can be great fun and a way to get everyone involved. It doesn’t mean hiring actors and going the whole shebang.

There are templates you can download online and apps you can use. It can take the pressure off making sure no one is left out and it ticks that big box under team bonding, too.

2.     Employee Awards Ceremony

Roll out that red carpet and give your staff the celebrity treatment for the night.

This could be a serious event where staff are recognised and valued for their hard work and dedication. Or, it could be a bit of fun with awards such as ‘worst dress sense’ or ‘most likely to snog the temp’.

Go the whole hog and give out some real awards, this could be booze, a voucher, or chocolates. Also, throw in some takeaway pizzas and drinks and you’ve got the perfect do set up.

3.     Hire A Photo Booth

Photo booths are so much fun and a great addition to any party.

Have a table full of festive props and leave the staff to it. If there is alcohol involved then as the night goes on, the photos become even funnier.

Once the photos have been printed, you could have scrapbooks available for the staff to decorate too.  As a side note, you don’t need to hire one –  why not make a DIY photo booth?

4.     Christmas Cocktail and Mocktail Party

Why not bring the pub to the office with a cocktail and mocktail making party?

These can be so much fun. You can either rely on youtube tutorials or hire a bartender for a few hours. In an office environment, someone may know someone who will do it for some cash in hand. If everyone brings an item each, it will help keep the costs down.

We can’t promise it won’t get messy though!

5.     Elf On The Shelf Photo Challenge

You either love it or hate it, there’s no in between with the naughty elf!

However, it can be a lot of fun doing this as an adult at a party. Put everyone into teams and each team has an elf.

They have to come up with 5 naughty antics each, print or upload the photos and the most elaborate ideas win a prize.

Ideas that Don’t Revolve Around Alcohol

It’s important to remain inclusive in the workplace. A party revolving around booze might leave some staff on the sidelines. This means some non alcoholic party suggestions.

Christmas parties can still be fun without everyone getting pie eyed! It’s important to be respectful of different cultures. 

Some people are unable to drink and some simply don’t want to drink. Here are some ideas to make a party fun for all the staff members.

1.     Christmas Quiz Night

Quiz nights can be great fun and a nice way of bringing people together.

You can split the staff into teams and organise some Christmas trivia for them to work their way through. When the question is answered incorrectly, you could have some indoor snowballs at hand to throw.

2.     Build Your Own Gingerbread House

You can buy these gingerbread kits in most shops at this time of year and they can be a fun Christmas activity at work.

It’s not essential to use the kits either, in fact, why not ask each team/individual to create their version? You can use biscuits, chocolate, cake… there will be some awesome results we can guarantee that. Prizes for the best-dressed house, of course!

3.     Christmas Bingo

Who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? Combine this with a Christmas theme and you’ll be enjoying all things festive.

You can choose to play your games interactively, print off some templates, or make your own. There are so many ideas online for Christmas themed bingo.

4.     Tackiest Christmas Jumper Party

The tackier the better, those Christmas jumpers!

This can work in a few ways. Everyone can find the tackiest Christmas jumper they can and prizes to be awarded. Or, you provide some basic plain jumpers and lots of tacky decorations to stick to them. The more glitter and tinsel, the better.

Last Minute Office Christmas Party Ideas

You are trundling along with the thought of Christmas break giving you all the feels. Until you are tasked, rather last minute, with the ordeal of organising the Christmas shindig this year!

Any zen feelings you were having about the festive period just left the building! But fear not, we are here with some last minute Christmas party ideas. We’ve kept them simple, too.

1.     A Festive BBQ

Why not change things up a little this year by organising a Christmas BBQ?

Wrapped up warm, a glass of eggnog, and sat around a warming fire – what’s not to love? Make the menu festive to honour the occasion – pigs in blankets, turkey on sticks, salmon and finish off with toasted marshmallows, yum.

2.     Zoom Pyjama Party

A party in your PJs, from the comfort of your own home – yes, please!

Since the pandemic, zoom has become the number platform for office staff. Why not use that office subscription for the work’s do?

You can come up with games to play, topics to talk about and enjoy some drinks without worrying about getting home.

3.     Simple Office Do

Sometimes, simple office parties are the most fun.

There’s less pressure, everyone is relaxed and no one is out of their comfort zone. So get the drinks and food in, make some space for a boogie and maybe organise a few games.

Adding some props into the mix is always a winner. So bring antlers, hats, costumes, tinsel, and baubles along!

4.     Yule Log Decorating

Everyone loves a bit of cake decorating, so why not host a yule log party?

Grab a load of pre-made yule logs and get everyone to use the toppings provided to decorate them. The more festive, the better. Of course, these will need tasting during the evening.

And perhaps a cheeky drink to wash it down with. And don’t forget those cheesy Christmas tunes!

5.     Christmas Karaoke

Christmas isn’t Christmas until you’ve bellowed out Mariah Carey (badly).

Karaokes can be so much fun, even for those not keen on singing. They will still enjoy others making fools of themselves!

Clear a space for some dancing, maybe hire some disco lights and you’ve got yourself a cracking evening lined up.

Now Go Enjoy Your Work Xmas Party!

Hopefully our ideas have given you some inspo and your office party will be a great success. Parties at work don’t have to be complicated to be fun. If you do get landed with the organising, do yourself a favour and keep it simple.

Just remember, don’t get too drunk at the office christmas party. Many office parties are on a work night, and pushing through with a monster hangover or embarassing flashbacks is not fun. Good luck and enjoy!

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