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P60 for Self Employed – Do Sole Traders Need to Get This PAYE Form?

A P60 form is something that is usually issued by an employer. Self employed traders submit their earnings data via self assessment tax returns. Generating a p60 is not part of this process. There may be times when you’d need proof of self employed income, that a P60 would provide. Our guide looks at what […]

Do You Get a P45 if Self Employed? PAYE Guide for Sole Traders

When you’re self employed, you are responsible for submitting your own accounts. This includes filling in tax returns and declaring your earnings. When you are an employee working for someone else, the employer is responsible for issuing you with such information, including PAYE forms like P45s. This guide takes a closer look at the self […]

Working From Home Tax Relief, Who Can Claim & How to Get a Rebate

The rules around working from home and tax relief have changed recently. The pandemic and WFH requirements at that time meant that eligibility for the rebate was extended to millions of employees. The rules have since changed to limit who can claim a rebate. Our guide focuses on working from home tax relief as the […]

P87 Form – Claiming Tax Relief for Expenses of Employment

You need to fill in a P87 form if you wish to claim tax relief for expenses you have accrued through your employment. Eligible expenses include mileage and travel, work uniforms, and work related equipment such as tools. This guide looks at how to use a P87 form for claiming a tax rebate for expenses […]

SSP Linked Periods – Statutory Sick Pay Entitlement Guide

SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) is a legal entitlement for all employees. It can be difficult to understand the rules around your entitlement to this payment. SSP linked periods can be particularly confusing for both employers and employees. SSP entitlement is an integral part of UK employment law. If companies do not have their own payment […]

Self Employed Carer Insurance – What Policies Do Private Carers Need?

Being a carer is a rewarding career. However, operating on a freelance basis means it’s important to get the right self employed carer insurance policy in place. Like any other business run as a sole trader, any dispute, allegation, or legal claim made against you is your responsibility to defend. As a carer, you may […]

Craft Stall Public Liability Insurance – What Policy to Cover Fairs?

Craft stalls are a great and cost effective way for crafters to increase their customer base. There is also the chance to meet other crafters and enjoy time with like minded people. It isn’t always as simple as booking a table and turning up, however. It’s a good idea to consider whether you need craft […]

P45 vs P60 – What’s the Difference Between PAYE Forms?

P45s and P60s are common PAYE forms that are issued to employees. But what are these two forms for, and what’s the difference between them? Our guide will clear up any confusion between the two PAYE forms. Let’s take a look at what both these PAYE forms are, and what they are used for. What’s […]