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Employer’s Liability Insurance, The Basic State Pension – Qualifying

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Wax Melt Insurance – Guide to Policies & Cover for Crafters

Having a business selling wax melts is about more than just your product. You need to make sure you have the right wax melt insurance in place to protect your business and finances. Although the need for this type of policy might not be immediately obvious, it offers many benefits at relatively low cost. Wax […]

Insurance for Candle Makers – Policies & Cover for Crafters

There are many things to organise when you are dealing with the processes to set up a candle business. One of the most important aspects to consider is what insurance is recommended for candle makers. Selling any product comes with risks you may not have anticipated. It makes sense to give yourself as much protection […]

Occupational Sick Pay (OSP)

Occupational sick pay (OSP) is not a statutory entitlement for employees. If you are taking time off work and are wondering what your entitlements are, your employer may offer OSP to top up Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). Our guide looks at how OSP is usually implemented within companies, and how this type of sick pay […]

Strike Pay – Do Strikers Get Paid & How Much Do They Get?

UK workers have the right to go on strike if they are unhappy with their pay and working conditions. Properly organised strikes are lawful, and workers can’t be sacked for going on strike. This is despite them being in breach of the terms of their employment contract. For this guide, we look at the topic […]

Self Employed & Not Been Paid? Here’s What to Do

One of the top concerns for self employed businesses is cashflow. Especially when it comes to being paid by their customers. Not being paid can have severe consequences on the personal finances of small business owners or solo operators. Whether you are just starting or you have experienced non payment issues, we cover all you […]

How to Claim a Uniform Tax Rebate Yourself – Eligibility Guide

Do you wear a uniform as part of your job? If so, you may be eligible for a uniform tax rebate. This can involve the overall upkeep of your uniform, including repairing and washing it. Our guide will show you how to claim a uniform tax rebate yourself, it’s relatively straightforward once you know how! […]

Getting Credit or Bank Loans When Self Employed

It was not so long ago that those who were making a good living as a self-employed person would find it extremely difficult to obtain credit in the form of a bank loan or some other means of finance. Fortunately today, there has been a positive shift in lenders’ opinions about this. Changes in Perceptions […]

Commissions, Tips And Gratuities

Many businesses offer incentives to their workforce to increase productivity or to provide a better service to customers. There are various methods of inducement which businesses can use and if you decide, as an employer, that some element of performance related pay or incentive will help your business prosper further, you will need to find […]

Easy Guide to the New Pension Rules 2015

From April 2015 the rules relating to the use of your pension changed. If you are aged 55 or over, you are now able to access and use your pension pot in any way you wish. This is to provide you with more flexibility and choice about how your pension is used, and hopefully encourage […]

Pension Schemes

If you earn more than the National Insurance lower earnings limit (£157 per week in tax year 2017-18) and if there are five or more employees where you work, your employer is normally required to offer you the chance to join a company pension scheme. They must provide access to a stakeholder pension unless they […]