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Taking Holiday During Probation Period – Your Entitlement to Annual Leave

Due to start a new job and wondering if you can take holidays during your probation period? We look at your rights, and how holiday pay entitlement works. When you’re on a trial period at work, it’s natural to want to make the best possible impression. But does this mean no annual leave entitlement? Many […]

Does Drink Driving Show on a DBS & How Long Does the Conviction Stay on Record?

If you need to do a background check for a job application, you might be concerned about whether drink driving offences show on DBS checks. If you’ve had any sort of driving conviction, it’s understandable to be worried about what will show up during pre employment checks. Our guide looks at what will show up […]

Being Accused of Bullying at Work? What to Do & Your Rights

For most of us, school is a distant memory, but bullying is not limited to playgrounds. It can happen in the workplace, and can have profound impacts upon the victims and the culture of the workplace itself. But what if you’re accused of bullying at work? Being accused of being a bully in the workplace […]

I’ve Been Accused of Harassment at Work – What Should I Do?

Being accused of harassment at work is stressful, particularly if the accusation regards sexual harassment. When allegations surface, an employer has a duty of care to all parties involved and they must make sure they conduct a full investigation. If you’ve been accused of workplace harassment, you may be suspended to allow an investigation to […]

Caught Stealing at Work – What Are The Consequences?

Theft in the workplace can have serious consequences for the business and it’s employees. If you’re caught stealing at work it can lead to disciplinary action, dismissal, or criminal proceedings in serious cases. The definition of theft can go beyond physical items, and being caught stealing at work, or even being accused of it can […]

Falsely Accused of Stealing at Work – Your Rights If Accused of EmployeeTheft

Employee theft is a problem for many businesses, and can cause significant financial losses. As such, it’s treated very seriously by employers. But what if you find yourself falsely accused of stealing at work? Our guide will look at what employee theft is, how it should be investigated, and what you should do if you […]

I Have Been Underpaid at Work – What are My Rights?

A significant number of UK workers encounter issues with being underpaid at work each year. If your employer makes deductions from your wages, or makes errors with payroll it is vital to understand your rights. There are strict protections in UK law to prevent unlawful wage deductions, and underpayment of wages in some scenarios. Our […]