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Part Time Workers Regulations – Rights & UK Employment Law

The Part Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 introduced new rights for part time workers. The regulations make sure that part time workers cannot be treated any less favourably in their employment contracts than their full time workmates. This measure was introduced to put in place decent minimum employment standards. The law […]

DBS Checks: What Shows Up & What Employment Needs Them?

Many jobs require criminal background checks before an applicant starts work. These are also known as a DBS check or CRB check. This is usually because the job involves contact with vulnerable individuals. The main job types which ask for employment background checks are jobs involving working with children, or vulnerable adults, and healthcare workers. […]

GDPR For Employees – Rights in the Workplace

Your workplace deals with a lot of sensitive information about you. Our guide looks at GDPR in the workplace. It’s important to understand what your rights to data protection are in the workplace. From HR records to private conversations about medical information, all are covered by the legislation. What is GDPR? The General Data Protection […]

How Many Hours Can You Work at 15 and Under?  Guide to Working Hours & Breaks

Child workers aged 13, 14, & 15 have different laws on their working hours and breaks than other employees. Our guide looks at how many hours can be worked at age 15 and under. We’ll also look at the regulations on working hours, and break entitlements. What is the Minimum Age to Work? The law […]

How Many Hours Can You Work at 16 & 17? Working Hours & Breaks for Under 18s

There are a different set of rules around how many hours you can work aged 16 & 17. There are lower limits on the maximum hours they can work in a day. The length of their working week is also capped. Similarly, young workers under the age of 18 have different break entitlements to employees […]

What are your Rights if your Job is Outsourced? Guide to Employment Law

In today’s business world the search for profit often leads to companies divesting themselves of service teams and hiring the work out. – But what are your rights if your job is outsourced? Our guide looks at why jobs can be outsourced, and employee rights during the process. Jobs are outsourced to other companies so […]

Employment Law Solicitors and Legal Aid – Can You Get Free Representation?

If you are in an employment dispute you may be looking for legal advice. There are a number of organisations that you can go to in order to get this advice. Our guide looks at employment solicitors and legal aid, and free resources to get legal help. Finding a Solicitor A solicitor may not be […]

Employee Relocation Rights & Redundancy Entitlements

If you’re facing a workplace relocation, you might wonder if your company can move without offering redunancy. Our guide will help you unpick the process, and your employee relocation rights. Workers are expected to be more mobile these days and in today’s business world, takeovers and mergers are common. Companies can relocate for many reasons. […]

Time Off For a Funeral & Bereavement Leave – Your Rights at Work

If you’ve recently suffered a bereavement, you might be wondering how to approach taking time off for a funeral. It can be an upsetting time, and it’s important to know your rights to time off work so you can pay your respects. Your rights to time off work depend on your relationship to the person […]