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Can I Be Sacked for Having an Accident at Work? Your Rights Explained

Accidents can happen in any workplace. From a minor incident to a situation where you are injured, it’s important you know your rights. In the aftermath, its common to be concerned about being sacked for having an accident at work. We’ll look at the legal protections in place for UK employees navigating the processes after […]

Second Job Tax, How Much Do You Pay & Can Your Employer Object?

Getting a second job is something many employees want to do in order to enhance their income. But second job tax, how much you’d pay from your extra job, and potential objections from your employer may be a concern. Our guide looks at some of the practical aspects of getting a second job. We’ll help […]

How to be Successful at a Disciplinary Hearing – Tips for Employees

Facing a disciplinary hearing is a stressful and uncertain situation. If you want to beat the allegations against you and offer an effective defence, it is vital to prepare thoroughly and understand your employment rights. A calm, considered, and well prepared approach will help you have the best chance of a successful outcome. Our guide […]

Unfair Dismissal Claims – What Are Unlawful Reasons to Be Fired?

Being dismissed is a stressful experience. It’s common to feel upset and angry at losing your job. You’ll need to understand the different ways staff can be dismissed, and when being sacked might be unfair dismissal. This guide offers an easy to understand overview of what happens when you are dismissed, and your legal rights […]

Working Time Directive Opt Out – 48hr Week Rights Guide UK

The Working Time Directive is a pivotal piece of legislation which enshrines the rights of UK employees to adequate breaks, rest periods, and holidays into law. However, a worker may wish to exercise their working time directive opt out rights, which preserves their right to a 48 hour cap on the working week. This guide […]

Is it Illegal to Quit a Job without Notice & What will Happen if You Do?

If the thought of working a notice period fills you with dread, or you’re simply unable to continue working for personal reasons, it’s important to understand what might happen next. Many workers worry that it might be illegal to quit a job without notice, and are worried about the consequences. The short answer is that […]

How to Avoid Dismissal for Gross Misconduct – Do You Always Get Sacked?

Allegations of workplace misconduct can be stressful and cause significant issues for your career. If a worker is subject to a disciplinary process for a serious breach of workplace rules, being fired may be a likely outcome. However, it may be possible to avoid dismissal for gross misconduct in some situations. This will depend on […]

Suspended from Work Pending Investigation, What Are My Rights?

Being suspended from work pending investigation is an incredibly stressful situation to navigate. However, it’s important to remain calm during the process and take time to understand your employment rights. Bear in mind that being suspended does not mean you are presumed to have done anything wrong. Our guide looks at your rights under UK […]

Unlawful Deduction of Wages – When is Withholding Salary Illegal?

Unlawful deduction of wages arises when employers withhold worker’s salaries without legal or contractual justification. There are limited scenarios in which employers can make wage deductions without the agreement of employees. Making wage deductions without proper basis can leave employers in a problematic legal position. There are significant legal protections for workers. The relevant laws […]