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What Happens if You Call in Sick During a Notice Period?

Calling in sick during a notice period can be far from ideal. For some, it’s a tactic used to avoid working notice. Others will genuinely be unwell and wondering what will happen if they call in sick during their notice period. You have the right to take sick leave during your notice, and your entitlement […]

Mental Health Sick Leave – Your Rights, Getting Signed Off, & How to Call In

Requesting mental health sick leave is no different to being signed off work for any other type of medical condition. If you are wondering if it’s acceptable to call in sick for mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, or depression, be reassured that you are entitled to do so. Your mental health is no […]

Can You Go On Holiday Whilst on Sick Leave? What if a Break is Booked Already?

It might seem like a red flag if an employee is on sick leave and decides to take a break. But can you go on holiday whilst on sick leave? In fact, there are many scenarios where taking a break when off sick is perfectly acceptable. If you’re off sick and are wondering if it’s […]

What to Do if an Employer Won’t Give a P45?

Leaving a job and starting a new role can be challenging, particularly if your former employer won’t give you a P45 promptly. The information reported on this PAYE form gives payroll at your new employer the information they need to make sure you are placed on the correct tax code. In turn, this impacts how […]

Probation Periods at Work – What Happens & Employee Rights

If you’ve recently gotten a new job, you may be required to have a probation period before your employment is made permanent. This is an increasingly common feature when starting a new role. The length and scope of your probationary period should be specified in your contract of employment before you begin work. During probation, […]

How to Get Signed Off Work With Stress – Taking Time Off For Mental Health

Many people experience stress in day to day life. It might be work related or a response to personal problems. Sometimes the strain on your mental health can become so severe it affects your ability to perform day to day tasks. This can include your job, which may mean you need to be signed off […]

What’s the Difference Between The Minimum Wage & Living Wage?

It is essential both as an employer and employee to understand the differences between the minimum wage and the living wage. They are not the same thing and cannot be used interchangeably. The key difference is that both are minimum salaries which are paid out based on age, and one is higher than the other. […]

Apprentice Wage in 2023 – Minimum Pay by Apprenticeship Years & Ages

The apprentice wage in 2023 is paid for a mixture of work, learning and on the job training. The wages of trainees depend on their age, and also how many years they’ve served on their apprenticeship. Apprentice wages differ from the national minimum wage in that the first year wage is the same regardless of […]

How Many Days Can You Self Certify in 2023? Taking Time Off Work Without a Sick Note

When you’re off sick you don’t always need to provide proof of illness. This is called self certification. But how many days can you self certify before you need a sick note? You can self certify your absence if you’re going to be off for 7 days or less. If you want to understand the […]