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Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures – The Process

Grievance & disciplinary procedures are processes that followed when a business investigates a problem with an employee. A grievance may be investigated if an employee has a problem with their employer or a colleague. In both cases, there are statutory guidelines laid down by the UK government about workers rights during the process. But a […]

Swearing at Work – Dealing With Offensive Language

Everyone has heard swearing at work, and other offensive language. Some have used it and a few people employ it regularly, seemingly without a second’ thought. Whilst some people don’t have an issue with hearing vulgar language in the workplace, other employees may be offended or intimidated. We must also consider where the bar for […]

Self Employed Rights? Laws and Rules Guide

Employment legislation applies mainly to employees. The law protects the rights of these workers and prevents employers taking advantage of them. The self employed do not have the same protections because they are their own employee. However, there are some self employed rights and responsibilities to be aware of. Self employed people work for themselves. […]

Working Rights of Single Mothers & Parents

A single mother, and any single parent has the full protection of UK employment legislation. In this respect, there is no distinction between a single parent who works and any other employee. A single parent, however, may have concerns about work. These worries may relate to time off, flexible working and in-work benefits. But in […]

Time off for Hospital Appointments – What are My Rights?

Q. My daughter works full-time and has to take a day off work for a hospital appointment. Her employer says it must be taken as a holiday. Is this correct? (Ms Annabel MacDonald, 16 September 2021) A. The short answer to this question is, unfortunately, yes. Employers are not required by law to allow workers […]

Health Confidentiality in the Workplace – Legal Right to Medical Privacy

Confidentiality in the workplace is a sensitive issue, and this is particularly true in relation to information about health and medical conditions. Our guide looks at the law relating to disclosing medical information at work, and how to deal with and avoid breaches of confidentiality. What is Health Confidentiality in the Workplace? The law on […]

Can my Employer Change my Contract Without my Consent?

If your employer wants to make changes to your employment contract such as your pay, your hours, work location or holidays, it can be a worrying time. You may be wondering if your employer can change you contract without your consent. Employees have rights during contract negotiations, and our guide will help you understand them. […]

Can An Employer Change Your Working Hours? Work Rotas Law in the UK

It can be stressful when your employer changes your working hours. You might be wondering if you have to work more than your contracted hours? Perhaps you are worried about proposed changes to start and finish times, or working days? Our guide will help you understand the regulations around contracted working hours, and your rights […]