Best Gifts for Employees – 10 Ideas for Staff Appreciation Presents!

Keeping up staff morale can be a little tricky at times. Getting the right gifts for employees around Christmas and other key times for the business is a great way to improve morale.

Employers want their staff to feel valued and appreciated as this in turn boosts productivity. Employees like to feel recognised for their work as it gives them a sense of pride. It raises confidence which, in turn, allows employees to approach their work positively.

Offering gifts as incentives for hard work or reaching certain targets can also encourage employees to work hard.

Why Are Employee Gifts Good For Morale?

Staff gifts aren’t just for Christmas and birthdays. They make a pretty good incentive for achieving high standards of work throughout the year.

A Study by Glassdoor, done in 2013 showed that 53% of employees would stay on at a company longer when they felt appreciated. A staggering 83% indicated they’d be motivated to work harder. This is as opposed to 38% who said they’d work harder for a demanding boss.

Productivity boosters such as meeting deadlines, being punctual, being willing to work overtime, and being enthusiastic are all boosted by small tokens of thanks.

Here’s a few more benefits of well thought out employee gifts:-

Increased Productivity

When there is a good, positive vibe in the workplace, productivity will rise. People who feel noticed for their hard work and appreciated will be inclined to work harder.

Someone doing a thankless job, day after day, with no thanks is likely to have very little passion for the job. Keep your staff feeling supported and thanked and staff morale will increase along with productivity.

Feeling Part Of a Supportive Team

Some people spend more time with their colleagues than they do with their families. This is why it is essential that they feel part of a team that supports and encourages them.

Even the smallest of gestures can go a long way in making staff feel included and appreciated.

A Powerful Motivator

We all know how hard it is to work without motivation. It’s almost impossible. It is easy to get stuck in a rut when it’s the same thing day after day.

Adding a little element of surprise into the occasional workday will go a long way to motivate the staff.

Reduces Stress

Something as small as receiving a voucher for Costa can go a long way to help staff mental health. Stress is on the rise within the workplace. 

Giving out some gifts of appreciation now and then can bring a lot of positivity to your team.

Are Staff Gifts Tax Deductible?

Gifts given to staff as a cash bonus would be subject to tax via PAYE. Any “trivial” gifts that are under £50 per will not normally be taxable. This includes gift cards.

Anything over £50 will be taxed and cannot include items such as alcohol, food, drink or tobacco.

5 Tips to Choose Great Employee Gifts

This is the tricky part. Every staff member has their tastes, likes, and dislikes. So how to choose great employee gifts that won’t fail to please?

1. Know your audience.

By this, we mean it is important to know a little about your team to choose a gift wisely. There is little point in giving a bottle of awesome wine to tea total Lynee or fancy coffee to decaf Dave!

Do a little homework first, ask around and take notice of the things they enjoy.

2. Try to make them personal.

Personal gifts come across as so much more thoughtful than generic mugs. For example, a family driven colleague might appreciate a voucher for a day out.

Such gestures show you take an interest in the welfare of your staff.

3. Choose something that will last.

Flowers are pretty and smell nice but before long they need to be thrown away. Try going for something that lasts longer than a bunch of carnations.

4. Buy a bundle and let the staff choose themselves.

If purchasing gifts is not your forte then why not just buy a good selection and let the employees pick? So every time someone at work earns themselves a gift, simply take them to the pile and they can choose something.

5. Be aware of cultural differences.

The bigger the workforce, the more diverse the people, so be mindful of this too. For example, Christmas is not celebrated by every religion. Some families do not drink alcohol so being aware of such things makes things less awkward.

Our Best Staff Gift Ideas – 10 Presents Employees Will Love!

If you aren’t too confident in picking presents for your staff then don’t panic. We share 10 of our best ideas.

1. Personalised Candle.

Candles are a nice touch and with so many options for the label, you can get one to suit the occasion. For example words such as ‘Employees like you are special and few’ will cheer up anyone’s day.

Alternatively, you can apply a little humour and choose words which demonstrate some of the employees likes or dislikes. This type of gift messaging will show that you know them as an individual, not just another member of staff.

2. Food Hamper

Who doesn’t enjoy a food hamper? You don’t necessarily need to buy a pre packed one, which can be more expensive.

You can buy the baskets and make your own, and include a couple of items based on the employees’ personalities. This will show the thought and effort that has been put in.

3. Personalised leather wallet

Perhaps one for the male colleagues, a nice leather wallet will always go down well. Having their name added gives it that extra detailed touch.

4. Personalised coffee cup

A mug can sound a little average when it comes to gift ideas, but how about a personalised coffee cup? No more missing out on that favourite mug in the office kitchen.

If the staff love takeaway coffees, you could provide personalised reusuable takeaway cups. Eco friendly as well as a great present.

5. Bespoke Alcohol

Find out what tipples your staff enjoy and personalise it with its very own label. Something that makes them feel appreciated will be very much treasured.

When the drink is finished, the bottle can make a lovely keepsake with some fairy lights inside. If any staff are tee total, they could be given some high end soft drinks or personalised chocolate bars.

6. Care Packages

Again, these can be made up individually based on the employee’s personality. Face masks, bath bombs, sachets of coffee, chocolates and an eye mask will all be appreciated by employees.

Luxury teas, coffees, and hot chocolates are a great way to offer some treats that a lot of people will use. Paying attention to what the staff tend to drink at work would let you personalise what you put into your care package.

7. Gift cards 

This is a definite crowd pleaser, especially if you know what your employees like. If there’s a local takeaway or coffee bar that the staff tend to use, a voucher from there would be a good reward.

Failing that, buy something that can be redeemed in many different retail outlets, or an Amazon gift card.

8. Sweet Pick N Mix

There are so many websites that make up sweet parcels based on your requirements. The perfect gift for those with a sweet tooth.

They usually come nicely packaged as well and you can always add in a personalised note.

9. Personalised Notebook and pen

Who doesn’t love a notebook or diary with a matching pen?

There are some lovely designs available online or you could have one custom made with the employee’s name. No more losing stationery and pens at work.

10. Voucher for a family day out

This is a nice touch and shows some thought to the employee outside of the workplace.

For those who have young kids, a nice voucher to the farm, zoo, aquarium or fun park will make a great gift. Alternatively, a local escape room or restaurant.

Don’t Overthink Gifting

The main thing to remember is that you should avoid overthinking staff gift ideas.

If you take a step back and pay attention to the types of treats staff are bringing in to work for themselves, or to share with others you’ll get a good idea of what they enjoy.

Our other guide on staff wellbeing gifts has more ideas if you’re still in need of some inspiration!

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