Cleaning Business Names Ideas to Create a Unique Brand for Your Company!

You’ve decided to take that exciting step and start that brand new business making things sparkle and gleam.

But the right cleaning business name idea shouldn’t be an afterthought. A unique  brand name will get your marketing off to a great start, and reel in those all important first clients.

Don’t worry, we have asked our very own marketing team to walk you through the process of brainstorming your new business brand. We’ve also got some great and catchy ideas to get you started.

Why a Catchy Business is Name Vital

A catchy business name helps set you apart from the crowd. If you create a name that is unique, it’ll help you get a competitive edge on other businesses.

When you start a cleaning business, choosing your brand name will stay with you for the long term. It needs a lot of thought because your name is the first impression your customers get of what you’re offering.

You need to carefully consider what your name will say to them about your services.

How to Brainstorm to Create Your Brand

Create a list of what services you’ll be offering, and also write down other information such as how you’d like your customers to see you.

Will you have any unique selling points? Who is your target market? All of these things can be built into your new business name, and can make a big difference in terms of enquiries from potential customers.

Here’s some names to help get you started. We’ve looked at different brand images in the cleaning sector, and created some names around them.

Classy Cleaning Business Names

Classy cleaning company names will create a trustworthy image with your potential clients. This type of business branding tends to focus on an image of quality, attention to detail, quality, and professionalism

A classy image will be enhanced by using terms that reinforce the quality of your service. Words like “sparkle” and “shine” baked into your brand will immediately make your clients feel that their desired outcome is baked into your cleaning business.

Here’s 10 classy business name ideas to get you started:-

  1. Sparkling Solutions
  2. Touch Perfect
  3. Crystal Clear Cleaning
  4. Fresh Start Cleaners
  5. Pristine Professionals
  6. Sparkled Cleans
  7. Perfectly Polished
  8. Gleam and Shine
  9. White Glove Crew
  10. Dust Busters

Funny Cleaning Business Names

Humour can be a great way to create a memorable and unique cleaning company brand name. Making use of clever puns that raise a smile amongst potential clients can get your new cleaning venture off to a great start.

Using a funny name can help associate your new business with positivity and enjoyable experiences. If a lot of your competitors have very formal or classic names, a touch of humour is a great way to stand out from the cleaning crowd.

Here’s our top 10 funny business name ideas to get your creativity flowing:-

  1. Sweep Dreams
  2. Dust n Glow
  3. Dazzling Divas
  4. Spick & Span Squad
  5. Maid in Heaven
  6. Squeaky Clean Team
  7. Gleam and Glamour
  8. Dust and Shine
  9. Mop Till You Drop
  10. Sparkle Patrol

Eco Friendly Business Names

Green is big business, and many clients prefer a chemical free approach to their home cleaning. If you are going to be starting your cleaning business in an area that values eco friendly core values, focusing on this business niche could be a revenue winner.

By using all natural cleaning products, and running your company in a way that minimuses waste, you can attract loyal clients who value sustainability.

These name ideas will create a green and sustainable brand identity that will resonate with your market:-

  1. Green & Clean
  2. Earthwise Cleaners
  3. Nature’s Touch Cleaners
  4. EcoShine
  5. Pure Planet Cleaning
  6. Sustainable Sweepers
  7. Green Clean Guardians
  8. EarthFresh Cleaning
  9. BioClean Solutions
  10. Enviro Gleam

High End Business Names

Are you planning on targeting a client base who expect a little more in terms of quality and expertise? Creating a cleaning brand that creates an air of prestige and luxury will help plant the seed that you can go that extra mile.

Positioning yourself as a high end option in a busy market gives you the opportunity to charge a higher rate, rather than engaging in a race to the bottom targeted customers who value price over service.

Here’s 10 ideas to create a cleaning company name with that touch of extra class:-

  1. Prestige Cleaners
  2. Elite Shine Services
  3. Lavish Clean
  4. White Glove Maids
  5. Regal Cleaning Solutions
  6. Platinum Polish
  7. Grandeur Cleaning
  8. Refined Clean
  9. Opulent Cleaners
  10. Five Star Cleaning Crew

Catchy Cleaning Business Names

A little bit of alliteration goes a long way in creating a catchy cleaning business name. Company names that rhyme are easy for potential clients to remember, and fun.

A catchy company name can help boost word of mouth and boost your brand recognition. This simple literary trick can help you gain good traction with potential clients much more quickly.

Here’s some catchy name ideas to help you get that brainstorming off to a great start:-

  1. Perfectly Polished Pros
  2. Gleaming Goddesses
  3. Super Shine Services
  4. Tidy Time Team
  5. Majestic Maids
  6. Pristine Palace
  7. Crystal Clean Crew
  8. Fabulously Fresh
  9. Rapid Refreshers
  10. Delightful Dusting Divas

Dynamic Business Names

If you want a cleaning company brand that shouts efficiency and high energy, a dynamic business brand name will showcase your hardworking approach.

Using action words creates a sense of energy and efficiency that clients looking for a proactive cleaner will be drawn to.

Here’s a few examples of cleaning company names that use dynamic action words as part of their brand identity:-

  1. Scrub Squad
  2. Sweep Sensations
  3. Mop Masters
  4. Sparkle Sprinters
  5. Polish Performers
  6. Wipe Warriors
  7. Shine Shifters
  8. Dust Defenders
  9. Clean Commandos
  10. Gleam Gladiators

Minimalist & Zen Like Business Names

When we imagine a perfectly clean space, we’re thinking of clutter free spaces with zen like levels of cleanliness.

When you tap into this aspiration with your brand name, potential clients will immediately feel you are the right person to meet their cleaning needs.

Here’s a few simple language name ideas which create a sleek and professional cleaning business image:-

  1. Pure Clean
  2. Simple Shine
  3. Neat Space
  4. Clean Slate
  5. Fresh Focus
  6. True Clean
  7. Clarity Clean
  8. Zen Clean
  9. Clean Wave
  10. Spotless Services

Abstract and Unique Business Names

Create a heavenly brand persona with a unique cleaning business name that has an abstract feel. When you choose an unconventional name, you will stand out from the crowd in what can be a busy and competitive market.

An unusual name will create curiosity, and will encourage those potential clients to get in touch and find out more about what sets your cleaning service apart from the crowd.

Here’s a few unique cleaning business name ideas to get those creative juices flowing:-

  1. Ethereal Clean
  2. Celestial Sweepers
  3. Pristine Paradox
  4. DreamClean
  5. Quantum Cleaners
  6. Crystal Dimension Cleaning
  7. Tranquil Transformation
  8. Timeless Tidiness
  9. Infinite Immaculate
  10. Luminous Luxe

Housekeeping & Cleaning Business Names

If your new cleaning business is offering a little more than just standard cleaning services, it’s a good idea to make sure that’s reflected in your branding.

Many clients value some housekeeping services such as help with decluttering, or help with laundry and bed linen changes. If you’re going to be offering this type of value add housekeeping service, make sure you mention it in your business name.

Great names for businesses offering housekeeping and decluttering as well as cleaning include:-

  1. Clutterbusters
  2. Tidy Transformation
  3. Orderly Oasis
  4. Harmonious Home Helpers
  5. Space Saviours
  6. Serene Sanctuary Housekeeping
  7. Declutter Divas
  8. Organised Outcomes
  9. Neat Nirvana
  10. ZenZone Clean

Once You’ve Chosen Your Name

When you’ve worked out what your sparkling new business name will be, don’t print those business cards just yet.

There’s a little bit of housekeeping you need to do to ensure you don’t create headaches for yourself down the line.

Check for:-

  • Similar trademarks – We often hear about big companies forcing small traders to change their names due to similar trademarks. To avoid potential stress in the future, it’s worth taking just two minutes to check your local trademark register if your business name closely resembles a trademarked version.
  • Social media handles – When it comes to social media, if you plan to use it as a marketing tool, it’s important to choose social media handles that are easy to remember. Conducting a quick check can help you avoid losing customers to a similarly named business when people guess your handle.
  • Similarly named businesses in your service area – If there are other local businesses with a similar name to yours, it could cause problems from the start. Customers might get confused and you could receive negative reviews intended for someone else. Before choosing a name, do your homework to ensure that there are no rival businesses with a similar name to yours.
  • Domain name availability – If you plan to have a website, it’s important to check the availability of domain names. If your business name is taken, you can consider adding a word related to your location or your own name. However, make sure it’s short and easy to remember.
  • Using misspelled words or names – While misspelled names can be cute and quirky, it’s essential to ensure that your business name is not difficult to spell. If it’s not memorable, your existing customers may struggle to find you again.

It’s Time to Go Forth & Sparkle!

Hopefully you now have a brilliantly branded business name that will set you apart from other cleaning businesses.

Good luck with your brand new business start up.

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