How to Start a Dog Walking Business – Getting Set Up

Dog walking has become a popular sideline or even a main hustle for many people in recent years. It makes perfect sense, after all, dogs always need a walk. Starting a dog walking business can be both straightforward and inexpensive which is a huge advantage. It is one of those jobs where you have the […]

What License Do You Need for a Food Truck in the UK?

Food trucks are growing in popularity in the UK. They can be an incredibly lucrative business in times when people prefer quick food, on the go. Whilst you don’t need experience, you do need to understand what license you need to run a food truck. Despite being a smaller business than restaurants and cafes, food […]

How to Start a Burger Van Business – What Do You Need?

Starting up a burger van business is an exciting venture and being the owner definitely has its advantages. When you own a burger van or any type of food truck, you need to understand business licensing and safety requirements for your van. Of key importance is understanding how to keep your food service safe for […]

Selling Food From Home – UK Rules & How to Get Started

Taking the plunge and setting up a business selling food from home can be a daunting yet very exciting time. Home based businesses have become increasingly common over recent years, perhaps, in part, as a result of the pandemic. Finding your niche and then running with your ideas can be an extremely rewarding challenge. Before […]