Do I Need a Food Hygiene Certificate To Sell Coffee?

All drinks that are sold in the UK are considered food and come under the same Food Laws as other types of catering. You may be wondering if you need a food hygiene certificate to sell coffee. Selling hot beverages including coffee, whether it is from home or a cafe, requires you to register as a food business 28 days before launching. While it is not a legal requirement to pursue a food hygiene course, you will benefit a great deal from it.

coffee being poured with latte art
Pouring the perfect coffee is about more than just great latte art – you need to understand UK food and hygiene practises too.

When people set up a business selling coffee they have the potential to gain a great deal of interest. What better way to display your strong work ethic than to familiarise yourself with all the relevant legislation? So, obtaining your food certificate may not be a requirement, but is highly recommended. You will want to start with all the knowledge you will need and it is even more important if you have staff.

Do I Need a Hygiene Certificate To Sell Coffee?

Selling coffee or food items is much the same – you still have a duty of care to your consumers. Drinks can become contaminated as easily as food can and by knowing the risks you can have procedures in place to minimise them.  While you do not legally require a certificate, it is a really positive step to take to keep up to date with all legislation. Obtaining a food hygiene certificate helps demonstrate to customers your business is clean and safe.

Which Food Hygiene Certificate Do I Need to Sell Coffee?

To sell coffee as a business, you will be well suited to the Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety For Retail. This will give you a well-rounded overview of the principles of food hygiene and how you can put this into practice selling coffee. It will ensure your business runs to the highest of standards and within the guidelines for the UK.

Level 2 Food Hygiene For Retail Key Features:

A Level 2 in food hygiene will cover the following:

  • How to use equipment safely.
  • Safe and effective cleaning methods.
  • Food risks and how to minimise these.
  • Awareness of the 14 Allergens.
  • How to store food safely.
  • The importance of personal hygiene.
  • Current UK Food Laws to be compliant with.

Other Food Training Courses to Consider

The above course is not the only one you can pursue as a coffee seller. There are plenty of choices out there to further your knowledge. Below, we list a few of the more popular courses available for businesses selling coffee.

Health And Safety For Home Workers

If you have a business selling coffee from your own home then this course is perfect for your needs. It will teach you about being safe while working, using equipment safely, good hygiene practices,  fire safety, and electrical safety.

Level 2 HACCP Training for Catering and Retail

This course will further your knowledge of HACCP Principles and how you can effectively identify food hazards. It takes you through methods for controlling these potential risks and helps to ensure all coffee you provide remains safe for the consumer.

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