ADHD Courses – Training to Build Awareness

ADHD Awareness training courses are beneficial for anyone working in a child care role. Giving a child with ADHD a reliable support system early on will help make sure they get the help they need.

Part of a childcare worker’s role is to make sure a child is safeguarded at all times and this includes recognising signs of possible behavioural issues.

What is ADHD?

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder impacts a child’s behaviour. You may see signs of them getting restless and distracted very easily, not being able to cope with spending too much time on things and perhaps behaving inappropriately in social situations.

The condition has a lot to do with the way the brain develops in comparison to someone without the illness. ADHD can make a child lack self control which can result in angry or violent outbursts.

It is very important that in childcare settings, any child with possible ADHD is referred and assessed as early as possible. This will give the child the right help and support, including techniques to help them live with ADHD.

As childcare workers, it is not as easy as labelling a child as disruptive or naughty as these traits are often symptomatic of a much bigger issue.

What Course Do You Need For ADHD Awareness?

A course aimed at dealing with ADHD in children and recognising the signs will be the best one to take.

An ADHD course will give you the tools you need to not only understand the condition and what causes it, but also to support children to the best of your abilities.

It will equip you with the knowledge to help each child reach their full potential despite their difficulties.

ADHD Awareness Training Courses

Whether you are a school teacher, childminder or nursery worker, an ADHD Awareness Training Course will help you identify the signs.

This will help you recognise when a child needs additional support. ADHD doesn’t discriminate, meaning children of all ethnic and religious backgrounds can succumb to it. While this course isn’t listed as a statutory requirement, it is your role in a childcare profession to accept every child is unique and learns in different ways.

ADHD courses can help implement an effective police of inclusive practise in your setting.

ADHD Awareness Training – What Do You Learn?

There is a lot to learn in an ADHD Awareness training course. When you are taking your qualification, you’ll get an overview of:-

  • An Introduction to ADHD.
  • Definition and causes of ADHD.
  • Environmental and genetic factors involved.
  • Possible signs and symptoms.
  • The diagnosis process and what this entails.
  • Support for children with/suspected ADHD.
  • Understanding SEND laws and responsibilities.

Who Needs an ADHD Awareness Course?

Children’s Mental Health Courses will be useful for anyone who works with children under the age of 16.

This could include:-

  • Schools
  • Pre-schools
  • Nursery Schools
  • Private Nurseries
  • Playgroups
  • Childminding settings
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Before and After School Clubs
  • Children Centres
  • SEND Staff

Other training which would be complimentary to ADHD awareness include autism awareness courses, safeguarding children courses, and paediatric first aid.


How long does ADHD Awareness training last?

This online training course will last indefinitely once you have gained your certificate, however, it is worth refreshing every 3-4 years. With children’s mental health and illness, discoveries are made all the time. Any new members of staff, particularly those working closely with ADHD children should do ADHD Awareness training.

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