Autism Awareness Courses – ASD Training in Childcare Settings

In this day and age, with more understanding of autism, an Autism Awareness course gives essential training. Childcare practitioners will encounter children on the autism spectrum, or awaiting diagnosis. For this reason, staff must familiarise themselves with the illness, its implications and its main signs. There is never a clear cut sign of autism. Most […]

Safeguarding Children Courses – Online Training Guide

By far one of the most important aspects of training to complete in a childcare setting is Safeguarding Children courses. It is one of the few mandatory training courses all childcare practitioners are expected to do. Safeguarding knowledge should be refreshed every few years as documents and legislation changes in this field all the time. […]

What is Inclusive Practice in Early Years & Childcare Settings?

The term Inclusive practice refers to the belief that everyone has the right to access the same tools, resources, and environment. It’s the attitude that everyone should learn and work together, despite any additional needs that are present. It’s about creating equal opportunities across the board so that everyone gets the chance to thrive. Inclusive […]

Paediatric First Aid Courses & Training Guide

Paediatric first aid courses provide a specific set of skills required when caring for babies and toddlers. To be compliant with the law, settings must be sure that staff take correct course for compliance. This will be checked during an OFSTED inspection. Failure to have a correct qualification can result in the setting being closed […]

Health and Safety Qualifications in the UK

NEBOSH is the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. For anyone interested in health and safety qualifications, this is the officially recognised industry body. They also provide risk management and environmental work related qualifications. Professional membership bodies recognise the NEBOSH awards. These bodies are the IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health); the […]

Handling Customer Complaints – Procedures Guide

Whether it’s over the phone or face to face even the most successful businesses will be handling a customer complaint now and again. If you follow proper procedures and make sure staff get training on complaint handling procedures, negative effects can be minimised. How to Handle a Customer Complaint If a customer has a genuine […]

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 1 Courses

Food Hygiene Certificates Level 1 help you understand your responsibilities in ensuring food is safe to consume. By taking part in one of these basic courses, you will understand the importance of having robust hygiene practices in place. They give you a general overview of UK food safety laws and other hygiene and safety laws […]

Childminder Risk Assessment Policy Guide

There are many day-to-day risks in childcare settings that must be identified. A childminder risk assessment policy reassures the parents and staff that the environment is the safest it can be. A policy only needs to be brief, while referencing the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and compliance with the requirements. The policy should lay […]

How to Create a Childminder Health & Safety Policy

Childminders work from home and have sole responsibility when it comes to implementing the correct measures in terms of health and safety. A tailored childminder health & safety policy for your care setting is an essential part of making sure your business is compliant. As well as being a home, it’s also a childcare environment […]