Funny Office Gifts – Ideas for Fun Presents for Work Colleagues

We all get caught up in the daily monotony of work. Office work can sometimes seem mundane and stressful. Exchanging or giving funny office gifts can help restore fun and laughter to your team.

We all benefit from some light relief from time to time. At the same time, gifts mustn’t become offensive or unprofessional. Our gift guide has some top notch funny and light hearted ideas to give perfect presents to work colleages or employees.

Dog wearing funny glasses and comedy nose.

Choosing a Great Funny Office Gift 

Selecting a funny office gift while maintaining professionalism can be tricky. The gift must be received in the manner it was intended. For this to happen, you should shop wisely to avoid your joke present falling flat.

The most important aspect to consider is company culture. You must ensure any gifting will not cause offence, regardless of how good a relationship you have with your work colleague. Anything too personal, or a joke that goes too far might mean you get the gift of a meeting with HR.

But buying appropriate and funny office gifts can lighten the office atmosphere. It can provide entertainment which makes everyone feel good. It can boost workplace relationships and bring people together.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

To strike the perfect balance between banter and professionalism, keep some important things in mind. You can have a laugh and a joke at work as long as you understand where the line is drawn.

  • A funny gift will not be for everyone so choose wisely. If in any doubt, choose something else.
  • Consider someone’s personality before choosing their gift.
  • Stick to a budget and do not be tempted to go over this amount.
  • It is essential to keep in mind the culture of the company.
  • Where possible, choose something functional as well as humorous.
  • Keep in mind the workplace diversity so that no one is excluded or offended.
  • Choose something that will last longer than 5 minutes.

Ideas For Funny Office Gifts

We have put our best ideas for funny office gifts into handy categories. This way, you can decide on the theme and then pick the gift. This helps reduce the risk of getting something that is funny but won’t be appreciated or used.

Funny Stationery and Supplies

Everyone working in an office needs stationery and other essentials. Such equipment doesn’t need to be boring or standard. Pick something with a funny twist to it to brighten up your colleague’s working day.

Funny Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are useful but, let’s be honest, aren’t the most exciting item on the desk. Injecting a little humour into them can brighten the dullest of days.

Why not theme the sticky notes to the recipient’s favourite animal or food? Such gifts will demonstrate how well someone knows the person which makes them feel valued and appreciated. A practical but funny gift like this for a work colleague will rarely go to waste.

Humour Notepad

Notepads are often taken for granted as staple desk items. This often means they become just another standard office item.

However, some quirky notepads can bring a little character and entertainment into the equation. It might be funny jokes, weird and wonderful facts or a themed pad. Whatever you choose, it can add a quirky and fun element to the daily 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. grind.

Themed Paper Clips

Paper clips are those office items that are just always there when needed. They aren’t the most exciting thing going.

So why not jazz them up by choosing some with a little humour or originality? You will be surprised by the options available. You can tailor the paper clips to a specific theme such as people, animals or shapes.

Prank Office Gifts

Why not bring some unexpected humour into the working day by pranking a coworker? Buying a gift that isn’t what it seems can be a great gift for the right person.

Sometimes some fun and laughter can boost overall morale.


Why not go all out for someone’s office birthday and treat them to a desk full of inflatables? It is certainly going to give them a lasting memory.

You can choose an appropriate theme based on the occasion too. If it is a birthday a giant cake and candles would be great. If they are going on maternity leave then a giant baby and dummy is a good shout.

Whoopee Cushion

An oldie, but it never gets boring! Whoopie cushions are a timeless office prank with the ability to make people laugh.

Why not bring some feel good vibes into the workplace by pranking someone with this item? Pranks like this can bring people together and create feelings of unity. This in turn can boost overall mood and productivity.

Spring Loaded Glitter Bomb

A glitter bomb is a great prank gift for the right occasion. It might be used in the event of a promotion, getting engaged or receiving an award.

Make the recipient feel loved and appreciated with this glittery delight. It is important to embrace the good news and celebrate them. Life can be stressful and hard so these moments help balance things out.

Funny But Practical Office Gifts

It is possible to buy someone a funny gift that can still be used in a practical sense. A bit of humour can make the most practical gift more entertaining. It also helps to lighten the mood and bring a smile to people’s faces.

Desktop Punching Bag

A popular office gift is a desktop punching bag. It has a touch of humour in it but it also acts as a great stress reliever.

When those stress levels rise, we feel the effects. By taking the stress out on the punch bag, you can maintain a calm exterior. This helps with focus and is a healthy outlet for those tensions that build up.

USB Desk Vacuum

As much as we all love a proper lunch break away from the desk, it doesn’t always happen. This coupled with those tea breaks and biscuits, inevitably leads to crumbs.

A desk sized vacuum that plugs into a USB port is a handy item to have. It can get in between the keys of a keyboard and all other nooks and crannies.

Desk Toy

No one is ever too old for a desk toy. They often have a dual purpose of being fun but also great for stressful situations.

They can be useful for anxiety if you choose one that relaxes and calms the mind. There are traditional toys such as Newton’s Cradle and then more modern versions such as magnetic sculptures and mini zen gardens.

Tips for Presentation

There is never any point in doing something half heartedly. When buying someone a funny office desk gift, you may as well put lots of thought into the presentation as well. You can even carry the humour theme through to the wrapping part.

  • Always include a card or note. Sometimes a funny gift can detract from the reason for the gift. A little note will always be appreciated.
  • Why not include some funny accessories in the wrapping? Glitter, confetti, lots of sellotapes – the possibilities are endless!
  • Funny gifts often take some planning so leave plenty of time for this.
  • Some gifts might need setting up in advance so be sure to plan carefully.
  • Pick a good time of the day to present a funny gift as it can distract everyone.

Do’s and Don’ts

Of course, funny office gifts need to be planned carefully. Not everyone has the same sense of humour and understanding. The joke should not offend the recipient or anyone else involved.


  • Pick a gift carefully and think of the office environment.
  • Understand any cultural differences and how the gift might be perceived.
  • Spend time planning these types of gifts so they can be pulled off smoothly.
  • Be in tune with the recipient’s personality to avoid any awkwardness.
  • Keep it light hearted at all times.


  • Go for a funny gift if you have any doubts about how it will be received.
  • Forget to respect the company rules and etiquette.
  • Leave buying until the last minute as this can cause angst.
  • Go over the budget.
  • Choose something that doesn’t have a universal appeal.

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