Articles by Kirsty McCubbin:

Calling in Sick on Declined Holiday – Not as Clever as You Think

Holidays and sickness are two words that are the bane of a manager’s life. It can be a logistical nightmare ensuring everyone gets their holiday entitlement. If you’re thinking of calling in sick on a declined holiday be aware your manger won’t be convinced. Or, if you’re a manager and feeling suspicious, then your instincts […]

What Happens if you get Pregnant During a Probation Period at Work?

Starting a new job and worrying about passing probation is stressful enough. But what happens if you find out you’re pregnant during probation? First of all, don’t worry. Pregnancy is a protected characteristic under UK employment law, giving expectant mothers protection from from day one of employment. You can’t be dismissed or disadvantaged because you’re […]

Unfair Dismissal During Probation – Rights to Claim for Wrongful Termination

A new job often has a probation period. As a new employee, you have fewer employment rights than workers who have been with a business for more than two years. Our guide looks at unfair dismissal during probation. Whilst rights to claim for a wrongful dismissal are very much eroded during a probation period, there […]

Disqualification By Association – Regulations & Check Guide

A term that is often used in relation to DBS checks for the childminding and childcare sectors is “disqualification by association”.  The procedures and law around these checks can be confusing. This is partly down to changes to the rules around this in the last few years. Our guide on disqualification by association, and how […]

Time off Work for the Dentist – Rights to Attend Dental Appointments

If you are suffering from the misery of toothache, or need a dental procedure such as a filling done, you might be struggling to get an out of work hours appointment.  Unfortunately, there’s no statutory right to time off work for the dentist. This might be surprising considering how debilitating dental pain can be, but […]

Time Off Work for Miscarriage – Workplace Rights UK

If you’ve suffered a pregnancy loss, it is an incredibly distressing time and you will need time to recover. Our guide looks at your rights to time off work for a miscarriage and sick pay entitlements. We’ll also outline the protections given by employment law relating to pregnancy. Telling Your Employer Many women will be […]

Fertility Leave – Time Off For IVF Treatment

Employees seeking fertility treatment face an often stressful and exhausting medical process. The ability to take fertility leave in order to have time off for IVF can help if it is available. But what rights do staff have during fertility treatment, and how should the medical appointments be treated? Understandably, many staff will be wary […]

Using Flammable Cabinets – Safely Storing Hazardous Liquids

Flammable Cabinet

Flammable liquids and solids need to be stored in a fire rated flammable cabinet. This will ensure your business complies with regulations for safe storage of hazardous substances. Our guide looks at the regulations, how to use a flammables cupboard for storage, and where they should be placed in your work area. How Should Flammable […]

Using COSHH Cabinets – Safely Storing Hazardous Materials in the Workplace

To comply with COSHH regulations, hazardous materials must be safely stored and handled in the workplace.  This means that you’ll need to have procedures in place to minimise or remove risk to workers from exposure to hazardous materials. COSHH cabinets are an effective way to make sure chemicals and flammable materials are managed properly. Our […]