Cake Business Names – Ideas for Baking Brands

So you’ve decided to open that cake making business, you’re all set with your products, premises, and pricing. But what about a cake business name idea? Good branding is vital, and inspiration can be tricky.

Fear not, we’re here to help inspire your perfect business branding. Our guide has all the inspiration you need to choose the perfect name to create a memorable baking brand.

How to Name a Cake Business

Key to choosing the perfect cake business name is making sure it’s related to the underlying concept you’ve chosen for your delicious baked goods.

If you specialise in cake pops, luxurious chocolate fondant, or are specialising in high end wedding cakes – your name should reflect this.

Making sure your brand is associated with the visual appeal of your product will ensure your business name resonates with your customers. It will also help create a strong, memorable brand image for your new business.

Create a List

Do create a list of what your core product offering will be. Cupcakes, cake pops, celebration cakes, brownies. These are all different niches of the cake business.

Also write down some aspects of how you’d like people to remember your cake business. With these lists you should start to see some common themes that might give you some inspiration on branding that feels right for your business personality.

Consider Future Business Expansion

If you’ll be offering a wide range of bakes or are uncertain where your main focus will ultimately lie, your name should be more general.

Similarly, if you are going to start out offering cupcakes, but would like to expand into other types of cakes in future – do leave scope in the name you choose to cater for this.

This will avoid the need to rebrand to a new business name, which can cause confusion for your customers.

Cake Business Name Inspiration

Armed with your list of key terms that describe your business, go forth and seek inspiration. Take a look at other cake business names and branding, and see what resonates.

Obviously you want to avoid choosing something too close to any local competitors, but looking at what cake makers in other areas are doing would be helpful.

Here’s a few of our very own cake business name ideas to help get you started!

Name Ideas for a Cake Business

If your offering of cakes is going to be broad based, something that will cover a range of baking but still be memorable is needed.

These names are all very brandable, and create a great impression of your products.

  1. Sweet Delight Bakery
  2. The Cake Connoisseur
  3. Heavenly Cakes
  4. Icing on the Cake
  5. Cake Craze
  6. Cake Creationz
  7. The Sweet Slice
  8. Cakey Heaven
  9. Cupcake Castle
  10. Cakeology
  11. Cake o’Clock
  12. Sugar Rush Bakery
  13. Bake A Wish
  14. Cakeylicious
  15. Cake Lovers Paradise

Names for a Home Baking Business

Artisan produce is in hot demand, customers want to know your cakes and bakes have been produced on a small scale.

Here’s some business names that make sure your target market knows your baked goods are produced with love in small batches. For the ultimate personalisation, prefix any of these names with your own first name. For example, “Sally’s Heavenly Homemade Cakes”.

  1. Cake Crafters
  2. Heavenly Homemade Cakes
  3. Sweet Treats Kitchen
  4. Mom’s Best Bakery
  5. Flourish Cakes
  6. Freshly Baked Goods
  7. Sweet Inspirations
  8. Cupcakes & Dreams
  9. Cakes & Creams
  10. Little Cake Bakery
  11. Sweet Inspiration
  12. Sugary Dreams
  13. The Cake Walk Bakery
  14. Tempting Treats Bakery
  15. Sweet Sensations Bakery

Catchy Cake Business Names

Love a good pun? Cakes and baking lend themselves well to a catchy business name. A well chosen play on words can create a very memorable brand for this type of venture.

A tantalising play on words that’s associated with delicious treats gives your cake business a great image.

  1. Flour Power Bakery
  2. Cupcake Castle
  3. Magic Cakes
  4. Cake It Off
  5. Cake It to the Limit
  6. Piece of the Pie
  7. Sweet as Pie
  8. Piece of Cake
  9. Bake Me A Wish
  10. Bake It Till You Make It

Cupcake Business Names

A well made cupcake can be a work of art. People love buying these small, delicious treats with gorgeous fondant and exciting colours and flavours.

You’ll need a cupcake business name that appeals to all the sweet toothed fans of these miniature cake treats.

  1. Sweetest Treats
  2. Cupcake Creations
  3. Sugar Sprinkles
  4. Sugar Sprites
  5. Cupcake Cottage
  6. Icing on the Cake
  7. Cuppy Cakes
  8. Decadent Delights
  9. Cupcake Heaven
  10. Cupcakes ‘n Cream
  11. Cupcake Cravings
  12. The Cupcake Kitchen
  13. Just Cupcakes
  14. Deliciously Sweet
  15. Cupcakery

Dessert Shop Names

Delicious desserts are big business. Customers want to buy sweet treats that they would not be capable of making at home.

If you love creating fabulous pudding dishes, these names are ideal for your new venture!

  1. Sweet Treats Galore
  2. Sugary Sensations
  3. Sweet Confections
  4. Delicious Delights
  5. Heavenly Sweets
  6. Pudding Palace
  7. Frosted Fancies  
  8. Cake Craze
  9. Icing Indulgence
  10. Sweet Sensations Bakery
  11. Joyful Desserts
  12. Sweet Surrender
  13. Puddington’s
  14. The Sweet Boutique
  15. The Pudding Palace

Ideas for Brownie Business Names

Gorgeously gooey brownies are a decadent treat, and gourmet tray bakes are a great business idea. Easy to transport, and even suitable to post out to customers.

Here’s our inspiring ideas if baking brownies is your business jam:-

  1. Brownie Bites Bakery
  2. Sweet Tooth Brownies
  3. The Brownie Cottage
  4. Cocoa Cravings
  5. Melt-in-Your-Mouth Brownies
  6. Fudgy Delights
  7. The Cocoa Corner
  8. Chocolate Heaven
  9. Brownie Bliss Bakery
  10. Rich & Gooey Treats
  11. Heavenly Brownies
  12. Chocolate Chunk Emporium
  13. Sugary Brownie Shoppe
  14. Brownie Bonanza
  15. Fudge Fantasies

Cookie Business Names

Who doesn’t love a cookie! This type of baking business is great for home based kitchens and those with small spaces to work out of.

But what’s in a name? Here’s some ideas to help you cut to the crunch and find the perfect idea:-

  1. Cookie Craze
  2. Cookie Confections
  3. Sugarlicious Bites
  4. The Cookie Cottage
  5. Sweet Tooth Bakers
  6. Heaven’s Bakery
  7. Cookie Creations
  8. Butter Bites Bakery
  9. Delicious Desserts
  10. Baked Goodness
  11. Sweet Sensations
  12. Bake My Day
  13. Cookie Dough Delights
  14. Grandma’s Bakery
  15. The Cookie Factory

So You’ve Got Your New Cake Business Name!

Congratulations, hopefully our cake business name inspiration has helped you decide on the perfect brand for your new venture.

But what next? Once you’ve decided on a name, there’s a few bits of housekeeping you need to attend to. Check the following before you order those business cards and branded cake boxes!

Check for:-

  • Similar trademarks – we’ve all seen those stories in the newspaper about big companies making small traders change their names. A 2 minute check of your local trademark register could save you some stress down the line if your business name is too close to a trademarked version.
  • Availability of social media handles – if social media is going to be important to marketing, make sure you can get social media handles that are easy to remember. A quick check might help you avoid losing customers to a similarly named business when people guess your handle.
  • Other local businesses of a similar name – if you’ve chosen a name too close to that of another local cake maker, you could cause yourself headaches at the start. Customers could get mixed up, which can lead to you getting someone else’s bad reviews. You don’t want to start cake wars with a rival who has built their brand already, so do your homework.
  • Domain name availability – if you’re going to have a website, check out domain name availability. If your business name is taken, you can always add on a word relating to your location, or your own name. Make sure it’s short and snappy though.
  • Make sure your name is not difficult to spell – Sure, mis-spells can be cute and quirky but is yours memorable? If not, your existing customers might have issues finding their way back to you.


Finding that perfect name to represent your new cake brand will hopefully now feel like a breeze. Next up, you’ll need a logo, business cards, and some flyers.

Congratulations and good luck with your new baking business!

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