Articles by Kelly Thomas:

How to Ask For a Raise at Work – Getting that Salary Increase    

Asking for a raise at work is one of the more awkward conversations to approach. Often, employees end up not asking as they feel too uncomfortable. We’ll look at how to best ask for a salary increase and how to build your case with your employer. It can seem daunting, even cheeky, to approach your […]

Good Excuses to Leave Work Early – A Guide on How to Get Sent Home Sick

Those work days when time appears to stand still can be soul destroying. Sometimes, it can be so tempting to find an excuse to leave work early. Or perhaps you need to find an excuse to start your weekend early so you can head off to an event. This being said, there are many genuine […]

I Want To Reduce My Working Hours – What Should I Do?

Things happen in life that affect how much we can work. It is possible to request to reduce your working hours with your employer. If you qualify, you have a legal right to make a formal flexible working request. Your employer must consider your request carefully, and can only decline based on a defined set […]

How to Set up a Cleaning Business –  Self Employed Start Up Guide

Setting up a cleaning business has so many advantages. It’s also a service which is very much in demand, which accounts for the rise in self employed cleaners. A cleaning business can be very profitable when it is marketed well. It is also a great way of fitting in your hours around childcare or school. […]

Work Christmas Party Ideas – Make Entertaining & Festive Plans

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … There is a buzz in the workplace around Christmas time. The main topic of conversation being; what shall we do for this year’s work Christmas party? We are here to assist, just think of us as Santa’s Little Helper! We share some festive fun ideas for […]

Fire Hazards – Potential Sources of Ignition, Fuel & Heat in the Workplace

To put together an effective workplace fire risk assessment, it is essential to understand workplace risks and fire hazards. Every workplace has possible fire risks and these should be identified and regularly reviewed. Anything that has the potential to cause a fire should be noted as a potential fire hazard. In each workplace, there should […]

Phased Return to Work After Sickness – a Guide on What Happens

Sick leave takes its toll on everyone but especially employees who have been on long term sickness. Using a phased return to work after sickness is a process to help them ease back into their role. It can be a daunting process, heading back into the work environment after a long term sickness absence. Hopefully, […]

Self Employed & Not Been Paid? Here’s What to Do

One of the top concerns for self employed businesses is cashflow. Especially when it comes to being paid by their customers. Not being paid can have severe consequences on the personal finances of small business owners or solo operators. Whether you are just starting or you have experienced non payment issues, we cover all you […]

Disciplinary Meetings – What Happens & Employee Rights in the UK

There are words no one likes to hear at work and ‘disciplinary meeting’ is a phrase that invites feelings of dread. If you have found yourself in the position of facing a disciplinary meeting, then you need to know your rights. You should also understand how these meetings are conducted. During this investigative process, employees […]