Articles by Kelly Thomas:

Working Weekends Law UK – Can Employees Refuse Saturday and Sunday Shifts?

Some workers happily work weekends, or have jobs where it’s a key requirement of the role. However, if your usual working hours are on weekdays, the thought of working on a Saturday or Sunday may not be a happy one. Being told that your employer requires you to work some weekends, or is bringing in […]

P60 for Self Employed – Do Sole Traders Need to Get This PAYE Form?

A P60 form is something that is usually issued by an employer. Self employed traders submit their earnings data via self assessment tax returns. Generating a p60 is not part of this process. There may be times when you’d need proof of self employed income, that a P60 would provide. Our guide looks at what […]

Do You Get a P45 if Self Employed? PAYE Guide for Sole Traders

When you’re self employed, you are responsible for submitting your own accounts. This includes filling in tax returns and declaring your earnings. When you are an employee working for someone else, the employer is responsible for issuing you with such information, including PAYE forms like P45s. This guide takes a closer look at the self […]

Prescription Safety Glasses – Can You Get Them? Should Employers Pay?

Many jobs require the use of PPE, including the need for safety glasses which it’s the employer’s responsibility to provide. But what if you are a spectacle wearer? Are prescription safety glasses available, and should these be provided by your workplace? Our guide looks at the legal obligations of the employer around providing safety glasses […]

How to Ask to Work From Home – UK Flexible Working Request Guide

Working from home has become very common in recent years. The pandemic brought with it a radical change to many people’s working environment. Employees were encouraged to work remotely where possible. Now that some normality has returned, workers are once again having to consider how to ask to work from home. If you find yourself […]

Colour Coded Mops & Buckets Guide

All cleaning businesses must stick to health and safety regulations, which include an obligation to avoid risks associated with cross contamination of bacteria or other substances. A significant part of this is maintaining a high standard of hygiene at all times. One of the most effective ways for cleaners to demonstrate their understanding is by […]

Colour Coding Cloths For Cleaning Guide

Colour coding cloths in the cleaning industry is vital for maintaining hygiene standards. The system helps prevent cross contamination between different areas such as kitchens and toilets. Using different coloured cleaning cloths and designating them to set areas means cleaning staff can easily identify which cloths should be used in specific areas. If you’re interested […]

Which Gloves to Wear When Serving Food – Guide on Food Handling Regulations

Safe food handling is a legal responsibility of all businesses. Everyone working in the food industry must understand their responsibilities. Wearing gloves isn’t required by food safety law, but many businesses use them to comply with food handling regulations. In this guide we’ll outline which types of glove are safe to wear when handling and […]

Excuses Not To Go To Work – Bulletproof Reasons to Avoid Going In

Searching for excuses not to go to work is very common. Life is hard. Every day we get up and go to work, giving our job the best version we can of ourselves. Hectic family lives get put to one side while we navigate through the working weeks. There comes a point in everyone’s life […]