Food Hygiene Certificate Level 1 Courses

Food Hygiene Certificates Level 1 help you understand your responsibilities in ensuring food is safe to consume. By taking part in one of these basic courses, you will understand the importance of having robust hygiene practices in place. They give you a general overview of UK food safety laws and other hygiene and safety laws you need to know about.

Server working in an ice cream shop

It’s important to complete Level 1 so that you are up to date with all the latest rules and regulations. Understanding best practices when it comes to food hygiene also means you are keeping your knowledge fresh and relevant. This course delivers the basic principles you will need to handle food safely and ensure the environment is fit for purpose.

Whether you are a sole trader or work with staff, Level 1 Food Hygiene will make sure everyone understands their role. You will feel confident about the different aspects of food hygiene and your awareness of potential risks will be greater than it was.

Who Should Get a Food Hygiene Certificate – Level 1?

Food Hygiene Level 1 is for businesses who are selling food, but haven’t necessarily prepared it themselves.

They might work in an environment where food is present and sold and therefore are still required to understand food hygiene on this basic level.

Examples of job roles and businesses that should get Level 1 food hygiene include:

  • Waiters and bar staff.
  • Staff working in food retail.
  • Checkout assistants.
  • Newsagent workers.
  • Warehouse staff.
  • Food delivery drivers.
  • Sweet shop staff.
  • Kitchen porters.
  • Front of house staff.

What Type of Qualification is a Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate?

Undergoing Level 1 Food Hygiene that is recognised by organisations such as your local council means it will meet the food safety standards that are required. Level 1 will likely be accredited by organisations including:

  • CPD Certification Service.
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).
  • Institute of Hospitality.
  • Local Councils.
  • Local Environmental Health Officers.

How Long Does The Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate Last?

Once you have carried out Level 1 food hygiene, your certificate will not expire. However, it is highly recommended that you refresh your knowledge by completing the course every 3 years at least.

UK laws and regulations change all the time so completing one every 3 years means you are up to date with the latest food safety requirements.

What Skills Will a Level 1 Food Hygiene Course Cover?

Below are some of the skills you can expect to obtain from participating in a Food Hygiene Level 1 Course:

  • Learn the basic principles of food safety.
  • Enhance understanding of best cleaning practices.
  • How to handle food safely for consumption.
  • The risks of cross-contamination and how to prevent this.
  • Introduction to some of the UK Food Safety laws.
  • Knowledge of food hazards and the 14 Allergens.
  • How to maintain high standards of personal hygiene.
  • Be aware of the consequences of poor hygiene.
  • You will recognise the importance of keeping work equipment clean.

By the end of the course, you will…

  • Feel confident in your responsibilities around food.
  • Be aware of important aspects of UK Food Safety Laws.
  • Understand how poor hygiene leads to food contamination.
  • Be mindful of the risks surrounding food and steps to prevent these.

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