Personalised Office Gifts – Ideas for Work Presents

A personalised office gift is a great way to get a present for a co-worker that is thoughtful and practical. Getting up and going to the office every day can be exhausting. It can be even more so the case if the office environment is uninspiring.

You may want to give your work partner something meaningful to keep on their desk. Or perhaps you are eager to treat a friend to a personalised office gift. Whatever the reason, we have some great ideas in our gift guide.

Choosing a Great Personalised Office Gift

Finding that perfect office gift doesn’t need to be stressful or difficult. By keeping a few things in mind, you can make your choice timely and wisely.

You want your gift to stand out and add some value and purpose to the office. There is little point in buying something that won’t be used. You also need to keep in mind personal preferences and respect the workplace culture.

Choosing a great personalised office gift can strengthen workplace relationships. Buying a loved one something thoughtful for their office can boost motivation. It also raises the overall morale of a person. Someone who feels this way will be more productive and create a more positive working environment.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Putting time and effort into the planning stage can make the difference between a good and lousy gift. You want your gift to be valued, used and purposeful. The following factors should be considered before buying that gift for the office.

  • Try to match the gift to the recipient’s personality and taste.
  • Choose quality every time.
  • Be sure the gift is appropriate for the person and office environment.
  • Decide on a budget and stick to this.
  • Try to think out of the box and pick something with a unique twist.
  • Remember that anything that needs customising will need extra time to make and send.
  • Sometimes considering the person’s job role can influence the final gift choice.
  • The occasion will often determine the type of gift to choose.

Gift Ideas for Personalised Office Gifts

For your convenience, we have categorised some of the best personalised office gifts on the market. Pick your category preference and then browse our top picks. Many people spend more time in the office than they do anywhere else. Why not bring something a little different to their workspace?

Personalised Office Wall Gifts

There is something to be said for brightening up office wall space. It can add a warm touch to any office space and help break up normal work monotony.

Customised Wall Art

Who doesn’t love a piece of artwork for the wall? By adding some personalisation into the mix, you have a unique gift idea. It doesn’t need to be their name – it could be the logo if it is their business. It could also be their favourite animal, quote or motto.

Custom wall art for an office can bring some identity into the room and quotes can help with mental well being and motivation too.

Personalised Name Plate or Door Sign

Buying someone their own nameplate can add a professional touch to the workplace. Whether it is a gift for the desk or door, it provides a welcome for anyone who visits.

Such gifts can also include other details, such as their job role or position in the company. It gives them a sense of importance within their workspace. This can help with morale and their sense of value within the company.

Wall Planner

Everyone needs a wall planner in their lives. Yes, we all have calendars on our phones but having that visual assistance can help. Can’t remember what time the meeting is today? Glance at the wall. Trying to pencil in an appointment?

Refer to the wall planner. You can get one customised to suit their needs and lifestyle. It can have family prints attached or some motivational quotes.

Personalised Gifts for Comfort

When someone is in the office all day every day, comfort should be a priority. So many problems begin with bad posture or strained eyes.

There are many gifts available on the market aimed at maintaining a healthy work environment.


Customised Water Bottle

Hydration is a necessity so why not give your colleague or friend something to act as a reminder? It is all too easy to get caught up in daily life. We often do not drink until we feel thirsty, at which point we are already dehydrated.

A personalised bottle or one with a printed quote can help keep hydration levels up. This can stop inevitable pain such as headaches from brewing, which can impact the working day.

Personalised Ergonomic Cushion

Bad posture can be the beginning of many health problems. A cushion to encourage a better sitting posture is a useful and thoughtful gift.

You can give them one with a photo on it or perhaps one in their favourite colour. It also gives the office that homely and welcoming feel which puts visitors at ease.

Customised Ergonomic Foot Stool

Having proper support for the feet at work can increase blood circulation and encourage good posture habits. It also makes for a comfier and supported sitting experience.

A footstool also alleviates pressure on the lower back. Someone who spends large amounts of time sitting at a desk will benefit from one of these. You can match it to their decor or have it made bespoke.

Personalised Desktop Gifts

Bring a touch of personality to an otherwise ordinary workstation. Desktop gifts do not have to be gimmicky or useless.

They can be purposeful, and meaningful and bring a sense of motivation to someone’s work.

Engraved Pen Set

Gifting someone an engraved pen set is a great way to show your appreciation. It can help build up staff and give them a sense of identity.

With so much reliance these days on technology, we can never find a pen when we need one. A personalised pen set is a very much understated yet highly appreciated item.

Personalised Desk Mat

Non slip desk mats are so useful for office desks. They are designed so that items stick to them and can’t be knocked off. This is ideal for a busy work environment.

Buying someone a personalised edesk mat for the office means it will mean something to them. It might be a collage of photos, achievements or a favourite quote.

Personalised Coaster Set

All workers need their go to drink during their working day. So it goes without saying that coasters are a must have too.

As well as having a practical value, it can also have a homely vibe to the environment. Coupled with that personalisation, you have a really useful yet meaningful gift that will be appreciated and loved.

Customised Tech Gadgets

We live in a world very much moving at a fast pace in the technology field. It makes sense, therefore, to purchase a gift that is both techy and personal.

Personalised Laptop Sleeve

Laptops are one of the most common tech gadgets that office staff rely on. They are mobile, hardy and can be moved around.

However, this does come with the risk of damage. A customised laptop sleeve is a great way of protecting an expensive device.

Engraved USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are not the most exciting of office equipment. However, they are necessary and something everyone needs.

They can all look similar which can be problematic in an office environment. Having one engraved with some customisation makes it easily identifiable and less likely to get lost.

Personalised Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers can be positioned on the desk and stream music wirelessly. This is both convenient and practical.

By adding a personal touch such as a design, logo, name or favourite colour, the gift becomes even more thoughtful. It gives that chaotic office desk a personal identity and they can listen to their favourite music or podcast.

Tips for Presentation

There is very little point in carefully planning and choosing a gift and not giving it the presentation it deserves. Make someone feel truly appreciated by putting the effort in from start to finish.

  • Plan when you want to present the recipient with their gift.
  • Some businesses offer a gift wrapping service for a little extra. If wrapping isn’t your forte, you might consider this option.
  • Be sure to include a personalised note or card inside the gift. A few words mean a great deal.
  • Consider buying a box for those items that are small or hard to wrap. This adds to the overall experience too.
  • Take into consideration the recipient’s personality. Would they like the gift to be delivered in front of others or privately?

Do’s and Don’ts

There is a definite etiquette to follow when buying a personalised office gift. Sticking to the do’s and don’ts below can ensure the experience is flawless.


  • Dedicate time to the planning stage to ensure you choose the most appropriate gift.
  • Think of the recipient’s personality when gifting them. This will determine the category you choose.
  • Remember your budget and be sure that any wrapping and delivery are within this budget.
  • Allow plenty of time for a personalised gift as they typically take longer than general ones.
  • Consider cultural diversity within the workplace.


  • Overthink the office gift. Something practical and simple can still be thoughtful.
  • Blur the lines of professionalism with the gift and keep in mind the company culture.
  • Forget to say a few words when handing the gift over. Making someone feel valued is such a simple act of kindness.
  • Rush the handover part. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into this gift so be sure to absorb the whole experience.

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