Funny Office Secret Santa Ideas – Inspiration for Fun Presents

Secret Santa is the perfect time to unwind and have a giggle with your colleagues. It kicks off the festive fun and lightens the office atmosphere. Finding genuinely funny office Secret Santa inspiration can be hard – especially when it is an annual tradition.

Choosing a Funny Office Secret Santa Gift

Sometimes a themed Secret Santa gift can seem easier to buy. Everyone is playing to the same tune. However, it can be tricky choosing a unique gift that hasn’t been purchased before. When it comes to funny gifts, you have to be careful not to offend anyone too.

Secret Santa gifts normally have a budget so that everyone is treated fairly. This is great but does sometimes mean you need to think out of the box. It is a fun time though and most people are looking forward to the Christmas wind down period.

The tradition of Secret Santa brings people together and creates a sense of unity. It is something everyone gets involved in. Workplace relationships are strengthened, morale is boosted and everyone enjoys a laugh and a giggle.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Choosing your office Secret Santa gift can be fun. However, it is worth bearing in mind some things before you make your final decision.

  • Be aware of who does not celebrate Christmas and how things can be adapted for them.
  • Consider the personality of the person you are buying for.
  • Stick to the agreed budget so the gifting is fair throughout the office.
  • Gifts can be funny but practical, making them longer lasting.
  • Spend as much time as you can in the planning stage and don’t leave shopping too late.
  • Stick to company policies – there can be a fine line between funny and offensive.

Gift Ideas For Funny Office Secret Santa Presents

The internet is not short on funny Secret Santa gift ideas. However, you do need to keep it respectful and within the lines of professionalism too. We share the funniest Secret Santa gifts that are sure to cause some laughs.

Funny Desk Toys

Everyone needs a funny office desk toy to reach for when the day gets a little stressful. You are never too old to be cheered up by a toy. Some light hearted banter is a much needed element to any office environment.

Something that is related to the hobbies and interests of your recipient will be a great option. A well thought out office desk gift means they’ll be reminded of their great office team every day.

Desktop Mini Golf

Everyone is always up for a game of mini golf. By giving your colleague this tabletop version, you can bring some entertainment into those office tea breaks.

It brings people together and creates a sense of teamwork. It is something that can be played over and over and never get boring.

Fidget Toys

Although great for stress and anxiety, you can buy some humour themed fidget toys too. These can sit on the desk for those tense moments.

You can use one when you feel those stress levels rising or there is a demanding customer on the phone.

Table Arcade Game

Why not opt for something a little more retro such as an arcade slot machine game? Something like this helps to break up the monotony of the working day.

It can also bring colleagues together while they see who has the most luck. Also, once the money has been added to the machine, it can be withdrawn again!

Funny Secret Santa Ideas For the Boss

So you have been tasked with buying a Secret Santa gift for the boss, Yikes! This can be a hard concept to navigate. You want to still have a job at the end of it so it is essential to consider this gift carefully.

Customised Desk Trophy

Jazz up your employer’s desk with their very own trophy. You can personalise it with their name or job title.

It could be themed such as a superhero figure or customised with an award such as “best boss and the year”. These are sure to be a hit for any boss and they will feel appreciated and supported.

In Case Of An Emergency Office Kit

Why not put together a funny ICE package for your boss? It could include things such as painkillers, a stress toy, a mini fire extinguisher, coffee sachets, a chocolate bar and a boredom buster puzzle.

Sometimes the boss can be hard to buy for so a funny gift can help in this awkward situation.

Funny Calendar

Start the new years with a little humour by purchasing your boss a calendar full of humour. It could contain jokes, memes, quotes or funny pictures. Of course, it can also be used for logging those important work commitments. This practical yet fun gift will be well received.

Practical and Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Why not bring together practicalness with a little humour – it doesn’t need to be one or the other. There are some great ideas for the office without having to take the fun out of them.

Funny Money Tins

Got that one colleague who drops the F bomb regularly or another who apologises way too much? Giving them a money tin is a great way to rein in the behaviour in a light hearted way.

If they have to put 50p in each time they say something wrong, it might be enough for a tasty treat by the end of the week!

Doodle Book

A doodle pad for the employee who is forever doodling on the company paperwork will be appreciated by all. It is also a great way of taking eyes away from the screen frequently.

It can reduce that stress you feel building up too. Doodle away when dealing with that tricky customer over the phone.

Funny Personalised Mug

Mugs are one of the most essential pieces of office equipment. Why not combine this necessary item with a bit of humour? The possibilities are endless when it comes to mug personalisation.

You can tailor it to the individual’s character, job role or what they are best known for. It will raise a smile every time they go to make themselves a brew.

Tips for Presentation

When it comes to presenting your Secret Santa gift, preparation is key.. You don’t want to find yourself without suitable wrapping paper on the day of gifting. Follow our key tips for getting that presentation spot on.

  • Choose suitable wrapping, keeping away from traditional Christmas paper for those who do not celebrate.
  • Remember to add a gift note. There will likely be a lot of gifts floating around that day.
  • Make a big deal out of the occasion by picking a quiet time of day.
  • Secret Santa can be tricky to pull off so make sure everyone is organised.
  • Make sure there is a sense of inclusion at all times.
  • Take turns in opening gifts to fully enjoy the experience.

Do’s and Don’ts

Knowing what is appropriate and what isn’t can be tricky when it comes to funny Secret Santa gifts. Stick to our do’s and don’ts and you will be absolutely fine.


  • Decide on a budget for everyone and ensure this is stuck to.
  • Plan the Secret Santa carefully to ensure everyone is included.
  • Have a date in mind for handing out the gifts.
  • Ensure everyone hands their gift in before this date.
  • Keep gifts professional and appropriate.
  • Include a note so everyone knows who is from whom.


  • Get carried away and forget the rules.
  • Blur the lines of professionalism.
  • Spend more than the budget allows.
  • Leave purchasing your gift until the last minute.
  • Forget company policy and individual beliefs.

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