Staff Christmas Gifts – Best Ideas for Presents in the Workplace

Purchasing the perfect gift for staff at Christmas can be a bit of a minefield. There is so much to consider and, of course, different cultures to respect.

Our curated staff Christmas gifts guide is here to guide you through the shopping process. We cover creativity, and practicality, and recognise that everyone has unique tastes.

Choosing the perfect present for your staff doesn’t need to be difficult. This guide will mean you can show your team just how much you appreciate them.

Choosing a Great Staff Christmas Gift

Choosing the best staff Christmas gift involves some thoughtfulness. You should bear in mind cultural backgrounds, their personality and any allergies they may have.

The most effective way to choose a gift for your employees is by getting to know them. Starting up a casual conversation with them at break time is a great way to learn a bit more about them. Also being aware of their family dynamics is useful.

Employees who receive a thoughtful gift at Christmas will feel valued and appreciated. This can go a long way to boosting overall motivation and morale. This small gesture can strengthen workplace relationships which in turn boosts productivity.

What If Some Employees Do Not Celebrate Christmas?

Another tricky consideration is when some of your employees do not celebrate Christmas. You worry about making them feel excluded or less worthy by not getting them something. However, you also don’t want to run the risk of offending them.

You don’t need to exclude staff who do not celebrate Christmas, you just need to be a little more mindful of what you purchase. Consider alternatives to festive related purchases. Opt for a practical gift, something for the home or office for example.

Most employees would appreciate an honest conversation about such things. This means everyone knows where they stand and there will be no awkwardness during the festivities. Instead of a traditional gift, you could opt for a gift card or a family day out voucher. This is a great way of respecting and celebrating diversity in the workplace.

Personalised Gifts

Opting for the personal touch can make someone feel appreciated and valued. It also shows that some thoughtfulness and time went into the decision making. Something with personalisation also demonstrates the individuality of each person.

Our collection of ideas below is all something you can personalise. This creates feelings of value and inclusion for everyone.

Customised mugs

Who doesn’t love a good mug? You can never have too many, let’s be honest. Whether they are a coffee connoisseur or a hot chocolate lover, a mug will always be used. You can add a personal touch to the mug, such as a photo or their name. This will make them feel part of a team when they make their drinks at work.

Water bottles

We all need to be drinking more water. This is easily forgotten amid a busy day in the office. Treating your staff to a personalised water bottle is a nice touch that will be appreciated and used. Water bottles also show a concern for employee well being which is something employees need to take seriously. They are also eco friendly so you can do your bit for the ocean at the same time.

Desk caddies

Possibly one of the most useful gifts you can buy your employees. Where’s the sticky tape? In the caddy. Where’s that posh pen, ah in the caddy? Employees will have everything on hand for their daily tasks. This can boost productivity and efficiency. You can base the design on their favourite colours and then colour coordinate the contents too. Never again will there be any confusion over who owns which pen.

Practical Gifts

People often associate practical with boring but this doesn’t need to be the case. Often, practical gifts are the most useful. Why not choose a thoughtful gift that can be used time and time again? It can help create unity and inclusion at work.

Take a look at our top picks in practical gifts. Opting for something with an element of practicality means the gift is useful and purposeful. Never has practical been so exciting.

Phone or Tablet Stands

Fed up with watching employees rescue their phone mid call as it slips down the mug it’s perched against? Buying them all a phone or tablet stand means they never have to juggle with it again. It can sit there all day allowing employees to carry out their work efficiently. They can even charge their devices while they are in the stands.

Ergonomic Mouse Mat

Never underestimate how much an ergonomic mouse mat will be appreciated by employees. Comfort is key at work, especially for those using a computer for large parts of the day. By buying one of these mats, you are looking after staff well being. These have been proven to reduce the chances of repetitive strain injuries. They are also reasonably priced meaning you don’t need to go over budget when gifting.

Power Banks

We all know how useful these little chargeable packs are when we aren’t home. So many people have to commute during the working day. So what better gift than a power bank which means staff are contactable wherever they are? You could even have them personalised with the company branding. These will be useful for staff at work, on family days out and on holidays.

Self Care and Wellness Gifts

Everyone needs to practise self care and in demanding jobs, this often gets put on the back burner. A gift that is centred around this will be well received. It is thoughtful and shows thought to their overall well being.

Show your commitment to employee welfare by choosing a gift that promotes self care and love. Far too often workers put their own needs on the back burner. Why not give something back as a thank you? Our ideas below all promote employee well being.

Stress Balls

There is no job that is stress free. Everyone has those days where they wish they could shout and stamp their feet. Stress, unfortunately, is a part of working life. So why not treat staff to a stress ball that they can have on their desk? As well as being a great stress reliever, they can also be great for anxiety. It can help employees refocus on the task at hand.

Motivational Book

There is something to be said for a daily quote to boost overall mood and well being. Sometimes we all need that little pep talk to get us through the day. Treating your employees to a book full of little quotes and speeches can do wonders for mental health. Practising mindfulness daily keeps us grounded and focused.

Hand Cream

Everyone neglects their skincare from time to time. Having some hand cream on employee desks means they can keep their skin hydrated throughout the day. Some jobs lead to dry and chapped skin which can make typing uncomfortable.  It is also one of those gifts that can be given to anyone, regardless of their beliefs.

Work Related Gifts

You can opt to buy something that employees can use for work. This can help create unity in the workplace which boosts harmony. It shows that your employer understands your role and the service you provide. It allows individuality to be celebrated while keeping a degree of practicality.

Work related gifts might not seem very exciting but they will serve a useful purpose. Our top picks below will help you choose the right gifts for your employees.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Giving your staff some noise cancelling headphones is a thoughtful gift. Sometimes it can be difficult to concentrate when the environment is chaotic or loud. Letting staff enter their world of silence enables them to get on with their work without that noise distraction. They are designed to be both comfortable and durable which will reduce stress.

Online Courses

Why not enrol staff in some online courses as a Christmas gift? This supports their development and promotes their growth within the company. Sometimes these courses can be pricey for some people so treating them to such things will be well received. You also have the option of simply buying a voucher and they can choose their own courses to do.

Notebook or Diary

A notebook or diary makes a thoughtful gift for staff. They can feel organised going into the new year. This also helps with motivation after the Christmas break. They can jot down important to do lists and keep track of their appointments. You can personalise them with a photo or buy one full of daily motivational quotes.

Funny Staff Christmas Gifts

Everyone benefits from a little humour in their lives and handing out funny gifts can inject some fun into the workplace. This helps to strengthen bonds and maintain that important positive mindset. It helps to keep morale high during the festive period too.

Humour is a welcome emotion in the workplace. It bonds people and immediately lifts their spirits. Have a look at some of our humorous gift ideas below.

Emergency Chocolate Supply

Some days just have too many hours and not enough chocolate in them. We all have those times when we just need that sugar hit. Treating your staff to some emergency desk chocolate is a funny yet thoughtful gift. Chocolate releases feel good hormones such as endorphins which will boost their mood and energy levels.

Silly Socks or Slippers

We all need socks and slippers in our life. The beauty of this gift is that you can tweak the socks to suit the recipient’s personality. You can add a photo or wording onto the socks or slippers to create a personal touch. Gifts such as these encourage feelings of unity in the workplace which makes people feel valued and included. And, of course, it keeps those feet warm which is a must!

Name Plate For Desk

Choosing each member of staff a plaque for their desk is a thoughtful present. You can bring out someone’s personality with such gifts. For example, coffee lover for that staff member who always has a coffee at hand. Or Tech Guru for the person who knows everything when it comes to tech malfunctions. It brings some humour and light hearted entertainment into any environment.

Secret Santa Gifts

A secret Santa system can take the stress out of shopping for colleagues at Christmas. It can also bring employees closer together. It can strengthen bonds and reiterate the importance of teamwork and inclusion.

Secret Santa gifts are affordable yet thoughtful at the same time. You can buy some very useful gifts and such traditions create excitement and festive cheer in the workplace. Check out our top picks.

Office Blanket

Blankets are a comfort thing for many. Those Autumn nights with candles, dim lighting and blankets are everything. Of course, we also want to be comfortable at our office desk. Having a warm blanket on those winter days means we have the warmth we need to carry on with tasks. This boosts concentration and productivity while making everyone feel at home.

Luxury Hot Drinks

A luxury selection of hot drinks is the perfect Secret Santa gift. There is a great selection available online whether it is tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Such gestures will be well received and greatly appreciated. It shows you take an interest in what your employees enjoy drinking. You can also make up a little hamper of treats to go alongside it.

Tote Bag

Everyone needs a tote bag in their life. Somewhere they can chuck all the things needed for a day at work. Flask, lunch, phone, charger and anything else can all be kept in one convenient bag. They come in different sizes so you can cater for the staff’s needs. You can personalise them too to add that extra special touch.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

Before spending the company’s budget on gifts, you should bear some important factors in mind. These considerations will ensure your chosen gift is perfect for each employee.

  • Get to know your staff better by having some casual conversations.
  • Be aware of any cultural and religious differences within the workforce.
  • Be mindful that everyone has a unique personality.
  • When choosing a funny gift, be sure the recipient won’t take offence.
  • Assess the budget annually in line with economic changes.
  • Make sure you treat everyone the same price wise.
  • Do not be tempted to go over the budget – it is there for a reason.

Tips for Presentation

When it comes to handing out those Christmas gifts, presentation is key. Even a simple gift card can be wrapped nicely. 

Below are our top tips for presenting Christmas gifts to your colleagues:

  • Always make an effort with the wrapping. This is the first thing the recipient will see and first impressions are everything. Use festive wrapping paper, a bow and a gift tag to add that personal touch.
  • Include a Christmas card with the gift which includes some personal words of thanks. These little touches mean the most to employees.
  • Choose an appropriate time for handing out gifts. Maybe it could be during the office party or Christmas meal out.
  • Pop the gifts under a tree or on display and this will add some excitement to the working day.
  • Disguising presents can be great fun and prolong the present opening experience.
  • Unwrap the gifts one at a time so that everyone feels a part of the tradition and has time to appreciate their gift.

Do’s and Don’ts

It is important to have some general guidelines in place when it comes to gifting staff at Christmas. You should ensure the process is fair and inclusive.


  • Consider all cultures within the workplace.
  • Stick to a budget for everyone.
  • Keep gifts appropriate so as not to offend.
  • Plan ahead instead of leaving things until the last minute.
  • Remember that everyone is an individual with their own preferences.
  • Be diverse and inclusive.
  • Choose good quality gifts.
  • Adhere to company policies.


  • Show favouritism towards certain employees.
  • Be tempted to go over the budget.
  • Forget to be mindful of cultural beliefs.
  • Buy religious gifts.
  • Be overly personal with the gifts.
  • Forget to include a personal thank you.

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