Articles by Kirsty McCubbin:

How to Get a P45 from a Previous Employer? Can You Get a Copy Online?

When you start a new job, your employer will ask you for a vital PAYE document your previous employer should have issued. But how do you get a P45 if it’s not been provided to you? Can you get a P45 online? Your employer is legally obligated to provide you with a P45 within a […]

What Are You Allowed To Do When Off Sick? Acceptable Activities

Thinking about what are you allowed to do when off sick can weigh heavily on your mind. Workers can be concerned about what types of activity are acceptable when signed off. Nobody wants to be accused of dishonesty. Some people even worry about whether is OK to be seen out of the house during sick […]

Mental Health Sick Leave – Your Rights, Getting Signed Off, & How to Call In

Requesting mental health sick leave is no different to being signed off work for any other type of medical condition. If you are wondering if it’s acceptable to call in sick for mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, or depression, be reassured that you are entitled to do so. Your mental health is no […]

Can You Go On Holiday Whilst on Sick Leave? What if a Break is Booked Already?

It might seem like a red flag if an employee is on sick leave and decides to take a break. But can you go on holiday whilst on sick leave? In fact, there are many scenarios where taking a break when off sick is perfectly acceptable. If you’re off sick and are wondering if it’s […]

What to Do if an Employer Won’t Give a P45?

Leaving a job and starting a new role can be challenging, particularly if your former employer won’t give you a P45 promptly. The information reported on this PAYE form gives payroll at your new employer the information they need to make sure you are placed on the correct tax code. In turn, this impacts how […]

Apprentice Rights & Entitlements in 2023 – Employment Conditions Guide

Most apprentices are young workers. This type of vocational training can begin once an employee is 16 years or older. Many are school leavers, so the process may seem a little daunting. There can also be confusion about apprentice entitlements and employment rights. They will be keen to learn their rights as they embark on […]

Class F Fire Guide – Extinguishers & Prevention

Class F fires must be handled carefully with the right extinguisher so that they are put out safely and swiftly. Using the wrong type of fire extinguisher on a fire can increase the risk of injury to the person discharging it. Oil and grease fires can be particularly dangerous if an unsuitable extinguisher is used. […]

Fire Extinguisher Colours – UK Identification Guide

All fire extinguishers in the UK are red. However, there are 5 different types of fire extinguisher to deal with different fire risks. You can tell the difference by using the different fire extinguisher colours indicated on their labels. Once you learn the colours, you will be able to reliably identify the different types of […]

What’s the Difference Between The Minimum Wage & Living Wage?

It is essential both as an employer and employee to understand the differences between the minimum wage and the living wage. They are not the same thing and cannot be used interchangeably. The key difference is that both are minimum salaries which are paid out based on age, and one is higher than the other. […]

Apprentice Wage in 2023 – Minimum Pay by Apprenticeship Years & Ages

The apprentice wage in 2023 is paid for a mixture of work, learning and on the job training. The wages of trainees depend on their age, and also how many years they’ve served on their apprenticeship. Apprentice wages differ from the national minimum wage in that the first year wage is the same regardless of […]