Fire Safety In Nurseries – Training Courses

Whatever childcare setting you work in, fire safety will always be a very important aspect of workplace safety. Fire safety in nurseries training courses will help all staff to implement the right procedures.

This involves knowing the safest escape routes in the event of a fire, and how to practice fire safety with the children.

Anyone who works with children should be properly trained and confident when dealing with a fire situation. As well as learning practical tips, it is also important to learn how to keep children calm too. It will help to take part in regular setting fire drills so that the children know what to do in event of fire.

What is Fire Safety In Nurseries?

Within the EYFS, childcare practitioners must adhere to legislation relevant to their sector, and this includes fire safety.

Fire safety is about having the training and skills to deal with a real life fire. In nursery settings there will always be more children than staff, toys and equipment to get past, and different ways of leaving the building.

Fire safety training will give staff the confidence to deal with a fire emergency, and they should have thorough knowledge of how drills will work. Nurseries should create a good fire plan which details all the fire exits and where children and staff should gather outside in the event of a fire.

What Course Do You Need For Fire Safety In Nurseries?

A course that covers fire safety in a childcare setting will be sufficient for staff to carry out. It will provide staff with the knowledge needed to be safe in the setting, what equipment is needed to ensure this is the case, and determining who has which responsibilities.

Fire Safety In Nurseries Training Courses

Fire Safety In Nurseries Training Courses will cover everything childcare staff need to be aware of when it comes to legislation and procedures.

It will give them the confidence to put a robust policy in place and create a clear and concise fire plan. At least two people  in each setting should participate in fire safety training so that there is always someone trained on the premises.

Fire Safety In Nurseries Training – What Do You Learn?

This course will share legislation you need in the setting but it will also equip you with the practical skills.

You will learn:-

  • The various relevant fire safety laws
  • Definition of fire safety
  • To identify fire hazards
  • Types and stages of fires
  • Fire Prevention techniques
  • What a fire risk assessment entails
  • Who is responsible for fire safety in the setting
  • How to reduce the risk of fire
  • How to teach children about fire safety
  • The importance of carrying out regular checks
  • How to put together a fire evacuation plan
  • How you will assist children of different ages and abilities in the event of a fire

Who Needs Fire Safety In Nurseries Course?

Despite its title, this course will be useful to many settings with children in, including Childminders, pre-schools and schools.

This training will be particularly beneficial to those who work on their own and are entirely responsible for the children.


How long does Fire Safety In Nurseries training last?

The course itself will last several hours but this can be done in your own time and pace. Once you have completed a fire safety course you won’t need to do another for a few years. You may wish to refresh your knowledge after 2-3 years as legislation does change.

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