Articles by Kelly Thomas:

How to Write a Resignation Letter For Personal Reasons

Needing to write a resignation letter for personal reasons can be a delicate situation to navigate. You may be dealing with a difficult situation, and not know how to convey that within your letter. Maintaining a professional tone whilst explaining why you are leaving can be a delicate balancing act. There may also be hesitation […]

Taking Holiday During Probation Period – Your Entitlement to Annual Leave

Due to start a new job and wondering if you can take holidays during your probation period? We look at your rights, and how holiday pay entitlement works. When you’re on a trial period at work, it’s natural to want to make the best possible impression. But does this mean no annual leave entitlement? Many […]

Falsely Accused of Stealing at Work – Your Rights If Accused of EmployeeTheft

Employee theft is a problem for many businesses, and can cause significant financial losses. As such, it’s treated very seriously by employers. But what if you find yourself falsely accused of stealing at work? Our guide will look at what employee theft is, how it should be investigated, and what you should do if you […]

Failing a Probation Period – Signs You Won’t Pass

Dealing with anxieties around a new job is hard enough without dwelling on the prospect of failing the probation period. In most cases, you will have seen some signs you won’t pass probation. This might be through performance reviews you had with your manager or just on gut feelings. Failing probation is never a nice […]

Can’t Work Due to No Childcare – Your Rights in UK Law

Working parents face a constant juggling act between home and family. If you have a sick child, or your child care provider is unavailable it leaves you unable to meet your obligations to your employer. If you can’t work due to no childcare, you might fear the consequences. There are several legal protections extended to […]

Why Do My Feet Hurt So Bad After Work? Causes and Solutions for Foot Ache

Many of us spend long shifts at work on our feet. Employees such as hospitality workers, nurses, and retail staff will be all too familiar with nagging foot pain at the end of the work day. If you’ve been asking yourself “why do my feet hurt so bad after work?” You are not alone! There […]