Articles by Kelly Thomas:

Staff Christmas Gifts – Best Ideas for Presents in the Workplace

Purchasing the perfect gift for staff at Christmas can be a bit of a minefield. There is so much to consider and, of course, different cultures to respect. Our curated staff Christmas gifts guide is here to guide you through the shopping process. We cover creativity, and practicality, and recognise that everyone has unique tastes. […]

Best Leaving Gifts for Colleagues – Ideas for the Perfect Work Present!

It can be an emotional and even stressful time when a co-worker moves on to the next challenge. It can seem a tricky task to convey just how grateful you are to them. Saying it with a thoughtful gift can help with this. Nothing says thank you quite like a gift from everyone they are […]

Best Office Desk Gift Ideas – Fun & Unique Presents

Work can be stressful, the hours can blur into one and sometimes we can lose ourselves a little. Injecting a little personality and humour into the daily grind can keep spirits raised. An office desk gift is the perfect way to add a unique twist to the working environment and make the office a nicer […]

How Many Days Can You Self Certify in 2023? Taking Time Off Work Without a Sick Note

When you’re off sick you don’t always need to provide proof of illness. This is called self certification. But how many days can you self certify before you need a sick note? You can self certify your absence if you’re going to be off for 7 days or less. If you want to understand the […]

Second Job Tax, How Much Do You Pay & Can Your Employer Object?

Getting a second job is something many employees want to do in order to enhance their income. But second job tax, how much you’d pay from your extra job, and potential objections from your employer may be a concern. Our guide looks at some of the practical aspects of getting a second job. We’ll help […]

How to be Successful at a Disciplinary Hearing – Tips for Employees

Facing a disciplinary hearing is a stressful and uncertain situation. If you want to beat the allegations against you and offer an effective defence, it is vital to prepare thoroughly and understand your employment rights. A calm, considered, and well prepared approach will help you have the best chance of a successful outcome. Our guide […]

BS EN 166 UK & Other Key Safety Glasses Standards

If you need to purchase safety glasses for your own business or as part of your role, it’s vital to understand BS EN 166 and other safety glasses standards. To make the right purchase, you need to understand how British Safety Standards and other ratings should be used in combination with workplace risk assessments to […]

Is it Illegal to Quit a Job without Notice & What will Happen if You Do?

If the thought of working a notice period fills you with dread, or you’re simply unable to continue working for personal reasons, it’s important to understand what might happen next. Many workers worry that it might be illegal to quit a job without notice, and are worried about the consequences. The short answer is that […]

Safety Sunglasses – Best Outdoor Glasses With UV Protection

Harmful UV exposure for those working outdoors is a real risk to eye health, even in the UK. But what are the right safety sunglasses to buy for your work environment? In many cases, they will need to be matched with your workplace risk assessment to protect you from any identified hazards. Sunglass Safety Standards […]

Can You Wear Safety Glasses Over Prescription Glasses? Eye Goggle Safety Guide

Wearing safety glasses is vital in many work environments. But what if you’re also a spectacle wearer, can you wear safety glasses over your prescription glasses? For many who rely on prescription spectacles, finding a solution can be a challenge. We’ll look at how those requiring prescription lenses can wear safety glasses, and what the […]