Sexual Harassment at Work – How to Identify it & What to Do About It

Employers have a legal obligation to take sexual harassment at work seriously, and protect their employees wellbeing at work. Failure to do so can lead to the employer being held responsible for the harassment.

But what can sexual harassment look like? What should victims do to protect themselves in this incredibly upsetting situation?

Our guide looks at how sexual harassment at work can manifest, what is likely to happen when you make a complaint, and when behaviour might need to be reported to the police.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Any unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature that intends to, or does, make another person feel humiliated, upset, uncomfortable or scared is sexual harassment.

It’s vital to understand the intent behind this type of behaviour does not always matter. If the victim is distressed and feels they have been sexually harassed, then even unintentional behaviour can be harassment. The definition of this will depend on the circumstances, and whether it was reasonable for the unwanted behaviour to have that impact upon the victim.

The misconduct does not need to be face to face. It can take place on social media, by text or by email.

However, the law on sexual harassment is unambiguous. Any sexual behaviour that happens without consent is inappropriate and should not be tolerated. It can have serious implications in the workplace and affect the victim’s mental well being. Employers are legally obligated to prevent harassment in the workplace, and can be held liable if they fail to do so.

The Equality Act 2010 protects individuals from harassment based on protected characteristics. These are age, disability, gender reassignment, sexuality, race, religion or belief, and sex. Sexual harassment is considered sex discrimination. This is because it involves treating an individual differently due to their sex.

Source: Equality Act 2010 S26

Who Can be Sexually Harassed?

Sexual harassment can happen to people of all genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations. They can be harassed by someone of the same sex, the opposite sex, or someone of any gender identity.

Sexual Harassment Examples

Sexual harassment can take the form of a range of actions. It doesn’t need to be physical or overtly sexual behaviour.

Below are some examples of the specific actions that constitute sexual harassment:-

  • Sexual comments or any vocal noises such as wolf whistling.
  • Gestures of a sexual nature such as imitating sex with hand motions.
  • Staring at someone inappropriately.
  • Jokes which are of, or carry, sexual connotations.
  • Sexual advances or flirting.
  • Sexual bribes or requests.
  • Images, texts and emails that contain sexual content.
  • Sexual comments or posts on social media.
  • Inappropriate probing into a person’s sex life.
  • Talking about your own sex life.
  • Inappropriate remarks about a person’s outfit choice or appearance.
  • Spreading rumours about someone that are sexual.
  • Invading a person’s personal space.
  • Inappropriate physical contact.
  • Stalking someone whether online or otherwise.

How Common is Sexual Harassment at Work?

A recent government survey showed that 30% of women report experiences of sex harassment at work. They are closely followed by men. 30% of women report experiences of sex harassment at work., although the nature of the harassment was different.

The survey highlighted that the most common behaviours in the workplace were; jokes of a sexual nature, inappropriate staring and sexual comments. Source: 2020 Sexual Harassment Survey – Govt Equalities Office.

A 2023 TUC poll focused on women indicated that 3 in 5 (58%) women have experience of sexual harassment at work. The numbers increase to 2 in 3 for those aged 25 to 34 (62%).

A staggering 2 in 5 (43%) of women have experienced 3 or more incidents of sexual harassment. These shocking statistics highlight how much still need to be done to protect workers from harassment.

Impacts of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The impact of sexual harassment can be huge. The workplace should be a safe working environment where equality prevails. When employees become a victim of harassment, it can affect all aspects of their life.

They may feel many different emotions, including being ashamed, scared and humiliated. It can also have a detrimental effect on mental health, causing anxiety, stress, depression and low self esteem. There can also be physical disorders such as trouble sleeping, nightmares, panic attacks and digestive problems.

In the short term, it can cause financial loss or worry about one’s future in the job. Sadly, rather than report the harassment, many simply hand in their notice, unable to cope anymore.

At the more severe end of the spectrum, it can lead to thoughts of self harm or suicide. It can hurt personal relationships and build up feelings of mistrust. It can potentially cause the end of a person’s career or passion. The impact of sexual harassment in the workplace can be devastating and lifechanging.

2016 TUC statistics report that 40% of female victims of sexual harassment felt embarassed by their experience, and 10% reported suffering issues with their mental health. This led to some victims suffering loss of confidence, with many saying they were avoiding some work situations altogether.

Employers Responsibilities

The perpetrator of sexual harassment at work is responsible for their own actions. However, it’s the responsibility of the employer to hold them to account and protect the welfare of the victim.

All employers have a legal obligation to protect their staff. This includes having robust procedures in place to prevent and deal with sexual harassment. This should be treated with a zero tolerance attitude.

Employers must be seen to be doing all they can to prevent sexual harassment in any work situation. Should they fail to do so, they may be found liable for allowing one of their employees to discriminate against someone. This is referred to as vicarious liability.

Employers have a duty of care for the wellbeing of anyone employed by them and failure to protect them this can be a breach of contract. Should an employee resign because an employer did not protect them from sexual harassment, they could make a claim against the employer for sexual harassment and constructive dismissal.

Source: ACAS – Sexual Harassment

What to Do if You Are Being Sexually Harassed at Work

Being sexually harassed in the workplace is a violation of the 2010 Equality Act and should be dealt with seriously. If you have found yourself in this situation, you need to speak out. No one should be scared, humiliated or violated in their place of work.

The following steps should be followed when you are a victim of sexual harassment by a colleague or manager:-

Raise a Complaint

  • Make a formal complaint to your employer. This should be taken seriously and dealt with in a timely fashion.
  • Write down all the incidents that have occurred, even if there is only one. This could be conversations held, being stared at, inappropriate texts or inappropriate contact. Keep a note of dates and times too.

Get Support

  • Speak to someone about your options. If you have a union representative, or trusted colleagu you should approach them. You must get support and be made aware of all the options available to you.
  • Confide in someone you trust, not for advice but for someone to unburden with. This is important to stop you from feeling alone.
  • ACAS has some recommended sources of support outwith the workplace.

Raise a Grievance

  • When a complaint doesn’t seem to have produced results, you should raise a formal grievance. Check your company policies as there may be a set procedure for raising a grievance. If not, follow the ACAS advice.
  • You should prepare for the likelihood of a disciplinary meeting being held to investigate. You may be asked to attend, however you have the right to be accompanied if you make a reasonable request for support.

Your Right to Involve Police

  • If the sexual harassment was a crime, such as rape or sexual assault then you should seek support. This can be a health professional, a charity, a friend or your partner.
  • Your employer should follow their own procedures and support your decision to involve the police or not.
  • There may be some cases where your employer can involve the police on your behalf but this is unusual.
  • If a crime has been committed then this takes precedence over any procedures your employer must follow. This means they will need to wait until the police investigation has finished before they take action.
  • If you are unhappy with the handling of the complaint you can approach an employment tribunal.
  • Your employer should take disciplinary action regardless of any criminal investigation. Police involvement should not be used as a reason to delay proceedings.

Sexual Assault at Work

When someone is sexually harassed at work they might be the target of unwanted comments, attention or jokes. While this behaviour is wrong and a violation of working rights, it will not always be a criminal offence.

However, sexual assault is a crime. This occurs when a person is subject to physical contact or behaviour that violates their whole being. Sexual assault can include the following:

  • Rape and attempted rape.
  • Being forced to carry out sexual acts.
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Forcible object penetration.

As well as reporting these crimes to the employer, employees also have the right to contact the police. The police will carry out their own investigation into the claims which will be done before the employer can take any action.

Being Accused of Sexual Harassment at Work

Being accused of sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious situation. Everyone involved in such a complaint has the right to a fair hearing. Employers must handle these situations very carefully to ensure the correct protocols are followed.

When someone finds themselves accused of sexual harassment, they should listen to the claims carefully. It might transverse that, although unintentional, their actions did violate someone’s civil rights. If this is the case, then being open and honest is best.

An employer may deem it necessary to suspend the accused from work pending an investigation. When this is the case it is imperative to be compliant. Whether innocent or guilty, you will get your time to speak your truth. In the meantime, cooperating with the investigation is a must.

The accused should put together their version of events and include any witnesses, where relevant. The hearing should be fair and consistent, giving everyone a chance to talk and ask questions.

The employer will then decide where to go from this point. The worst case scenario is dismissal. If you feel this was unjustified then you can appeal and go to a tribunal court.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work

Due to the seriousness of such incidents of sexual harassment, is essential that employers do their utmost to prevent it. Although easier said than done, there are steps employers can take to minimise the risk of sexual harassment from happening at work.

Adopt a Zero Tolerance Attitude

Any workplace should have a zero tolerance work culture when it comes to sexual harassment. This means making it clear that any complaints of such a nature will be taken very seriously. This should be detailed in the employee’s contract or company handbook.

Have Robust Policies In Place

There needs to be clear policies in place so that everyone in the workplace knows where they stand. This includes what constitutes sexual harassment, and how it should be dealt with in the event of a complaint.

This leaves no room for misinterpretation then and no one can say they didn’t realise the behaviour was inappropriate.

Ensure Staff Can Access Training

New employees should be enrolled on an online sexual harassment course. This will help them understand the behaviours that fall into this category. It will also ensure they know what to do if they find themselves a victim.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

Taking part in a sexual harassment risk assessment means that employers can identify any possible risks. These can then be removed or reduced, enabling a safer and equal environment. These assessments should be reviewed periodically.

Have a Transparent Reporting Procedure

All staff should have access to important information such as how to raise a complaint. It should reiterate that such matters will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially. There should be some support numbers and websites too.

Keep the #metoo Movement Fresh

The recent #metoo movement brought much needed awareness to the culture of sexual harassment. Supervisors and managers need to take an active role in ensuring workplaces are safe. This is done by being involved in the day to day operations and liaising with staff. It also means educating senior staff on what to look out for that might indicate sexual harassment. 

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  13. Confused says:

    I am a general manager for a retail store. I was assisting my cashier at the register when one of the alarms went off. I went over to the location and a woman was walking with a bag full of merchandise, I said I can take that for you and hold it…she was releasing the bag to me until her partner came running around the corner and I was pulled because the shoplifter grabbed the bag from my hands once her partner maced me… in the end it was considered my fault for using a recovery statement. I’m confused and disagree with the outcome.

  14. TFW says:

    Today at work I was talking to one of the managers about a problem I was having with invoicing. During the conversation I felt the back of my dress at the neck pull down and 4 wet gross kisses on the back/side of my neck. I turned round and shouted at the man who had done it who was laughing. I asked him what the hell he thought he was doing and it was inappropriate and out of order. I asked the manager I was talking to if he saw it and he just sat on the fence and said he didn’t see anything. How could he not see? He was standing 2 feet in front of me. I left work and he came up to my car and said sorry and he felt bad and he knew it was inappropriate and he didn’t want to upset me. I said he was out of order and drove off. I spoke to my colleague about it on the phone and she rang the manager to ask if he saw anything and he said he did! Apparently he reported it to senior management as soon as I left and I will be able to go in tomorrow to give my account. I’m just a bit worried they are going to just have a little chat with him and let him off with a minor warning. I am having panic attacks and anxiety since it happened earlier today!

  15. Nina says:

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  18. Ally says:

    I’m 34 and there’s a guy at work in his fifties, married. I’m single. I’ve worked there a few years and this guy is really friendly and a favourite with people in the work place. I kind of look at him as a father figure-he always looks out for us all and makes sure everyone is ok. However, the past six or so months I’ve been made to feel very uncomfortable. Christmas time, saying good byes to everyone in the office, everyone hugs and says merry Xmas. He messaged me on fb saying’ do you hug everyone that hard or just me?’ I laughed it off and said everyone, have a good Xmas. When he comes over, he will put his hand on my arm but leave it there longer than he should. I’ve been on a diet before my holiday with my bf and he will make comments saying ‘there’s nothing wrong with me and I’m perfect as I am’. I stopped going near his office to chat to him and his work section like I used to because I feel uncomfortable and don’t want to encourage anything. He had to go away with work and sent me a message on fb saying he was thinking about me. There’s banter in the office, usually at my expense and he will finish with ‘I love you really’. A couple days ago, I was working at my computer on my own, I didn’t hear him come in behind me and I’m 70% certain he came behind me and kissed me on the back of the head and said just thought I’d pop and say hello. I know this would have been the perfect time to say something but I wasn’t 100% and was in shock to be honest. Originally I thought the guy is being overly friendly and kept my distance and didn’t respond to fb messages-the messages stopped. As silly as it sounds, I feel scared to say something in case it’s all innocent (although as I’m writing this, I know how it sounds and it’s not innocent!) and the fact everyone in the organisation likes him-if I complained, would I be treated seriously and would I be treated negatively by others??

  19. CaptainBob says:

    My partner works for a coffee chain. She was touched by a customer in an inappropriate way. He ran his fingers and nails up her arm. Her manager says he is not all there and has done nothing about it. My partner says it’s an act and other female co workers agree. The perpetrator continues to come into the coffee shop and make overly suggestive comments and my partners appearance as well as stare at her for long periods. My partner feels helpless and that she has no choice but to stop working there. What can she do?

  20. juls says:

    I was out yesterday on a co workers leaving do. there was a few of us but at about 10 pm one of the co workers felt me up and put his hand betwen my legs.. I dont have proof or any witnesses is there anything i can do?

  21. Letha says:

    I started work on 6 November and my employer started showing interest in me. He started texting me and when I didn’t respond he got angry. So I responded and said all he wanted to hear because I was scared I work from his home and he kept telling me that he created the job for me and he wants me to be successful. He started touching me inappropriately and tried to kiss me he asked pictures from me but I didn’t send them. I once asked him how much he is willing to pay to see those pictures I didn’t mean anything by this i was just continuing with the conversation to keep him from touching me

  22. Emoji123 says:

    I have had a frosty reception from the day I started with this certain company .A manager claims my friend is a tea and biscuits girl but I’m more of a group orgy girl he could and would not explain why . The woman in the office do not like me I get glared at and when I say good morning no one replys I am well presented and good at my job . I also asked my manager if I would be there next year and was told prob not but the company would help me look for another job I have have my all to this company and I’m very professional no reasons or explanations have been given to me .What do I do apart from walk away

  23. Rusty says:

    Hi i work for a large quarrying company tarmac crh were bullying is rife . I’ve just returned off the sick after cancer treatment and already been shouted down to and threatened by my supervisor . Other workers have been treated the same and when someone complains management don’t want to know what do you think is the best thing to do please.

  24. Beenie says:

    Where I work I live on site in staff accommodation, ive had an incidence where one night all the staff were drinking including one of the owners of the company, they all went to the local town except him. I was in the house sober as I was on duty for the night and he came up to my room and knocked on my door which I had locked. I answered as I thought something was wrong and he first of all asked for a hug which I awkwardly gave but then he tried to get more from me and kiss me. I had yo physically push him out the door and clearly said no. The business is a family run one so I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I said anything but I broke down to a close friend and it’s left me feeling very insecure and I’m a previous depression and anxiety sufferer so it’s triggered bouts of that. I don’t know what to do or where I stand. I’m now leaving the job but I don’t want him to get away with it.

  25. Sal says:

    I have a female friend agency at work shes been there nearly 3 years. Very shy a worker asked her out lately and she refused . He wudn take no for an answer she complained 2 a supervisor amd manager but this worker seems to be related to both. No way in the world would she harass him as the tables have been turned n he complained that she harrassed him . Everyone at work knows this is not true and no one does anything about it. I need to help not just her but there are other girls. Their is a history of it but its all swept under the carpet i begining to worry as my wife and niece work here too

  26. Soria says:

    An engineer at work slapped my bottom and when I challenged him and asked him to never do it again he said it’s only a bit of banter if you want to take it further whatever. What can I do about it?

  27. staz says:

    Hi what do I do … I went to work as normal the boss opened up he was pushing memail with his hand on myour back at first I didn’t think nothing of it then started you push me by my bottom into a class room got thir grabbed my shoulders and went to kiss me I says no and he tried again what should I do abut it ?

  28. Summer In Sussex says:

    Hi My boyfriend came home quite shocked about what happened over the weekend to his co-worker who is only 16. The staff went out for a drink on the Friday, he didn’t go but this morning the 16 year old confided in him that the office manger kissed her and she is now in trouble with her boyfriend who also works at the same firm. The office manager is a bit of a power trip type and the HR woman has no HR experience and has shown she knows nothing of employment law or treating employees with respect she just likes giving out written warnings and making a big deal of escorting employees off the premises. I was shocked and to be honest a little concerned for the young woman’s welfare. What can my partner do to support her without getting the sack himself? Any advice?

  29. Herstory says:

    What should my girlfriend do she’s been grabbed by a employe at the place she cleans at he felt on her and pushed her up on a wall to touch her and the hr at his work won’t do not hi g about it there was a picture taken by a super visior and more then one person said he’s done it to them he’s also been in trouble with the law and at his work place and they keep letting it happen should we get a lawyer or what can be done.

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