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Being an Effective E-Manager, Getting Credit or Bank Loans When Self

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Getting Credit or Bank Loans When Self Employed

It was not so long ago that those who were making a good living as a self-employed person would find it extremely difficult to obtain credit in the form of a bank loan or some other means of finance. Fortunately today, there has been a positive shift in lenders’ opinions about this. Changes in Perceptions […]

Being an Effective E-Manager

‘’E-Manager’’ – a term coined some years ago to reflect the trend of managing a workforce who are now working from home (via various kinds of communication) or in other places such as team members in other countries. While still belonging to the same company and despite possibly having autonomous roles to perform, employees are […]

Working Safely From Home

With the concept of a ‘job for life’ consigned to the history books, more people have embraced the opportunities offered by working from home. To those who have never considered it, the attractions seem endless – no setting the alarm clock, not having to wear a suit and tie, no daily commute. The reality, however, […]

Managing Your Work Time

Having too much to do and not enough time available is a common complaint that all of us will make at some point during our working lives. It seems the problem is getting worse with productivity levels in Britain among the lowest across the whole of Europe. Despite working some of the longest hours in […]

Choosing a Home Based Business

Whatever our motivations are for choosing a home-based business, it’s important that we do our homework first…it’s not for everybody. So many of us ‘dream’ of working from home. It may be that we hate the job we’re doing and want to do something we enjoy for a living. It could be to get away […]